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<mthl>civodul: You are not sleeping yet?
<civodul>no, but i need to stay focused
*civodul prepares the release
<adhoc>morning all
<adhoc>is there a way i can bootstrap guix with an older version of automake ?
<adhoc>i'm running 1.11.6
<mthl>With binary installation of Guix, you are not dependent of automake
<mthl>adhoc: It's documented in the info manual of the git repo
<adhoc>was building from git
<adhoc>from here;
<adhoc>mthl: ok, but binary packages!
<adhoc>the info file talks about 1.11, but build requires 1.12
<mark_weaver>civodul: preparing the release?
<mark_weaver>the pcre update includes security updates
<mark_weaver>it should be included in the release, I think
<mark_weaver>bah, too late
<civodul>yeah :-/
<adhoc>mthl: except it isn't documented there
<mark_weaver>civodul: well, should I build the armhf binary tarball? which commit should I be at when I build it?
<civodul>mark_weaver: right, from 5875eb7
<civodul>so it should contain exactly 0.8.2
<adhoc>you guys are using CI, thats awesome
<adhoc>what is the CI system ?
<mark_weaver>civodul: okay
<civodul>TIA :-)
<mark_weaver>civodul: shouldn't it be aa38fabacccc1be1f54dee243bf875f178ce53f8 ?
<mark_weaver>since that's where you updated the development snapshot?
<mark_weaver>well, I confess I'm a bit confused
<civodul>mark_weaver: no because we just need that guix in the tarball to be exactly 0.8.2
<civodul>it doesn't matter which guix that guix would install
<civodul>if you see what i mean ;-)
<mark_weaver>okay, it's building now. the only significant thing I have left to build is guix itself.
<mark_weaver>civodul: what about mips? I guess you can just ask hydra to build that for you, if it hasn't already done so.
<civodul>right, that was my plan
<mark_weaver>pcre-update is already almost entirely built except on mips, so it could have been included easily. oh well.
<mark_weaver>I'll push it now anyway
<civodul>yeah sorry, i should have been more cautious about coordinating i guess
<mark_weaver>well, it doesn't really matter I suppose. surely there will be more security updates soon enough
<civodul>right, it's endless
<mark_weaver>heh :)
<mark_weaver>I had cancelled all of the mips jobs that didn't include the pcre-update though. I should restart those jobs so that 0.8.2 is fully built on mips.
<civodul>oh yes, please
*mark_weaver works on upgrading to linux-libre-4.0.3
*mark_weaver goes afk while awaiting that and the armhf binary tarball builds
<paroneayea>ooooh WOWWW
<paroneayea>the new guix site is SLICK
<paroneayea>ooh ooh
<paroneayea>so good
<paroneayea>civodul: some feedback on the new site btw
<paroneayea>also, as I said
<paroneayea>it looks SO GOOD
<civodul>paroneayea: heh, thanks, i'll see what can be done!
*civodul goes to bed, will finish the uploads tomorrow
<mark_weaver>good night!
<paroneayea>woo woo
<mthl>paroneayea: export GUILE_LOAD_PATH="$GUILE_LOAD_PATH:/home/cwebber/.guix-profile/share/guile/site/2.0/"
<mthl> export GUILE_LOAD_COMPILED_PATH="$GUILE_LOAD_PATH:/home/cwebber/.guix-profile/share/guile/site/2.0/"
<mthl>paroneayea: sorry for the bad pasting, but it's from your blog post
<mthl>paroneayea: these variables can be optimized
<civodul>Hello Guix!
*ajnirp waves
<iyzsong>congratulate on 0.8.2 realease!
<Sleep_Walker>there is release already?
<iyzsong>Sleep_Walker: not on website, but I see the tag and NEWS in git repository :-)
<civodul>iyzsong: it's not official yet :-)
<civodul>still uploading stuff
<civodul>and my ADSL line has a terrible upload bandwidth
<phant0mas>hey civodul, in make-bootsrap.scm what happens to a native input of a package? For example libpthread in glibc/hurd evaluates to false when building the bootstrap-tatballs.
<phant0mas>should I do something for native-inputs like at %gcc-static in the same file?
<civodul>phant0mas: hmm that would need more investigation, but i can't really do it right now
<civodul>try inspecting the package objects themselves
<civodul>at the REPL: (package-native-inputs %gcc-static), etc.
<xfury>Hello guix, I have a little problem because I use Apple hardware. I'm looking to boot a "GNU/Linux" distro as main OS because on OSX I can't find enough docs about network and I have to use a vpn. Can you confirm that guix works on macintel workstations like a 2009 macpro ?
<civodul>xfury: i can't tell if GuixSD (the distro) works on MacOS
<civodul>er, on Mac hardware
<civodul>someone reported a keyboard issue:
<xfury>civodul, I go to check thx
<xfury>civodul, guix looks good and seems to be more specialized than trsiquel from your link. I have probs with trisquel that's why I need to change. I think I'm going to try gnewsense perhaps with debian support for mac pro...
<adhoc>xfury: i'm running linux on a macpro, not sure the year, probably 2009 or 2010
<adhoc>i'm installing guix on a debian/jessie system, pulled down the tar, etc
<adhoc>how do i set the locale ?
<adhoc># guix archive --authorize < /root/.guix-profile/share/guix/ warning: failed to install locale: Invalid argument
<adhoc>not sure where to set it?
***civodul changes topic to 'GNU Guix | | | 0.8.2 is out! | This channel is logged, see <>.'
<civodul>rekado: make sure to announce the new release during your talk :-)
<iyzsong>congratulations for the new release!
<civodul>yay, congrats everyone! :-D
<civodul>please post on HN & co.! ↑
***civodul changes topic to 'GNU Guix | | 0.8.2 is out! | | This channel is logged, see <>.'
<civodul>sneek: later tell davexunit HN :-)
<sneek>Will do.
*civodul takes a break
<davexunit>morning guix
<sneek>davexunit, you have 1 message.
<sneek>davexunit, civodul says: HN :-)
<davexunit>happy release day!
<davexunit>everyone with an HN account, please upvote:
<davexunit>for redditors:
<phant0mas>yahoo :-D
<phant0mas>congrats guys!!
<davexunit>also, someone made awhile ago
<davexunit>so I posted there, too
<davexunit>subscribe and we can try to make it an active place for posting guix related articles
<davexunit>we should use the new guix CSS for the info pages
<davexunit>aaaand we're on phoronix
<jackdaniel>aand it's gone
<davexunit>we're on the HN front page :)
<davexunit>let the cynical comments commence!
<davexunit>I think we should add the pronunciation info back to the home page
<davexunit>yay, the FSF dented/tweeted about the release :)
<sirgazil>Hey, congrats on the new release!
<sirgazil>Thank you everyone for working hard on this project. I really appreciate it :)
<davexunit>sirgazil: and thank you for the kick ass new website!
<sirgazil>you're welcome. Glad people like it.
<mark_weaver>yeah, the new website is awesome, thanks so much!
<davexunit>the SXML conversion is a great example of the power of Scheme, too. :)
<paroneayea>davexunit: oh btw
<davexunit>do we have any documentation that explains why we don't just use Nix as-is?
<paroneayea>well, I guess taylanub has pointed out more changes for me to make ;)
<paroneayea>davexunit: I agree that would be a useful FAQ item
<davexunit>paroneayea: I saw that this morning! very nice! :)
<paroneayea>it comes up a lot on comment threads
<davexunit>I can keep repeating it, but I want to just point to a FAQ
<paroneayea>I think the way you put it as "nix people are doing great and have great hackers but we have different objectives" is good
<paroneayea>though it might be nice to have more clear explainations of what those objectives are too
<paroneayea>my answer is "g-exps are the shit" ;)
<davexunit>the main thing is: a general purpose language is better than a domain specific one
<davexunit>EDSLs > DSLs
<paroneayea>cvs 1.12.13 Historical centralized version control system
<eikek>hi there, i have a stupid newbie question
<eikek>I want to try guix in virtualbox. but I'm too stupid to figure out how to attach/add/hook the guix usb image in a vm in virtualbox
<eikek>has anyone tried that? ore are you all using guix on real machines
<DusXMT>I personally use qemu with KVM, but you should be able to use vbox, just add the usb image as a second hard drive
<eikek>ahh thanks!
<eikek>i had to rename the file so its extension is known to vbox; then it worked
<eikek>for some weird reason i tried to mount it to the cd...
<mthl> does anyone have problems with 'git clone' from github using in guix git package?
<davexunit>mthl: that's an SSL issue
<davexunit>you're mising certs
<davexunit>I can't recall the exact steps needed to set it up, but you can get an environment variable to skip cert checking as a quick hack
<mthl>davexunit: thanks!
<mthl>davexunit: have you an idea how the problem can be solved at a Guix level?
<davexunit>mthl: not off the top of my head. can't look into it now.
<davexunit>hopefully someone that does know will see this and chime in :)
<rekado>I announced the new release during the talk. Got the email about 30 minutes before it was my turn :)
<davexunit>rekado: how did it go? :)
<rekado>davexunit: I had to shorten it considerably, because there was no buffer time between talks and some people had delayed talks a lot.
<rekado>so I only had one short demo.
<rekado>it appeared to have been received well, though.
<rekado>lots of laughs and all that.
<rekado>some people came to me afterwards to listen to the extended version, going into depth a little more.
<rekado>apparently a seasoned sysadmin in a later talk didn't understand what my problem with traditional package management was. The regular folk understood just right, though.
<davexunit>rekado: heh, well it sounds like it was positive overall!
<rekado>davexunit: yes, I'd say so :)
<sbidin>Hi, I'm new and trying out GuixSD. I got stuck during the installation while invoking guix system init. It seems that a package listed within the (package (cons ...)) expression is always interpreted as an unbound variable.
<paroneayea>interesting package manager to package manager discussion
<davexunit>sbidin: looks like you haven't imported the correct module to have access to that package
<sbidin>For instance, I'll have (packages (cons* xterm %base-packages)), and running guix system init results in "ERROR: Unbound variable: xterm".
<sbidin>davexunit: How do I do that? I'm following the installation docs.
<sbidin>davexunit: I just found it. Thanks!
<davexunit>sbidin: which package is it?
<sbidin>davexunit: I haven't been importing the right modules, correct. And the docs are fine, I just didn't read them right.
<davexunit>xterm is in the (gnu packages xorg) module
<paroneayea>I wonder if I should try packaging stumpwm
<paroneayea>I used to run that back in the day
<phant0mas>how can I do this guix build -e '(@ (gnu packages make-bootstrap) %glibc-bootstrap-tarball)'
<phant0mas>with (guix-build ..) in guile
<davexunit>phant0mas: you'll need an open store connection (see (guix store))
<davexunit>and the 'build-derivations' procedure
<davexunit>see (guix derivations)
<davexunit>check out (guix scripts build) or (guix scripts environment) for some examples
<davexunit>though note that the code there is written in monadic style
<davexunit>xfce users: how do I make it so that I can log out and shut down from the main panel menu?
<phant0mas>davexunit: I am stuck, I can't understand how to do it. From what I understand from (guix scripts build) guix-build does the connection to guix-store and everything else I may need and I only have to pass what I will build and any inputs it may want.
<phant0mas>for example I thought that something like (guix-build (@ (gnu packages make-bootstrap) %glibc-stripped)) should have worked...
<davexunit>phant0mas: you should just call the build procedures from the repl
<davexunit>your above code is invalid, because guix-build expects string arguments to parse
<phant0mas>great, I am completly wrong... back to studying