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<alexshendi>Why the hell am I getting errors like "ERROR: no code for module (gnu services desktop)" now?
<alexshendi>This used to work before the reconfigure?
<mthl>Hello #Guix
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<grothoff>mark_weaver: I don't ever exactly leave, after all, my gnunet_bot has been logging this channel for some time ;-)
<grothoff>Thanks for the hint, I'll check the latest skel files.
<civodul>uuh, hydra seems to be overloaded
<civodul>it's actually "not so bad", as in "just pretty slow"
<civodul>meanwhile, i had fun with
<rekado__>I'm trying to figure out by how much the size of a package closure increased after I added a couple of inputs.
<rekado__>I used "guix archive --export --recursive python-ipython > after-patch", on master and on my wip branch, but I get exactly the same size.
<rekado__>guix gc --references tells me that the two directories have indeed different references.
<rekado__>am I using "guix archive --export --recursive" wrong?
<rekado__>If so, what would be the correct command to get the size of a closure?
<mark_weaver>rekado__: I think --references shows only store items directly referenced. to see the items directly and indirectly referenced, use --requisites
<civodul>rekado__: something like: du -ms $(guix gc -R foo)
<civodul>i've been wanting a 'guix size' command for some time
<davexunit>hydra seems hosed.
<civodul>it's alive but somewhat loaded, as usual
<davexunit>now it's working again.
<davexunit>sorry, thought it was actually down.
<davexunit>it was completely unresponsive to me for awhile
*davexunit is setting up a workstation with his guix profile
<civodul>--manifest FTW! :-)
<davexunit>civodul: thanks for fixing the dry run issue, btw.
<davexunit>didn't know about it.
<civodul>i noticed it as i was writing the load* tests
<civodul>i hadn't noticed before
<davexunit>the binary tarball worked beautifully on this new machine.
<davexunit>up and running in no time.
<davexunit>if only hydra were healthier I'd be done setting up by now.
<davexunit>have to keep re-running commands because downloads fail in the middle :(
<civodul>how does it fail?
<civodul>i must be lucky, for me usually it's either slow or very slow
<civodul>but it doesn't actually fail
<davexunit>I'll have a backtrace to show you shortly
<davexunit>can't copy from my terminal right now
<davexunit>bam, got my profile up on the new workstation.
<davexunit>what's a reasonable test I can do in bash to check if I'm running guixsd?
<davexunit>I want my bash_profile to set some env vars conditionally
<davexunit>'test -d /run/current-system' seems reasonable
<davexunit>does anyone that guix-daemon sysvinit script on hand? I saw it posted to the mailing list recently but I just can't find it.
*jackdaniel installs guix-sd try #2
<toothbrush0>Help! What do i do if a Guile program (skribilo in this case) installed from Guix tells me to "Tell Guile not to issue warnings about duplicate bindings."?
<toothbrush0>also, good $timeOfDay!
<civodul>toothbrush0: the setlocale issue is a skribilo bug fixed in skribilo commit cbddfe69
<civodul>and the "Tell Guile"... message is just a string that happens to be in the backtrace :-)
<civodul>so the workaround would be to either install the locale you want to use, or to run skribilo with an available locale
<toothbrush0>civodul: ah!
<toothbrush0>okay let me install a locale then
<toothbrush0>Thanks for the pointer civodul !
<toothbrush0>I never realised it was all related; i thought i'd get around to sorting out the locale issue later...
<toothbrush0>i should pay more attention to the ML ;)
<toothbrush0>ha wow 400MiB installed!
<civodul>ah yes
<civodul>try glibc-utf8-locales instead
<toothbrush0>okay, it's just a subset?
<civodul>yes, a small subset
<civodul>it has enough locales for the imperialistic among us ;-)
<rekado>I'd like to change my prompt when in a "guix environment" shell. How can I easily detect being in a guix environment?
<toothbrush0>civodul: :p
<civodul>rekado: that would be nice indeed, i think it has to be done in 'guix environment' itself
<civodul>davexunit had some ideas, i think
<toothbrush0>civodul: oops, that's not enough for me though! i'm on en_GB :p
<toothbrush0>i'm an old imperialist, i guess? :p
<civodul>indeed! :-)
<toothbrush0>civodul: that worked, thank you!
<alexshendi>Hi, all. Time for another noob question. What does:
<alexshendi>guix build: warning: failed to load '(cups)':
<alexshendi>ERROR: no code for module (cups)
<alexshendi>I'm executiong "guix build -L /home/alexshendi/guix-packages cups"
<civodul>alexshendi: it means that the (cups) module that is in $GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH has Something Incorrect
<civodul>oh -L, then
<civodul>or that it doesn't exist
<civodul>does /home/alexshendi/guix-packages/cups.scm exist? and does it start with (define-module (cups) ...)?
<alexshendi>It starts with "(define-module (gnu packages cups)"
<alexshendi>Should it be under /home/alexshendi/guix-packages/gnu/packages/cups.scm then?
<civodul>so this module will override the distro's same-named module
<alexshendi>civodul: Build is now running, many thanks!
<civodul>iyzsong: i still don't have the right font to display your name, you must teach me what to do! :-)
<alexshendi>civodul: still have the same CUPS error messages though
<alexshendi>civodul: Just discovered that I inserted the configure flags in the wrong place :(