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<rekado>the homepage for python-pygobject is wrong. The given homepage is for version 2.x, not version 3.x.
<rekado>also, there should be a python2 version for the 3.x bindings, not just a python2 version for the 2.x bindings.
<rekado>yes! now ibus-setup finally works!
<civodul>Hey Guix!
<Sleep_Walker>first successful build of gnash :)
<Sleep_Walker>I'm a bit fighting with git-checkout
<Sleep_Walker>it seems that when I change commit hash, previous git checkout was still used
<Sleep_Walker>I tried to remove git-checkout using `guix gc -d' but it wasn't tracked as part of guix
<Sleep_Walker>I deleted that manually and now the build fails on missing checkout
<Sleep_Walker>how can I do the cleanup?
<davexunit>Sleep_Walker: you deleted something in /gnu/store... eek.
<davexunit>I don't remember exactly how to clean up from that. I did that once and I think I ended up editing a sqlite database to fix it.
<Sleep_Walker>guix gc: error: build failed: path `/gnu/store/qrhr1hfcw663z15g1rp5494r4s4h1wsz-git-checkout/' is not in the Nix store
<davexunit>but that's quite some ago before I knew anything.
<Sleep_Walker>after that I just removed that
<davexunit>yeah, never remove store items manually
<davexunit>the daemon manages those, and keeps references to them in a sqlite database.
<civodul>yes, that's "not supported"
<civodul>(probably the checkout was still used because you forgot to change the hash specified in the origin)
<civodul>i guess you'll have to run "sqlite3 /var/guix/db/db.sqlite" and remove the entry for the item that you removed manually
<Sleep_Walker>I didn't changed sha sum
<Sleep_Walker>but changed commit hash
<civodul>but that doesn't count
<civodul>what matters to the daemon is that the thing with the given sha256 was already in store
<Sleep_Walker>unfortunately I haven't found any other way how to find hash of git checkout
<civodul>so nothing to do, from its POV
<Sleep_Walker>I see
<davexunit>that reminds me, 'guix download' needs to support git checkouts
<Sleep_Walker>I fixed that already :)
<civodul>for a git checkout, run: "rm -rf .git && guix hash -r ."
<Sleep_Walker>btw. thanks for answering my mail - I haven't used `guix build' at all :)
<Sleep_Walker>it makes more sense once again :b
<civodul>i can imagine ;-)
<Sleep_Walker>guix package -i
<civodul>woow :-)
<davexunit>ooohhhh that explains a lot
<Sleep_Walker>so I need to take care for generations :)
<Sleep_Walker>I knew that you couldn't live with that
<Sleep_Walker>so my mail was the right thing to do :D
<Sleep_Walker>it's not that I don't read documentation, I simply don't remember much until I get used to it
<Sleep_Walker>sometimes it's even beneficial as I can quickly learn something relevant for my work and forget it when not needed
<Sleep_Walker>do you know what license is this?
<civodul>looks like a variant of
*civodul -> zZz
<civodul>good night/day!