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<civodul>Hello Guix!
<civodul>paroneayea: just saw the post for the new MediaGoblin release, and Pumpa looks nice!
<amz3>Does guix support amd64?
<taylanub>amz3: Guix/GuixSD support x86_64 AKA amd64, yes
<amz3>because I installed GSD on my machine, I'd like to know how to activate amd64; right now it's using i686 kernel
<rekado_>amz3: you'd have to use the USB image for x86_64.
<rekado_>the other way to get from a running i686 system to x86_64 is messy (there have been reports on the mailing list, but not detailed enough to reproduce the procedure, IIRC)
<amz3>that's what I was thinking when reading guix code
<amz3>erf, I phrase my question poorly
<civodul>amz3: otherwise you could do what we discussed with Alex Kost on the mailing list a few weeks back
<civodul>that's more involved though, so if you can install from the x86_64 image, that's better
<amz3>I have separate home/root directory so It's easier to do a fresh install
<amz3>I'll have a look anyway at the other solution
<amz3>I always do a separate partition for /home
<amz3>it's like the feature killer of GNU/Linux
<rekado_>"feature killer" or "killer feature"?
<amz3>x) killer feature x)
<amz3>it's really good feature
<amz3>another killer feature is firefox 38 support of password sync with master password. it only available in 38
<mark_weaver>actually, it's worse than I thought. python2-numpy seems to _never_ build successfully on Hydra, so we can't have substitutes for libreoffice :-(
<mark_weaver>and the last two times I tried to build it on my Libreboot X200, the machine turned off, as if it suddenly lost power and battery, and wouldn't show any signs of life again until I took out the battery. so, no libreoffice for me :-(
<mark_weaver>I wonder if something during the build process is trying to use the hardware virtualization extensions, which apparently don't work on an X200 with the ME (Intel's backdoor) disabled, as Libreboot does.
<mark_weaver>(fortunately, I rarely need libreoffice, except occasionally when the radio station I work at sends out new schedules in xlsx format
<mark_weaver>python2-numpy-bootstrap seems to always fail the same way:
<mark_weaver>test_large_svd_32bit (test_regression.TestRegression) ... phase `check' failed after 46 seconds
<mark_weaver>I wonder if that test needs too much memory
<mark_weaver>oh, python-numpy depends on atlas, which is the build that makes my X200 turn off :-(
*mark_weaver applies a modified version of rekado's patch to make numpy use openblas instead of atlas on all platforms
<civodul>mark_weaver: i think it's on purpose the fact that python2-numpy doesn't build no?
<civodul>i mean, it depends on something that isn't getting built by hydra, IIRC
<civodul>oh right, it's ATLAS
<mark_weaver>civodul: well, hydra keeps trying to build it anyway, and it always fails
<mark_weaver>but rekado has a patch to make it use openblas instead.
<civodul>we must arrange so that LO gets built on hydra
<mark_weaver>maybe that will help with this too. that would be nice.
<mark_weaver>according to another report of this problem I found (on a random site), the segfault actually happens in 'linearize_matrix', which sounds likely to be something in atlas. it might be a genuine bug in atlas that doesn't exist in openblas. the test passed on my machine with openblas on the first try, anyway.
<fchmmr><mark_weaver> I wonder if something during the build process is trying to use the hardware virtualization extensions, which apparently don't work on an X200 with the ME (Intel's backdoor) disabled, as Libreboot does.
<fchmmr>remove/disable kvm modules to verify?
<mark_weaver>fucking a
<mark_weaver>the preschool that my nephew will be starting in September recites the pledge of allegiance every morning, and is just starting some program to use iPads
<mark_weaver>in fucking Cambridge Massachusetts of all places
<mark_weaver>sorry, excuse my language
<wingo>"under god" too :/
<daviid>"recites the pledge of allegiance every morning" is prehistoric habits, should be prohibited by constitution on the entire planet
<mark_weaver>how such a thing can tolerated in a nation that claims to be democratic is beyond me
<daviid>same here
<mark_weaver>but then, we need wikileaks to find out about things like the TPP and TISA before they are signed
<mark_weaver>so obviously we don't have democracy anymore
<bavier>mark_weaver: I'm not sure whether your nephew has the privilege available but home or unschooling is always an option
<Steap>mark_weaver: what part of the pledge is a bigger issue to you ? The patriotic crap, or the God-related bullshit ?
<davexunit>I remember sometimes not saying the pledge in school
<davexunit>it was never taken kindly
<davexunit>never got in real trouble for it, but it was frowned upon.
<anthk_>I have a little trouble , how do I setup the locale to es_ES.UTF-8 at the guix system's declaration?
<anthk_> (locale "es_ES.UTF-8") doesn't seem to work
<iyzsong>anthk_: try es_ES.utf8
<anthk_>iyzsong: thanks, but idk why should I put that chain in lowercase. Anyway, I'll try :)
<iyzsong>anthk_: I used to use 'UTF-8' too, I forget why it's lowercase in GuixSD, the 'Locales' section of manual have more detail.
<mark_weaver>Steap: both. I'm not sure which one I dislike more.
<mark_weaver>iyzsong, anthk_: fwiw, I use "en_US.UTF-8" in my 'locale' field, and that works.
<mark_weaver>not sure why it would be different for es_ES
<mark_weaver>I see occurrences of both .UTF-8 and .utf8 in Guix.
<anthk_>is the Gnu ftp server down?
<mark_weaver>bavier: yes, homeschooling is a good option, and I'd be in favor of it. However, it's obviously a big commitment to do that properly. I'm not sure I have enough influence on the parents to make that happen, and even if I did, it would probably involve me dropping all of my free software work entirely to focus on that, which I don't want to do.
<Steap>Plus you'd expect the damn school to be able to properly teach
<davexunit>massachusetts public schools are generally good, IMO.
<Steap>still they tell you there is a God
<davexunit>it's a shame that kids *still* have to do the pledge and stuff
<Steap>so they cant really be good
<davexunit>it isn't so black and white.
<mark_weaver>and they expect you to say that you pledge allegiance to "the Flag", whatever that means. Whatever it is, it can't be good.
<Steap>Still, talking about God and patriotism in school is retarded
<Steap>mark_weaver: buy your nephew books by Dawkins :)
<davexunit>but there's still a valuable education to be had, despite the issues.
<mark_weaver>"retarded" is a good word for it.
<mark_weaver>it seems that I will need to have some discussions with him that I was hoping to postpone until he was a bit older.
<mark_weaver>just because 4 years old seems a bit young to be introducing these concepts, but apparently the school doesn't think it's too young.
<Steap>mark_weaver: not sure how many "advanced" countries are still that close to the Church
<Steap>mark_weaver: it is better to teach people that kind of craziness when they are young
<mark_weaver>yeah, USA is exceptional among the modern industrialized nations in that regard
<Steap>I mean, if you were to talk about "the flag" and "God" to a sane adult, they'd laugh at you
<ijp>I expect you are assuming your conclusion
<Steap>mark_weaver: in France, the country and the Church have been (almost) completely separate things for over 100 years
<mark_weaver>Steap: that's good. whereas the USA added the "under
<mark_weaver>"under God" bit in 1954.
<Steap>they are evolving backwards!
<mark_weaver>for a long time I assumed that it was a holdover from ages past, but actually the USA Congress didn't adopt the pledge of allegiance until 1942.
<mark_weaver>yes, we are definitely going "backwards", where "backwards" is defined as the opposite direction I'd like to go in.
<mark_weaver>in most areas anyway
<mark_weaver>anyway, this is all OT. sorry about that.
<anthk_>well, the USA never reached the Enlightenment, it went though the post-middle ages trhough decadence
<anthk_>they were founded upon a high Protestant basis, in Europe we had a long way to modernize
<anthk_>I mean, we had more time to get more secular culture, in the US everything went too fast
<mark_weaver>anthk_: well, it seems to me that the "founding fathers" of the USA were relatively Enlightened, and our Constitution mandates a separation between Church and State, but those ideas never really got much traction among the general population, in which fundamentalism is way off the charts compared to other similar nations.
<mark_weaver>or at least a few of our "founding fathers" anyway.
<davexunit>they were quite forward thinking for their time.
<mark_weaver>I won't count "Hamilton" amongst the Enlightened ones.
<paroneayea>hey thanks civodul
<anthk_>mark_weaver: Yep, I meant the population, ofc you're founders were a bit more educated overall
<anthk_>the US is the only Western country which believes in a literal biblical interpretation
<civodul>mark_weaver: is that something that happens in all public schools, that pledge to recite?
<civodul>or that's not a federal thing, is it?
<Steap>How about flying to a non-retarded country and never looking back ? :p
<ijp>there are no non-retarded countries
<mark_weaver>Steap: I think about that quite often these days, actually. it seems to me that the USA is sliding down into a very dark place.
<Steap>mark_weaver: well, so is the rest of the world :(
<mark_weaver>ijp: haha, that's true, but some are more retarded than others.
<anthk_>If the USA were like Scandinavia you would be unstoppable
<mark_weaver>and some are further down the slide than others
<mark_weaver>civodul: that's a good question. I don't know.
<civodul>anyway it sucks badly
<mark_weaver>apparently it is not a federal thing. rather, the pledge was written in 1892, and widely sent to public schools across the country, who mostly adopted it.
<mark_weaver>1892 being the quadricentennial of Columbus' arrival here.
<wingo>istr "under god" was added in the 50s
<wingo>ok, i see that now in the scrollback :)
<wingo>hashtag friday
<anthk_>well, time to install GUIX
<davexunit>it's just Guix, btw. :)
<davexunit>no acronym.
<davexunit>GUIX Usually Installs Xorg
<mark_weaver>wingo: yep, apparently is was added during the cold war to distinguish us from those godless communists :-/
<anthk_>mark_weaver: what the US didn't know is the URSS was heavily influenced from the Orthodox Chruch
<anthk_>at least at the Stalin era, with the same sexual repression as the US
<mark_weaver>anyway, I have to go afk for a while...
<anthk_>well, let's try this . I hope if I install the packages from the root account, they could be used from any account
<davexunit>anthk_: the root user has their own profile
<davexunit>installing packages as root doesn't install them to the current system profile
<davexunit>that can only be changed via a system update
<anthk_>davexunit: oh :|
<anthk_>so I'd have to install them as an unprivileged user, then
<davexunit>every user has their own profile
<mark_weaver>anthk_: to add programs to the system-wide profile (/run/current-system/profile), add them to the 'packages' field of your OS config and rerun 'guix system reconfigure <config>' as root.
<mark_weaver>but fwiw, I usually put most things in my user profile.
<anthk_>mark_weaver: but wouldn't that reformat my entire OS?
<mark_weaver>anthk_: reformat is a strong word. 'guix system reconfigure' is not so scary. it builds a new 'system' and moves the /run/current-system symlink to point to it.
<mark_weaver>(and modifies the grub configuration to make the new system the default, moving the existing one to the menu of older systems)
<anthk_>mark_weaver: but I mean, if I boot the system and I reuse the previous "desktop.scm", would that apply the formatting function?
<anthk_>the scheme file with the XFCE desktop as a basis which came in the USB image
<mark_weaver>anthk_: you may be thinking of the 'guix system init' command, which you used when you first installed.
<mark_weaver>'guix system reconfigure' is quite safe. I run it all the time.
<anthk_>mark_weaver: oh, so I can reuse the previous config file, thanks
<mark_weaver>yes, you should keep a copy of your OS config, preferably version controlled (or at least keep a copy of a known "good" version of it).
<mark_weaver>the worst outcome that has ever happened for me with 'guix system reconfigure' is that the new system doesn't come up properly, in which case I just reboot and choose the older 'system' from the GRUB menu.
<anthk_>that's interesting, for sure. And using scheme... it's genious
<anthk_>kinda LISPy , as RMS intended
<mark_weaver>and that "worst outcome" has only happened a couple of times in my year-or-so of using Guix on my primary machines.
<effa>mark_weaver: I believe that the failing numpy test is described here
<mark_weaver>s/come up/boot/
<effa>On hydra I think it is failing on x86_64 because it gets a 32-bit version
<mark_weaver>effa: I'm not sure that's the same problem.
<mark_weaver>my current hypothesis is that ATLAS is being built on one build slave, and then python-numpy is getting built on a different slave, and the ATLAS doesn't work properly on that build machine.
<mark_weaver>in any case, it builds properly with OpenBLAS on my x86_64 machine.
<bavier>effa: I had some problems with the hackage importer when trying to import the "async" and "hostname" packages
<effa>mark_weaver: note however that the problem only exists on hydra. I use the current numpy with ATLAS on an x86_64 and I never had problems.
<effa>In any case, I have nothing against switching to OpenBLAS.
<effa>bavier: I just tryied to import both with the new version that I just sent to the ML and they get imported find.
<bavier>effa: ok, good to hear
<effa>/find/fine :-)
<bavier>effa: I hadn't tried the new importer implementation
<bavier>effa: I'm giving the hackage importer a workout; trying to package git-annex ;)
<effa>I had a look at the Cabal file for async and hostname and they look quite simple. I'm surprised the current importer fails :-(
<effa>Anyway, I think that the new one is much better.
<effa>I just noted that the "hostname" package doesn't provide a "Descirption" field. That may be the cause.
<anthk>I finally installed guix w/ xfce, but I can't change the gtk theme