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<grantix>Anyone have experience with "boar"? It seems a /lot/ more trivial to write a package for than git-annex while covering around the same aspirations.
<grantix>The latest release was a little over 2 years ago, it seems.
<sir123>Hey, me again. Trying to build the Guix source code leads to a configure error about whether libgcrypt can be dynamically loaded, even though it's installed.
<rekado->on GuixSD I don't have /dev/i2c/, so I cannot use i2cdetect from i2c-tools
<mark_weaver>rekado-: modprobe i2c-dev
<rekado->ha, just figured it out :)
<rekado->I'm sad to see that alsa-modular-synth is rather unstable. Not sure why.
<rekado->maybe it's just upstream.
*davexunit thinks about how to package ruby gems some more
<davexunit>if anyone has an idea about how to deal with things like this:
<davexunit>please share
<davexunit>the problem is that the build process assumes we are building from a git checkout
<davexunit>even if we were to use a git checkout as the source, the .git dir is removed.