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*paroneayea thinks, maybe for my next package I should package up opendylan!
<paroneayea>requies dylan to compile opendylan
<paroneayea>maybe I'll hold off on that one :)
<rekado>does it make sense to partially replace features of the daemon with guile scripts?
<rekado>rather than rewriting the daemon in Guile in one go?
<davexunit>rekado: sounds reasonable, if it's possible to do so.
<davexunit>but the daemon is sort of one big thing, so I don't see a way to do it.
<rekado>it actually sounds like a fun project to see how much could be extracted from the tangle. (If only I had more time to play around with this.)
<davexunit>yeah, I don't have the time to investigate
<davexunit>I should hack on 'guix ops' today
<davexunit>took the day off, visiting my parents later in the day, but I've got a few hours to hack...
<rekado>took the day off for my partner's birthday, but I have a few minutes to see if I can get elogind to compile.
<davexunit>cool :)
<davexunit>elogind made quite a splash on r/linux this week
<davexunit>did anyone else see that?
<davexunit>people are speculating like crazy about what it's for
<davexunit>and no one mentioned guix at all, heh
<davexunit>they just think wingo doesn't like systemd now
*davexunit thinks about guix ops some more
*taylanub hopelessly tries to correct some misconceptions in that thread :\\
<davexunit>the discussion has come and gone
<davexunit>no one's reading it anymore
*taylanub is a Reddit noob
<taylanub>maybe a couple people will see it in their Reddit inbox
<rekado>the elogind build process triggers a lookup of an XML dtd and then fails: I/O error : Attempt to load network entity
<rekado>(that's after restoring some of the XML files in ./man/)
<rekado>I think this can be avoided by distributing the dtds along with the guix package and by fiddling with XSLTPROC_FLAGS in the Makefile.
*rekado has to go now, but will continue working on this in a couple of hours.
<paroneayea>hello #guix
<davexunit>hey paroneayea
<paroneayea>so, is it theoretically true that if I made a guilemacs-guile package and a guilemacs-emacs package that built guilemacs in guix that that could happen without interfering with the mainline guile / emacs, right? I'm just thinking out loud here... I guess the main problem is that the "make install" would still stuff guile / emacs in the bin/ portion of the user's profile and that still might be a naming conflict...?
<davexunit>paroneayea: that would be okay, because you could just install to another profile
<paroneayea>hm interesting
<paroneayea>maybe I will try this next after I get all these changes in to guile-minikanren
<mark_weaver>paroneayea: yes, guix's design makes it easy to maintain that separation
<mark_weaver>the 'make install' doesn't go into the user's profile. it installs into a fresh directory in /gnu/store.
<mark_weaver>the user's profile (a tree of symlinks), is then created as a merging of all of the packages in your profile.
*paroneayea nods, right...
<mark_weaver>the issue would be that both guile-emacs and your own emacs would probably end up reading the same ~/.emacs by default, and end up with the same load-path, etc.
<mark_weaver>but it shouldn't be too hard to work around that
<mark_weaver>normally you would have your emacs load-path set to look for things in ~/.guix-profile/share/emacs
<bavier>hello cehteh
<cehteh>out of curiosity: anyone considered to put the store under git-annex yet?
<bavier>cehteh: for what purpose?
<cehteh>local deployment
<cehteh>well i am quite new here, havent tried guix yet either.. following nixos since some years but dont really use it
<cehteh>going to install gds on a vm later
<bavier>cehteh: guix has `guix archive`, see the manual, and a binary installation tarball
<cehteh>ok, reading
<bavier>cehteh: if you're interested, we still need a git-annex package in Guix ;)
<cehteh>could that be as simple as wraping cabal stuff in guix?
<cehteh>if i really start to use it i prolly first package the i3 wm :)
<Juhani>really strange that i3wm hasn't been ported yet, in the archlinux world it's easily the most popular tiling window manager
<cehteh>whenever i manage to get used to gsd i give it a try
<Juhani>I was also thinking of porting it once I get it running in qemu-kvm
<cehteh>i think there is a lot software missing yet i would like to have
<alezost>cehteh: it's up to you to add the software you miss :-)
<Juhani> has been very slow for me and compiling the packages from source failed so the install process has been quite a pain
<cehteh>how about packaging/installing binary only stuff which you get as tarball? not very gnuish, but for some cross compiler environments that rather much simpler than building the shit by yourself
<bavier>cehteh: you're free to create your own local package definitions for such things. there'd need to be a conversation about it before incorporating into the base distribution.
<bavier>we bootstrap our ghc compiler with a binary
<Sleep_Walker>is latest gettext building for you?
<paroneayea>so, I hope we end up in a glorious future where guix is everywhere
<paroneayea>because I'm tired of fighting combining python packaging with javascript with everything
<paroneayea>and also how badly broken python's dependency resolution is
<rekado>I'm confused about the git-fetch method.
<rekado>It seems that even if I change the hash and the commit it won't actually complain or download a new revision.
<rekado>the hash is certainly invalid (I just changed a number to force it to fail), but guix won't complain.
<rekado>I don't get it.
<rekado>completely swapped out the hash for another hash and now it complains.
*rekado shrugs
<bavier>rekado: perhaps a message to bug-guix is in order.
<rekado>bavier: I'll have to try to reproduce this tomorrow.
<rekado>but then I'll report it.
<bavier>rekado: thx