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<rekado>are there any more objections to my lilypond patch or may I push it?
<mark_weaver>rekado: looks good to me, please push!
<rekado>mark_weaver: thanks!
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<redelrue>Hello, I'm a CS student interested in contributing to Guix for the GSoC. I would like to discuss on the idea of implementing a DHCP client for dmd & Guix (proposed as a general Guix idea on the GNU ideas page).
<Sleep_Walker>Hi redelrue, civodul is probably the best person to ask
<Sleep_Walker>or you can send mail to guix-devel<at>
<redelrue>Thanks! I'll use the mailing list
<Sleep_Walker>you're welcome :)
<rekado>hmm, seems that the ibus-setup error is nothing to do with a failure to load typelib files.
<rekado>strace shows me that it opens all the available typelib files just fine. It fails trying to access which is not part of pygobject.
<rekado>more specifically, it attempts to open /gnu/store/1mfkp8gm2k2gs5j3avijrvvai8r37853-python2-pygobject-2.28.6/lib/python2.7/site-packages/gi/repository/
<rekado>(among others)
<rekado>it's obviously not part of the output of this pygobject package.
<rekado>if you have any idea where I might find this file I'd appreciate a hint.
<Sleep_Walker>input system, path configuration for python, GTK - I don't think I can help here
<Sleep_Walker>but it doesn't seem to be enough information - maybe pastebin?
<rekado>it seems that the problem is that there is no typelib file for Gtk.
<rekado>there should be a Gtk-2.0.typelib file coming with the gtk+-2 package, but there is none.
<rekado>our gtk+ package does come with a typelib file, though, so if I built ibus against that package it might work.
<rekado>the cause is probably that gtk+-2 is built without gobject-introspection as one of its inputs.
<rekado>rebuilding gtk now...