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<taylanub>a guix version x won't ever have a guix version x+1 in its packages (packages are fixed at release; in the same repo as the source code). however you can update guix at whole via 'guix pull'
<afleck>i've guix pull'd multiple times
<taylanub>you might want to file a bug report about the match-error
<taylanub>(and best check if there is one already first)
<afleck>what's the newest version of guix i can get with "guix pull"?
<taylanub>git master branch IIRC
<taylanub>(I suppose starting from 1.0 there would be a stable branch or some such)
<ryouma>is there going to be a gnu os, per se, any time soon?
<ryouma>gnu distro*
<ryouma>(my question might be poorly formed)
<taylanub>ryouma: gNewSense, Trisquel, dyne:bolic, ...
<ryouma>i see the link in the topic, but it does not point to a guix distro, just a guix package manager
<taylanub>the guix-based distro is called GuixSD for Guix System Distribution
<ryouma>some time ago i was told there would be a gnu-branded distro of sorts
<ryouma>taylanub: but the link is just to guix the pm
<taylanub>the idea to call it just GNU was scrapped with the reasoning that it implies that GNU is just that when it's more
<taylanub>ryouma: GuixSD doesn't have a separate GNU project page or home page or anything yet, if that's what you mean
<ryouma>yeah i wanted "distroness"
<afleck>Guix/Hurd is also up and coming :)
<taylanub>FWIW I discourage the "distro" term because it makes people think of "Linux"
<afleck>true GNU OS imo
<ryouma>taylanub: i thought it was going to be linux at first
<taylanub>it will be using the Linux-libre kernel for the foreseeable future
<afleck>Guix/Hurd is a matter of porting Guix to Hurd
<taylanub>or rather, it will support both, but most users will probably use the Linux variant. I'll switch to Hurd when I can watch videos and minimally surf the web on it :-)
<ryouma>m happy enough with linux (debian) and presume linux-libre will do what i want
<taylanub>note that Debian is a GNU system that uses Linux only by default; there's a Hurd-using variant of the Debian GNU system too.
<taylanub>(I might be twisting their own terminology a bit :P)
<afleck>also, the Debian Hurd is pretty much the only active hurd distro
<taylanub>I thought ArchHurd is too?
<afleck>well, it is, but it hasn't been updated since mar 2013
<taylanub>I see
<afleck>I'd really love to see Guix Hurd
<afleck>partly why I'm fiddling with GSD now
<afleck>is running "sudo guix system reconfigure config-file.scm" as non-root a bad idea?
<davexunit>hmmm, it seems impossible to connect to the store via the the VM created via 'guix system vm'
<civodul>Howdy, Guix!
<civodul>happy equinox & sun eclipse day (where applicable)
<{-}grant>civodul: We have a very nice view of a Solar eclipse in my hometown, on I believe the 6th of August. :^P
<civodul>oh nice
<civodul>here it's a partial eclipse, 70% or so
<civodul>but it's cloudy
<{-}grant>civodul: What city are you in again?
<civodul>Bordeaux, France
<{-}grant>civodul: Is this just my "ignorant American" showing, or is this a place I should be expected to know on the global scale?
<{-}grant>shouldn't be expected*
<civodul>it's one of the few big cities in France, but that doesn't mean it "should" be known worldwide
<{-}grant>civodul: Fair enough.
<{-}grant>The only reason people know of my hometown, is that we have the largest national constructed monument of the US.
<ryouma>constructed as opposed to sandblasted?
<ryouma>not washington monument, obviously
<{-}grant>ryouma: It's much larger than the Washington monument, and it's in the Midwest.
<{-}grant>Those are two decent hints; Also, it's not made of stone and you can go up in it.
<ryouma>the first thing i thought of was those presidents carved out, but i decided that you did not mean that becuase you said constructed, and i don't know if that is the right word
<ryouma>the arch?
<{-}grant>ryouma: You got it.
<{-}grant>In the early 1900s, we were the 4th largest city ... now we are like, ~64 iirc. Anyways, I'm going to stop pushing offtopic banter in here! :^P
<rekado_>{-}grant: Bordeaux is famous for its wines.
<{-}grant>rekado_: Ah, okay. Well, that's certainly not my forte. :^P
<civodul>{-}grant: ISTR that another person on this channel lives in the same city as you, no?
<civodul>the one with the arch
<civodul>it does look impressive
<{-}grant>civodul: Potentially, but chances are it was/is me with another nick? Or ... not sure, really, we actually have a shockingly large Lisp community growing due to events like 'Strangeloop' and as of last year, and potentially returning this year, Racketcon.
<rekado_>I repeatedly get this error when I try to install a package depending on texlive:
<rekado_>guix substitute-binary: error: corrupt input while restoring '/gnu/store/06p7arppbmzhw3wld6k14jqh8n1n5818-texlive-texmf-2014/share/texmf-dist/fonts/truetype/huerta/alegreya/AlegreyaSC-Bold.ttf' from #{read pipe}#
<rekado_>seems that this is because of a failed download from hydra.
<rekado_>will try a fourth time.
<civodul>sounds like a failed download indeed
<civodul>if it happened 3 times in a row, that's bad news :-/
<aurelien>Hi #guix ... is now alive for thus who search for a free place for their free code.
<rekado_>I ended up hosting my code on my own server with gitweb and this stylesheet:
<davexunit>rekado_: wow, thanks for that theme
<bavier>aurelien: there are some minor grammar mistakes on the gitbull homepage
<davexunit>I'm going to apply that to :)
<aurelien>bavier: you are welcome to help on the correction :)
<bavier>aurelien: what would be the best way to communicate correction?
<aurelien>bavier: pastbin sounds fine
<bavier>aurelien: I don't have time at the moment, but I'll put it on my todo
<aurelien>bavier: thanks once again!
<davexunit>rekado_: this theme is niiiice
<rekado>davexunit: it is indeed! Found a few minor annoyances on narrow screens, but I intend to submit patches.
<Sleep_Walker>when the binaries are stripped, is the debugging part stored somewhere?
<mark_weaver>Sleep_Walker: if the package has a 'debug' output, then the debugging part is put there
<mark_weaver>this is handled by 'strip' in guix/build/gnu-build-system.scm
<mark_weaver>See section 6.3 of the manual (Installing Debugging Files)
<sirgazil>Hi :)
<Sleep_Walker>have anyone tried debugging with GDB using the debug store?
<Sleep_Walker>Reading symbols from /gnu/store/i5zhq1wdzphqad3xsr1kd83k28vb6z9k-curl-7.40.0/bin/curl...Reading symbols from /home/tcech/.guix-profile/lib/debug//gnu/store/i5zhq1wdzphqad3xsr1kd83k28vb6z9k-curl-7.40.0/bin/curl.debug...(no debugging symbols found)...done.
<Sleep_Walker>(no debugging symbols found)...done.
<mark_weaver>Sleep_Walker: yes, I have done so
<mark_weaver>did you follow the instructions in sectoin 6.3 of the manual?
<Sleep_Walker>I'd say so
<mark_weaver>specifically, did you put "set debug-file-directory ~/.guix-profile/lib/debug" in your .gdbinit ?
<Sleep_Walker>GDB is not problem for me :)
<Sleep_Walker>and you can see that the file is found
<Sleep_Walker>but doesn't contain symbol informations
<Sleep_Walker>at the first sight it looks like correct ELF, but for some reason GDB doesn't take it
<mark_weaver>I haven't tried accessing curl's debug symbols. I accessed libguile and libgc debug symbols
<mark_weaver>maybe curl was built without debugging information, dunno
<Sleep_Walker>It was
<Sleep_Walker>but I added output debug
*mark_weaver goes afk
<mark_weaver>what I mean is that maybe the CFLAGS were such that debugging information was never included in the compiled files
<mark_weaver>the existence of a 'debug' output only affects the behavior of our default 'strip' phase. but if the debugging information was not put into the object files during the build phase, the actions of the 'strip' phase won't help.
<Sleep_Walker>I understand what you mean
<Sleep_Walker>I was silently hoping that as part of reproducible builds sane CFLAGS were set and -ggdb would be there by default :)
<Sleep_Walker>but now I have to verify it
<mark_weaver>it's up to each package build system what CFLAGS to use by default