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<civodul>Hello Guix!
<civodul>hey, a_e :-)
<Sleep_Walker>civodul: - after `guix system init -c 3 ~/config.scm /guix/'
<Sleep_Walker>either it is broken generally for this command (I tried several times), or it is deeply broken for me
<Sleep_Walker>do you have idea what can I do about that?
<Sleep_Walker>(I was hoping to boot guix once again during my sick leave :)
<civodul>Sleep_Walker: could show your config?
<civodul>i think this can happen if several login services have a different #:motd or something
<civodul>looks fine
<Sleep_Walker>this looks like pam.d directory generation in etc
<Sleep_Walker>but my scheme-fu is too weak to go deeper
<Sleep_Walker>even if I use `guix gc -d' on every directory/file mentioned in the backtrace, it still fails
<Sleep_Walker>and the package above the backtrace is changing and I believe unrelated
<civodul>Sleep_Walker: could you comment the whole 'services' field in your config, and then just run 'guix system build the-config.scm'
*civodul goes grab coffee
<Sleep_Walker>but I have to go to doc now, I'll do it in the afternoon
<Sleep_Walker>civodul: it did the same
<atheia>That's a nice thing to enter the channel to… bah to you too, good sir.
<civodul>heheh :-)
<civodul>good morning, sir!
<civodul>that was because of a nasty bug Sleep_Walker reported
<atheia>good morning!
<atheia>ah, I'll check the archive for context :-)
<civodul>Sleep_Walker: 'guix system build yourconfig' works for me™ on current master
<civodul>which version are you using?
<civodul>(namely /gnu/store/hs3k71z652vgrcapzvl0cpnm56z7wijw-pam.d.drv builds fine)
<civodul>oitofelix: just saw the announcement, congrats; you should try "guix import gnu ccd2cue" and submit a patch :-)
<iyzsong>um, I have the issue too, which force me to use only 1 mingetty-service.
<taylanub>including the couple ones I already sent the other day, I'm now at 20 commits for mplayer2 O_o I wonder if others even have time to review them, I guess it should be fine to push the simple ones without review...
<civodul>iyzsong: with master?
<civodul>taylanub: yes, probably, or you can email them FYI and make it clear that you'll push shortly if there are no objections
<zacts>what is a good fsf laptop to run guix on?
<zacts>I'm thinking about getting one
<zacts>I want one with libreboot, and fsf if possible
<zacts>I see gluglug, but wasn't there a newer laptop?
<zacts>oh x60 and x200
<zacts>maybe those were the ones
<fchmmr>zacts, X200 is the newer model
<fchmmr>from 2008/2009
<fchmmr>X60 is from 2006
<zacts>ah yeah, and x60 is sold out anyway
<zacts>where does it ship from, which countries?
<fchmmr>zacts, I probably won't ever sell another X60
<fchmmr>X200 and later machines are my priority now
<fchmmr>zacts, it ships from the UK, where I operate.
<zacts>fchmmr: oh are you the person who sells them?
*fchmmr = gluglug person
<zacts>fchmmr: hm... I'm afraid of US customs tampering with my laptop, if it gets shipped into the US
<zacts>will I have the tools to flash a new libreboot?
<zacts>(sorry, I'm bit overly NSA paranoid probably, but you never know right) :-D
<fchmmr>you don't need tools for updating libreboot if it's already installed/running. they are only needed for the initial install (while lenovo bios is still present).
<fchmmr>If you are already running libreboot on your X200:
<fchmmr>If you are currently running lenovo bios on your X200:
<zacts>ah ok thanks
<fchmmr>I'm thinking of starting to put glue/varnish on the screws in a random pattern
<fchmmr>then I could email that to the customer, if they have GPG. this can let them know if the machine was taken apart (it's not a perfect defence).
<zacts>ok, and can I put extra ram in at a later time somehow?
<zacts>fchmmr: ah yes indeed
<zacts>oh so I don't have to do the ram all at once..
<fchmmr>RAM is easy to upgrade. 2 screws, remove the door, and it's right there
<zacts>ah cool
<fchmmr>(I call it a door)
<fchmmr>just a little cover with 2 screws in it
<zacts>are the batteries new?
<zacts>or used?
<zacts>will I get full new battery life?
<zacts>oh and cool proteanOS
<zacts>hm.. actually I may have to wait until next month due to the UK VAT
<civodul>iyzsong, Sleep_Walker: could you provide additional details regarding the pam.d bug that you found, like the commit you're using?
<iyzsong>civodul: ok, I'm tring on master now.
*iyzsong need download a lot to build grub-image.png.
<civodul>oh we should disable #:local-builds? for that one
<Sleep_Walker>civodul: I tried it twice yesterday with HEAD, last time with my f195b36602b0ca65bdd92e8b4ef3a6b71ed52679
<Sleep_Walker>(that was today 4th and 5th attempt)
<civodul>so i wonder why i can't reproduce it
<Sleep_Walker>I wish I had clean table to begin with guix
<Sleep_Walker>I'm using guix on top of gentoo for now
<Sleep_Walker>and I'm trying to prepare pure guix partition to boot from
<Sleep_Walker>I have 3 (or 4?) instances of guix on the same machine - installed package from Gentoo ebuild, GIT tree and ~/.config/guix/latest (for two different users)
<Sleep_Walker>I'll try to reduce the number a bit
<Sleep_Walker>Gentoo ebuild provided daemon and track the files on my system
<Sleep_Walker>is it safe to just wipe ~/.config/guix/latest?
<civodul>Sleep_Walker: i would rather keep it
<civodul>but having several Guix installed on the same machine sounds like a recipe for disaster ;-)
<civodul>i mean if two of them inadvertently share the same $localestatedir or the same store, bad things will happen
<Sleep_Walker>I'm using only the one from git
<civodul>using 'guix pull' is roughly equivalent
<civodul>and Better™
<Sleep_Walker>I can try collect whole log if you find it useful
<civodul>so "./pre-inst-env guix system build config-you-posted-this-morning.scm" fails right now, right?
<Sleep_Walker>yes, but now I have to install deamon once again (I removed system installation of guix right now)
<bavier`>69 new perl module packages ready to be pushed :)
<iyzsong>bavier`: cool!
<civodul>yay bavier`!
<rekado_>wee, successfully built julia. With only a few bundled dependencies. Had to patch the ccall mechanism by hardcoding a few paths.
<bavier`>I believe I may have pushed the 1400th package
<civodul>oooh, party time! :-)
<civodul>Julia is a nice language
<rekado_>hmm, Julia's ccall feature is more flexible than I thought.
<rekado_>It's not only used for the internal bindings to libraries but it allows a user to call functions exposed by any available shared library.
<rekado_>I think hardcoding inputs won't cut it.
<Sleep_Walker>oh, new glibc, cannot build valgrind, yay
<Sleep_Walker>easy to fix, though :)
<taylanub>anyone know how to approach this issue?
<taylanub>I'm very close to being done with mplayer2
<rekado_>how come this is linked against stuff in /usr/lib?
<rekado_>this should not be available in the build chroot.
<taylanub>rekado_: I think it's just ldd finding them there post-hoc, i.e. they're just dangling references in the binary? (I know little about linking stuffs)
<rekado_>I think libtdb is provided by tdb in the databases module.
<rekado_>so that should be an input
*rekado_ leaves now
<_`_>taylanub: mplayer2 is still alive?
<_`_>thought everyone jumped on the mpv ship from there
<taylanub>development is dead, but I want it :)
<taylanub>it will probably keep being useful (more so than MPlayer in some ways) for years to come
<taylanub>(and it's mplayer compatible, unlike mpv)
<taylanub>hm, looks like all but libcrypt come from samba, so maybe I can just add an rpath cflag for that. libcrypt seems to be from glibc
<taylanub>ugh, that didn't help either :\\
<rohan_>hi everyone, i have a dumb question: i tried to fetch the source for isc-dhcp using guix and it recursively fetched a bunch of packages. my /gnu/store is now ~1 G large. this is normal, right?
<rohan_>this is the first time i ran guix build -S <anything>, if that helps
<bavier`>rohan_: guix might need to fetch some packages that are used in the download process.
<rohan_>bavier`: i see. so these aren't dependencies of the package i'm trying to inspect, just packages needed by guix itself?
<mark_weaver>guix does all builds using its own components within isolated build environments, and that includes downloading tarballs.
<rohan_>got it, thanks
<Sleep_Walker>bad bad guix
<Sleep_Walker>no grub on new system
<mark_weaver>Sleep_Walker: is it a UEFI system?
<mark_weaver>taylanub: looks like rpaths are not being included in the link
<mark_weaver>our ld-wrapper tries to automatically insert rpaths, but maybe the mplayer2 build system is doing something unusual that's messing it up.