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<mark_weaver>bavier: have you had any luck making your hydra package work?
<bavier`>mark_weaver: it's working a bit
<bavier`>still a bit of work needed with the perl modules
<bavier`>found out that the nixpkgs inputs were very rigorous
<bavier`>the hydra-init and hydra-create-user scripts work
<bavier`>so that's a start
<bavier`>got hydra-server started up...
<mark_weaver>bavier`: that's very exciting!
<mark_weaver>I'm working on upgrading's hardware, and was thinking of starting with just copying the existing file systems to the new machine, but now I'm wondering if we shouldn't do a fresh install with GuixSD.
<bavier`>mark_weaver: that would be exciting
<bavier`>I'm not exactly sure what the timeframe for completion is
<bavier`>I've got the server up and running; and I'm setting up a test project to see how things go
<bavier`>the major sticking point I think is a licensing one
<bavier`>the Set-Object license change to artistic1.0+ is still pending...
<bavier`>but I'd like to be ready to push our hydra package as soon as that goes through
<bavier`>maybe some others here could apply a bit more pressure for a reponse from the remaining copyright holder
*bavier` afk for a bit
<bavier`>mark_weaver: would it be possible to somehow get a summary of the Hydra configuration that Guix uses? I'd like to test our specific setup.
<mark_weaver>bavier`: I'm afraid my knowledge of Hydra is weak. You'd best ask civodul.
<mark_weaver>I know that we've made local modifications to Hydra. I was not involved with that process though, besides a few tweaks I made much later on.
<mark_weaver>I could tell you how our jobsets are configured.
<mark_weaver>That configuration is publicly accessible at
<mark_weaver>bavier`: could you send me the patches needed to end up with a buildable hydra package?
<Phiphler>what considerations are there with installing guix inside of an existing distro (in this case Arch)? Arch uses systemd so I wonder how it will work
<alezost>Phiphler: you can use Guix as a package manager in any distro. Systemd doesn't matter in that case
<alezost>Phiphler: I use it on Arch btw
<Phiphler>alezost: ok that sounds good. I'm on NixOS right now but Guix seems better. Are there conversion tools I can use to convert Nix packages, debs etc to Guix packages?
<alezost>Phiphler: AFAIK "guix import …" is the conversion tool, and it may be used to convert nix packages, but I can't tell much about it as I've never used it
<iyzsong>Phiphler: there has 'guix import nix', and some other importers for CPAN, pypi, etc. but manually works is needed ;-)
<Phiphler>sounds good, ill give it a shot!
<bavier`>mark_weaver: thanks, I'll take a look at the configurations. I'm going to work on pushing what packages I can, and then I'll send the remaining patches your way.
*wingo tries an elogind build from guix
<wingo>i swear we are missing a tool to turn a git SHA1 to a Nix hash
<rekado>My TASCAM US-16x08 USB audio interface works on my Fedora 21 with linux-libre but does not seem to work on my GuixSD machine :-/
<rekado>never mind, the audio interface works when it starts before the computer boots. (odd, but I'm okay with it.)
<rekado>On GuixSD there is no /etc/security/limits.conf -- is there a preferred way to create it (e.g. through /etc/config.scm) or should I just create it manually?
<rekado>even after creating the file jackd doesn't want to run in realtime mode; says I'm not allowed to use realtime scheduling.
<civodul>rekado: you could create it manually, but we should have it handle in the configuration
<civodul>does jackd rely on polkit or something like that?
<rekado>I don't know.
<rekado>I can run jackd with the "-r" flag to make it run in non-realtime mode, but that's not what I want.
<rekado>limits.conf is provided by pam on Fedora.
<rekado>so I guess I should install that and start the pam service.
<civodul>ooh pam
<civodul>jackd may need a pam service for that
<civodul>rekado: see the pam stuff in (gnu system linux), as well as services that ask for a "PAM service", such as lshd
<civodul>or migetty