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<alexshendi>I'm havin permisson problems now ..
<alexshendi>OK, time for bed anyway.
*alexshendi <-- bed.
<dca>hi. guixsd booted from usb install drive in vmware doens't bring up network for me
<dca>ifconfig: SIOCGIFFLAGS failed: no such device
<ewemoa>i posted a link to an attempt at packaging fluxbox in feb but the paste has expired and i've had no success digging it up locally -- does anyone happen to have a copy? for ref, here's a link to the relevant irc log:
<zacts>what's up with the guix homepage?
<mark_weaver>zacts: it's not just guix. it's every GNU package I've tried at*
<mark_weaver>you can still get to it via
<zacts>oh I see, cool thanks
<rekado__>mark_weaver: does the MIPS build target "SCICORTEX" tell you anything? OpenBLAS has three MIPS targets (SCICORTEX, LOONGSON3A and LONGSON3B) and it seems that the OpenBLAS build on MIPS defaults to LONGSON3.
<rekado__>This fails on Hydra with an invalid instruction error.
<rekado__>I wonder if we could avoid these problems by specifying SCICORTEX as a target.
<rekado__>I just don't know if this would make any sense at all with the MIPS build slaves we're using.
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<screamager>Hi guys, Is it possible to upgrade guixsd 0.8.1 to 0.8.2?
<rekado__>screamager: you can upgrade to the very latest version with "guix pull"
<taylanub>screamager: I think 'guix pull && guix package -u' should do most of the job. probably 'guix system reconfigure' thereafter; I haven't dug into GuixSD yet.
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<davexunit>good morning, #guix.
<iyzsong>hi :)
<screamager>hanks, I will test it
<screamager>t hanks)
*davexunit builds a gecode package
<rekado__>I'm confused about packages depending on perl libraries. How should they be configured to find the needed perl libs at runtime?
<davexunit>rekado__: you have to propagate the inputs, unfortunately.
<davexunit>no RUNPATH equivalent.
<rekado__>don't like it.
<rekado__>maybe I could wrap the executable such that it sets the PERL_LIB (?) env var.
<rekado__>PERL5LIB, rather.
<davexunit>executable wrappers are also not the most desirable thing.
<davexunit>there's ugliness either way.
<rekado__>but if I can avoid polluting the profile tree I choose wrapper ugliness.
<davexunit>I'd like to find a solution for these types of issues
<davexunit>but as civodul says: "it's an upstream issue"
<rekado__>I haven't thought much about this, but I had a silly idea of creating (even MOAR) symlinks in the target directory pointing at all runtime dependencies.
<davexunit>that still leaves an issue for library packages
<davexunit>libraries should also be able to refer to their exact dependencies
<rekado__>instead of having more symlinks in the profile (caused by propagating inputs) we'd have more symlinks in the target dir.
<iyzsong>when installed, the symlinks in the target dir will into profile too, doesn't it?
<rekado__>There appears to be a problem with our PIL package: ImportError: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<rekado__>The link to the Open Bioinformatics Codefest 2014 slides is broken:
<rekado__>It's linked to from
*civodul looks
<civodul>fixed, thanks
<civodul>rekado__: your talk is on-line, BTW! :-)
<parmegv>phant0mas: hi! I've stumbled upon and I wondered if you'd reformat and add some info about your particular project (blocks, current work in progress...) in the README
<parmegv>anyone: is there a way of installing Guix on Debian with a command, or a repo where a script containing is maintaned?
<taylanub>parmegv: the preferred method would be to use the binary tarballs. see but pass --skip-old-files to tar while unpacking
<parmegv>taylanub: thanks. the link I provided follows that flow, except the make install step
<taylanub>the above explains installation of precompiled binaries, no building involved
<parmegv>yes, true, they're different
<phant0mas>parmegv: will do, thank you for your interest :-)
<alezost>civodul: Hi, I saw you asked about the problems with iyzsong's name: installing 'font-adobe-source-han-sans' package (it's huge!) fixed it for me.
<paroneayea>I think if I move to guixsd I might package stumpwm
<paroneayea>if I don't use gnome, it might be nice to have access to a tiling lisp-based WM
*alezost uses stumpwm on GuixSD (thanks to taylanub, we have sbcl package)
<zacts>hi guix
<civodul>sneek: later tell alezost thanks for the tip about the font!
<sneek>Will do.
<civodul>paroneayea: alternately, there's Guile-WM :-)
<civodul>but it's a bit "dog-foody" in my experience
<davexunit>it sure is
<davexunit>the dev hasn't made any commits in a very long time :(
<paroneayea>civodul: davexunit: yeah I might look into it if there was active work on it
<paroneayea>but I think if I jumped into guixsd I'd already be several dogfood layers deep ;)
<civodul>exactly, we have no shortage of dogfood ;-)
<alexshendi>Hello #guix :)
<rekado_>I'm having problems with GuixSD on my T60.
<rekado_>I cannot reconfigure.
<rekado_>preparing a paste now
<rekado_>I had to remove any mention of dbus from my config because of another error.
<rekado_>namely: gnu/services/dbus.scm:42:4: In procedure module-lookup: Unbound variable: canonicalize-reference
<alexshendi>civodul: Your fix suggested on guix-devel doesn't work for me. Buid fails with the following error messages:
<alexshendi>JUst a mom
<alexshendi>Apparently the Makefile tries to create stuff in /var and fails...
<rekado_>alexshendi: right, you don't want it to actually create any directories outside of its own store path.
<rekado_>I think it may be sufficient to edit the recipe such that the paths are corrected in the two configuration files it installs.
<rekado_>(that's what I suggested on the mailing list before)
<alexshendi>rekado_: That sounds better, that means I have to patch the package though ...
<alexshendi>rekado_: Will have a go at it tomorrow. Meanwhile thanks a lot!
<civodul>rekado_: this issue comes from what iyzsong just pushed, lemme see
<rekado_>You might add another build phase after "configure" in which you substitute* the lines in the two configuration files.
<rekado_>alexshendi: ^^
<rekado_>civodul: thanks.
<alexshendi>rekado_: Will try tomorrow, Many thanks!
<civodul>rekado_: the canonicalize-reference thing means you need to "make clean-go && make" (or use guix outside of git)
<rekado_>on this machine I'm not using guix from git at all. Just "guix pull".
<civodul>could you paste your config?
<civodul>i'm trying to understand how that <origin> got into the profile
<rekado_>it's almost the same as the example
<civodul>rekado_: should be fixed now
<rekado_>civodul: nice, I'll do a "guix pull" right away. Thank you!
<civodul>thanks for the report!
<civodul>it's interesting because whether one hits the debug depends on the profile's contents
<civodul>in my case, there was wicd, which depends on gtk+, so the search for gtk+ would stop there and not hit the non-package object
<gnusosa>rekado: did you flash coreboot to your T60?:)
<rekado_>gnusosa: unfortunately, the display used in this T60 is not supported by libreboot.
<rekado_>Oh, Guix is mentioned under
<gnusosa>oh yeah I do recall you have replace it with another display.
<gnusosa>s/have/have to/
<rekado_>gnusosa: well, there are some that are supported, but some others are not.
<gnusosa>I see
<rekado_>replacing the display isn't always necessary
<rekado_>the display of my x200s is supported, but it's a little involved to get libreboot onto the chip.
<rekado_>need to ask the local FSFE group, see if anyone there could give me an external programmer over the weekend.
<civodul>rekado_: that "we" in this FAQ entry tells a lot about who wrote it ;-)
<civodul>(author which did not bother checking the spelling of Guix)
<davexunit>does anyone know how to get the power management settings for xfce?
<davexunit>is it simply not packaged?