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<civodul>mark_weaver: i'll create a libusb-update jobset, how does that sound?
<sneek>civodul, you have 1 message.
<sneek>civodul, phant0mas says: I changed the glibc/hurd packaged definition in using the tarball, waiting for the rebuild to finish, and i will send this week's report to the ml. I almost have the bootstrap-tarballs ready
<mark_weaver>civodul: is that for a security update?
<mark_weaver>ah, I just read the message from guix-devel
<rekado>I still have this problem on GuixSD after "guix pull": "guix system reconfigure /etc/config.scm" fails with the error "In procedure module-lookup: Unbound variable: canonicalize-reference"
<rekado>How can I get more verbose output? Or a backtrace?
<amirouche>I just tried to install guix on a i686 machine using 0.8.2 install image but it fails while building “archive” binary, make check fails
<amirouche>well, I tried to install with 0.8.1 too but dhcpd fails to start
<amirouche>I will install it with that, in the mean time..
<rekado>amirouche: have you disabled binary substitutes?
<rekado>when binary substitutes are enabled you do not need to build packages locally, which is faster and gets you around any possibly failing tests.
<rekado>I did not notice any problems with that package, however.
<amirouche>rekado: I did not disable substitutes
<amirouche>well I try again I check the output to understand why I tried to build that package
<rekado>maybe you didn't enable substitutes then (I'm not sure which is the default for new installations)
<amirouche>ok I will authorize it
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<amirouche>(maybe is timed out)
<amirouche>it tells me failed to look up host '' (Name or service not known)
<amirouche>the pb might be on my side
<amirouche>I add to /etc/hosts
<vmlinuz88>I'm running GuixSD 0.8.2, and when I try to mv, cp, or edit certain files I get the error "Read-only filesystem". Is this suppose to happen?
<amirouche>(I try an anwser)
<amirouche>it means those files are managed by GSD
<amirouche>through configuration files
<amirouche>they are read-only to avoid inconsistency with configuration files, if you want to change those files, change the configuration
<amirouche>and "commit" the change
<vmlinuz88>amirouche what do you mean by "commit" the change?
<amirouche>I think it's 'guix system reconfigure'
<vmlinuz88>Ahh, I see, okay.
<amirouche>if the configuration file is /etc/configuration.scm
<vmlinuz88>which config files do I change?
<amirouche>if it's a package recipe you must 'guix package -i the-package' again (I think)
<amirouche>vmlinuz88: I don't know, probably configuration.scm the one used to install GSD
<vmlinuz88>Oh, so in my case it would be desktop.scm
<vmlinuz88>which options am I supposed to alter?
<amirouche>what do you want to configure?
<vmlinuz88>I would just like to have read and write access to the file system
<amirouche>I don't know how to do that with configuration
<amirouche>maybe you can "su" as the owner and edit the files
<amirouche>vmlinuz88: which file do you want to edit?
<vmlinuz88>well, I'm trying to install a python package with pip, and it won't install because /gnu/store/* is read only.
<amirouche>well, I'm not an expert on the subject on guix. Here is pointers:
<amirouche>1) I think there is an "import script" to convert python package to guix
<amirouche>2) try virtualenvs
<amirouche>vmlinuz88: there is several python recipes already, copy/paste one and create your own
<amirouche>If i remember correctly it can be as easy as replacing the pypi name
<amirouche>vmlinuz88: see pypi section
<rekado>later tell vmlinuz88 Do not let anything install anything into /gnu/store/ other than Guix. To install Python packages that are not yet packaged for Guix I recommend creating a package recipe and submitting it to the ML. Python stuff is usually easily packaged.
<rekado>sneek: later tell vmlinuz88 Do not let anything install anything into /gnu/store/ other than Guix. To install Python packages that are not yet packaged for Guix I recommend creating a package recipe and submitting it to the ML. Python stuff is usually easily packaged.
<sneek>Will do.
<rekado>sneek: botsnack
<amirouche>after adding to /etc/hosts the installation went smootly :)
<rekado>amirouche: odd. Is domain name resolution not working for you in general?
<amirouche>rekado: in general, it works.
<amirouche>now that the system is installed it works correctly
<amirouche>can you suggest a big package to install? one that has a lot of dependecy ?
<amirouche>I'll try gnome-desktop
<amirouche>even dns resolution with ping is instant now, before with the install image it was taking a few extra ms
<rekado>amirouche: the xfce meta package has lots of inputs.
<amirouche>already installed during system install
<rekado>ardour also has many dependencies (but most of them are rather small)
<amirouche>it works but ardour fails so far to detect my audio. Good enough for me.
<rekado>"detect my audio"?
<rekado>you need to start jackd first, then ardour can connect.
<rekado>currently there is no jackd service, so you have to start it manually
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<amirouche>I installed both jack and jack2
<amirouche>jack ask me to set up "/etc/security/limits.conf" with "@audio - rtprio 99"
<amirouche>who provides the limit command?
<amirouche>it's ok I'm not a electronic music artist anyway, non realtime will do
<rekado>"I installed both jack and jack2" <-- don't install jack2 unless you actually need it. jack-1 alone will do.
<rekado>re limit: I don't know how this works. I use jackd in non-realtime mode.
<taylanub>I wonder why 'guix pull' doesn't use the version I just pulled with another user, when there's been no commits to master in-between
<taylanub>sometimes it does, actually. maybe it's related to some time-stamp...
<a_e>Hello, everybody!
<a_e>Sorry for forgetting:
<a_e>I do remember correctly that libraries after Required.private need to be propagated, right?
<hwpplayer1>Happy to see you , thanks for creating GNU Guix
<a_e>Join the creation!
<hwpplayer1>I will , one day
<hwpplayer1>I'm learning C language and i'm not ready for a big project
<hwpplayer1>but our project which is the emacs of distros is exciting
<hwpplayer1>very clever idea
<a_e>No need to learn C, as it is written in Guile Scheme.
<hwpplayer1>do you know any book about it
<zacts>hwpplayer1: yeah there are many, but the most recommended books for learning about scheme are SICP and HTDP
<zacts>which are both free online books
<hwpplayer1>ok i'll save this adress thanks
<zacts>note SICP requires a basic understanding of math proofs and calculus
<zacts>while HTDP requires mainly just an understanding of highschool algebra
<zacts>although, eventually you'll want to read SICP
<zacts>many here would argue that every serious programmer will want to have eventually read SICP
<zacts>(programmer of any language)
<hwpplayer1>i heard guile scheme with GNU Guix project
<zacts>hwpplayer1: I can personally help you get up to par for the math needed for SICP if you want
<zacts>(as long as you can do quadratic equations)
<zacts>I can point out resources to help you get up to par for SICP and other more advanced comp sci / programming texts
<hwpplayer1>thanks zacts i'll ask you
<zacts>hwpplayer1: feel free to /msg me so we don't spam the channel
<ngz>Hello. I just installed Guix on top of Archlinux. Each time I call the guix command, I get "warning: failed to install locale: Invalid argument". It's only a warning but a bit annoying nonetheless.
<ngz>Any idea on how to get rid of it?