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<Sleep_Walker>does anyone have user session of DBUS on GuixSD? (regardless the WM)
<Sleep_Walker>hi civodul
<civodul>Hey, hello Guix!
<davexunit>hello #guix
<Sleep_Walker>where is the configuration of slim, which is used?
<Sleep_Walker>in /gnu/store/*slim*/etc/slim.conf?
<civodul>it's hidden! muhaahaaa
<Sleep_Walker>not funny :b
<civodul>that said, you can try: guix gc -R $(guix system build myconfig.scm) |grep slim.conf
<civodul>Guix is about simplification, you know
<Sleep_Walker>I booted GuixSD
<Sleep_Walker>good new is - Enlightenment works
<Sleep_Walker>bad news is - _only_ enlightenment works!
<civodul>what else do you need? :-)
<Sleep_Walker> /etc/resolv.conf looks correctly
<Sleep_Walker>dhclient worked
<Sleep_Walker>but I have no DNS translation
<Sleep_Walker>(I'm on ethernet now)
<civodul>(wait a sec)
<Sleep_Walker>no avahi
<civodul>Sleep_Walker: you're using dhcp-client-service?
<Sleep_Walker>I run `dhclient' manually
<Sleep_Walker>deco told me that networking is disabled
<civodul>the dmd 'networking' service is provided either by dhcp-client-service, or static-networking-service, or wicd-service
<civodul>which does the config use?
<civodul>*which one
<Sleep_Walker>'Service networking is currently disabled'
<Sleep_Walker>'Providing networking impossible.'
<Sleep_Walker>(deco start networking)
<Sleep_Walker>I may have misconfigured dbus-service
<Sleep_Walker>(dbus-service '())
<Sleep_Walker>but I don't get why it doesn't work without daemons
<Sleep_Walker>I have IP address assigned, routing set, nameserver set, but aparently not used
<Sleep_Walker>this address translation should work without avahi as well, shouldn't it?
*Sleep_Walker needs more coffee
<jxself>mark_weaver: Do you know if the problem you had was fixed in 3.19.1?
<jxself>I expect the 3.18 series to be marked as EOL soon.
<jxself>Since it hasn't happened yet I suspect we'll get at least 3.18.10 before that happens which means at least another week or two of life.
<mark_weaver>jxself: the problem is still not resolved
<mark_weaver>someone needs to do a git bisect on linux to determine the commit that introduced the problem
<mark_weaver>someone with a Libreboot X60, that is
<jxself>Not fixed? BOooooo.
<rekado_>I want to package, a library to process unicode data (e.g. case folding). Any suggestions as to what module would be best?
<zacts>hi guix
<fchmmr>jxself, not fixed yet. it's my top priority in libreboot to get this fixed.
<fchmmr>The bug is most likely coreboot related, based on a report to me that 3.19 boots just fine on an X60 with the original proprietary firmware.
<jxself>Ah ha, so it's probably not even a kernel issue then.
<jxself>Or at least perhaps a multiple condition problem.
<Sleep_Walker>`deco enable networking' enabled networking, but it got disabled after while
<civodul>Sleep_Walker: do you really want to use wicd or would just DHCP work?
<civodul>i have troubles with wicd: it works fine for wired networks, but not for wireless
<civodul>i haven't yet taken then time to investigate
<civodul>jxself, mark_weaver: i think we should have both 3.19 and 3.18 side-by-side
<civodul>users can specify the one they want in the 'kernel' field
<civodul>and then we can choose the default one conservatively
<jxself>civodul: +1 to that. It'd be nice to even have a long-term one available.
<jxself>I tried looking into that at one point but couldn't figured out the inherit thing...
<civodul>jxself: an example of that is Nettle, if you want to look
*civodul has to go
<pepperleekpotato>Hello. The SLIM website is down - does anyone know the key combination to change the session/window managers during the SLIM login? Ratpoison is the default but I want to change it and the mouse isn't working during the SLIM login. When I type a wrong password, it changes the selected one to WindowMaker too for some reason.
<pepperleekpotato>I want to test fvwm and xfce4 - especially xfce4.
<bavier`>pepperleekpotato: is it F1?
<pepperleekpotato>I'll give it a try now :)
<pepperleekpotato>See you in a bit.
<pepperleekpotato>Worken bavier`, thanks.
<pepperleekpotato>I could only see WindowMaker and ratpoison, not fvwm and xfce4 but I presume there's more configuration I need to do to have them running.
***rohan_ is now known as wenderen
<pepperleekpotato>I know guix is a work in progress but maybe that tiny F1 hint for SLIM would be a good addition to the documentation? In the same way that the 'use the dhclient to get a DHCP address' one exists in the doc.
<pepperleekpotato>But the docs are good up to the point I've read until now.
<Sleep_Walker>civodul: hi again :)
<Sleep_Walker>I hope that my last mail was clear enough
<Sleep_Walker>I am especially proud of last sentence
<bavier`>a_e: I appreciate your faith in 'guix refresh -l', re the patch update. It unfortunately doesn't yet return reliable results for implicit package inputs.
<a_e>I actually wondered why. Should it not be possible to reuse existing code?
<a_e>In the sense that if one has a profile containing all packages and modifies one package recipe, then "guix package -u" computes the packages that need updating.
<bavier`>yes, I had attemted to use the bags API when that was introduced, but got hung up on trying to accurately handle the bootstrap packages.
<bavier`>a_e: I believe that interface uses derivation themselves, which can be quite expensive
<bavier`>but it might be interesting to explore
<a_e>I do not know how much efficiency we need here. I would be willing to wait a few seconds.
<a_e>The main use case is, I think, to determine how costly an update will be; and rebuilding the dependent packages should be the most expensive step in all this.
<Sleep_Walker>a_e: nitpicking time!
*jxself deposits nits in various places
<Sleep_Walker>"I'd use at least two sentences in description to resemble natural language."
<Sleep_Walker>hm, I could use verb to make it sound more natural
<a_e>"Enlightenment is a ...".
<a_e>Still only one sentence, but a measly verb...
<Sleep_Walker>wicd running :)
*Sleep_Walker finally found slim configuration file
<Sleep_Walker>I'd like to add xsession file to ratpoison, windowmaker and whenever further it is needed
<Sleep_Walker>how should I add it? do you have example of package where is more files than just single tarball?
<Sleep_Walker>or should I rather try store-monad and text-file (like it is with slim.cfg)?