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<DusXMT>IS there a way to blacklist modules from being loaded?
<jgrant>DusXMT: I mean, you can probably brute force it from "gnu.scm"...
<jgrant>Not ideal though.
*grasshopprWhoppr likes NURDS
<jgrant>grasshopprWhoppr: It'd make a lot more sense, if we supported and/or defaulted to the Hurd.
<jgrant>NURD sounds more like a next-gen reimplementation of the Hurd. :^P
<grasshopprWhoppr>ought to name the distro "yak" since we like shaving
<ijp>my beard says otherwise
<grasshopprWhoppr>yak-shaving distro
<grasshopprWhoppr>might be a better name for a release
<jgrant>grasshopprWhoppr: That's a good name for a pre-release, like a beta. "Guixotic (or whatever) Yak-Shaving"
<jgrant>Really, that' a great name.
<jgrant>For a release*
<jgrant>Well, a pre-stable release.
<rekado>Since everyone is tired about this topic I'd just like to make one statement: GSD could also mean Guix Software/System Distribution (obviously "System" would refer to GNU), which is a good non-name; with some imagination GSD can be pronounced GuiSD or Geist, so jgrant wouldn't have to be sad and the remote nod to Scheme would not be lost.
*rekado is impressed to see that there's still hair on the yak.
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<jgrant>rekado: Ah, that's a decent idea.
<jgrant>civodul: <rekado> Since everyone is tired about this topic I'd just like to make one statement: GSD could also mean Guix Software/System Distribution (obviously "System" would refer to GNU), which is a good non-name; with some imagination GSD can be pronounced GuiSD or Geist, so jgrant wouldn't have to be sad and the remote nod to Scheme would not be lost.
<jgrant>I'm not sad though, at all.
<jgrant>I could care less about Geist as the Distro name.
<jgrant>I just want to no if it's a no-go, so I can reclaim it for some other project.
<jgrant>At worst, I'd probably just name my os-config.scm and the like "geist" as a custom spin.
<jgrant>That being said, if people really like the name "GSD" (which seems do of been relatively popular), "Guix Software/System Distribution" is a pretty good solution that I can see RMS buying into.
<jgrant>That being said, again, to be clear, I have no real footing in this ... at least until we have a Graphical installer and an easy to set up installation of GNOME or something.
<jgrant>Which is like a years away probably.
<civodul>very good suggestion, rekado
<civodul>a graphical installer would be nice, but i think installation is quite simple already
<civodul>"simple" in the sense that someone who knows GNU/Linux can handle it
<civodul>i think
<civodul>but i'm biased ;-)
<jgrant>civodul: Yeah, it's pretty simple if one has used a terminal at all. But... if you haven't, it's pretty scary, even though in reality it's trivial. So, it's a huge bump over a small issue.
<jgrant>We could probably just capitalize off of GNOME's system installer at that point though, assuming it doesn't do something stupid like /force/ packagekit.
<civodul>i think it's also our mission to emancipate people
<civodul>clickly GUIs don't help with that, on the contrary
<jgrant>civodul: It's hard to get these people (a vast majority of users) to use something so scary and foregin.
<jgrant>I don't know if that's been actually worked on yet.
<jgrant>It's /so/ far out of the way though, I'm not worried.
<jgrant>This is something we should have discourse about, once GNOME is actually a viable and/or "around the corner" kind of thing, not a distant goal.
<jgrant>Man, I spam commas when I'm tired...
<jgrant>It would be cool if we could factorize the installer to setting up a config.scm though, and too have an easy built in editor to said installer. :^)
<jgrant>civodul: Well, #gsd is taken fyi. And it looks like it's a distro too.
<jgrant>"Grupo de Sistemas Distribuídos do IME - USP | A gente não quer só cerveja, a gente quer cerveja, cafezão e chá!
<civodul>we don't need another IRC channel IMO
<civodul>so no problem
<jgrant>Yeah, true. Just thought about it for a second, Guix is pretty inseparable from said distro.
<jgrant>rekado: Did you suggest this on the ML yet?
<jgrant>Preferably and/or directly to RMS.
<jgrant>Oh yeah, I need to send an email to lantw44 about how his Fedora Copr Repo for Guix doesn't build anymore.
<jgrant>So, in theory we have an AUR & Copr package. Pretty good, really.
<jgrant>That's 2 major distros; Not sure if we have a ppa floating around anywhere though.
<rekado_>after fetching origin/master and cherry-picking my IJS and CUPS commits I get this error:
<rekado_>This happened already once before and I don't really know why.
<rekado_>echo $LANG says en_GB.UTF-8
<grasshopprWhoppr>jgrant, thanks for saying Yak Shaving was a good name for a release. I agree with civodul about the installer. It's almost hand-holding. The Arch installation no longer has a menu interface (or a GUI).
<jgrant>grasshopprWhoppr: You caught me, /just/ as I was passing my laptop to go to the rest room ...!
<jgrant>Not sure if "Yak Shaver" is somefactor of 'better' than "Yak Shaving" -- but yeah, I think that'd be a cute nickname to give the prerelease when we are geaing up for "stable 1,0" (ie "beta").
<dfh>haha Yak is a pretty good name actually!
<jgrant>Anyways, back to bed! o/
<dfh>GNU Yak
<dfh>or just "Yak"
<rekado_>hmm, the error is that an write-string-list is given a list that contains #f among lots of strings representing paths.
<rekado_>the offending derivation apparently is /gnu/store/4gp5m5c26g5i70w7y1fj4rd8q9ghc05l-libtool-2.4.4.drv (bin out)
<rekado_>okay, this happens because IJS depends on libtool "out" and libtool "bin". There no longer are these outputs since 3246cc91858a18344a6b62272521c88dd0ec5037.
<rekado_>I guess there should be a friendlier (and earlier) error message when a non-existing output is requested.
<atheia>I Love Riccardo Wurmus' latest Guix system name suggestion:
<atheia>GSD could also mean "Guix Software Distribution" or "Guix System Distribution" (obviously "System" refers to GNU).
<davexunit>Guix Software Distribution works for me.
<davexunit>I have a feeling that RMS will hate it.
<atheia>oh really? It sidesteps at least the "claiming to be GNU" issue?
<atheia>Yeah, he didn't take to kindly to the previous incarnation :-(
<davexunit>we'll see. I've completely given up on seeing any sort of reasonable compromise.
<rekado_>"I have a feeling that RMS will hate it." <--- probably, but at least it does tackle the two objections he raised. It is a purposefully boring name, but I don't think RMS will reject a name just because it doesn't qualify as "clever".
<rekado_>(because then a lot of projects would be in trouble :))
<jgrant>davexunit: I see him not being a "fan of it" generally over Guixotic, but not objecting from a semantics point of view.
<jgrant>Also yeah, no sleep! :^P
<jgrant>rekado_: Agreed.
<jgrant>You know, it's a little punny non-intentionally really too. GNU is not Unix, and GSD is also not BSD.
<civodul>rekado_: the bin/out split no longer exists for libtool
<civodul>davexunit: good that it works for you!
<civodul>whether rms hates it or not, i don't care
<civodul>because there's no "GNU" in it, so he doesn't have a say
<civodul>he'll certainly say that "Guixotic" is more clever, because that's his idea ;-)
<rekado_>civodul: yeah, I eventually noticed the commit that got rid of the bin/out split. Still, it tripped me up because the error message wasn't very helpful, so I submitted a bug report to bug-guix.
<civodul>agreed, that stack trace sucks
<civodul>yay for CUPS!
<civodul>then we need to enable CUPS support in libgnomeprint or whatever it's called
*civodul tries
*rekado_ hopes CUPS actually works...
<effa``>I see "IOError: [Errno 28] No space left on device" in the log of some failing packages on hydra.
<civodul>effa``: do you have a link?
<civodul>the front-end is OK, so it must be one of the slaves
<effa``>you're welcome :-)
<effa``>I also noticed the following failure of the 'compress-documentation phase: "gzip: /gnu/store/9nly09lxplnq9rhda8lhmch542w4snc4-emms-4.0/share/man/man1/emms-print-metadata.1.gz already exists;"
<effa``>Another package with not enough space:
<civodul>i think i've fixed the problem, but we'll have to restart a bunch of failed builds
<civodul>IceCat is being rebuilt already:
<civodul>effa``: i've fixed emms, thanks for the report!
<jgrant>Okay, sending in second version of my patch!
<civodul>oh, i haven't checked the ml
<rekado_>Is there a procedure with which I can get the version string of an input?
<davexunit>rekado_: inputs are just packages, so package-version will do it.
<rekado_>oh, I forgot that they are records.
<civodul>(that only works in "host-side" code, not on the build side)
<civodul>rekado_: nice message on gnu-system-discuss, BTW
<davexunit>link? :)
<civodul>how come you don't follow the discussions on this list? ;-)
<davexunit>I haven't subscribed to it!
<davexunit>I need to... I know.
<rekado_>civodul: does this mean I cannot use package-version inside a package recipe?
<civodul>depends on what you mean by "recipe" :-)
<civodul>you cannot use it in code that executes in the build process
<civodul>ooh ->
***civodul changes topic to 'GNU Guix | | 0.8.1 is in the works | FOSDEM: | This channel is logged, see <>.'
<civodul>now i need to prepare...
<jgrant>Ah, neat!
*jgrant is always delighted to see a ludo talk on Guix.
<davexunit>me too.
<jgrant>davexunit: Fyi, my v2 of that patch is now up. :^)
<jgrant>On the ML*
<davexunit>jgrant: cool.
<davexunit>going to see what ludo says about it
<davexunit>I'm waiting for civodul to review the patch
<davexunit>I'm cool with it, but I want to see what he thinks
<jgrant>Ah; I'm guessing "xb" was a mistype?
<davexunit>meant to C-x b in emacs
*jgrant remembers ludo being okay with it, and even suggesting to put it there. :^P
<jgrant>But yeah, understood.
<davexunit>it will be merged real soon, most likely.
<davexunit>the only thing I could think to add is some documentation for them in the manual.
<jgrant>I'm not sure what real objections he could have, sans maybe having a better place to load it from... even then, I have no idea where that would be. :^P
<jgrant>But yeah, it probably wouldn't hurt to have some documentation on/for it.
*jgrant is resting his sleep schedule, formally today, so he's probably done on Guix work and/or anything technical. Classes start up again tomorrow.
<jgrant>I wish I was resting... 9 more hours.
***Noctambulist is now known as Sleep_Walker
<mark_weaver>jgrant: when you tried to send the updated version of your patch, looks like you send the original version again.
<jgrant>mark_weaver: I started from a new repo, but the changes are very minor anyways.
<jgrant>Removed a ";" and rephrased the oneliner explanation to fix 80 columns.
<jgrant>to fit*
<a_e>Gnoming again!
<a_e>I am packaging json-glib and (hopefully immediately after it...) zeitgeist. Should I use gtk-or-glib-build-system or gnu-build-system?
<civodul>hello, a_e
<civodul>depends on whether there are schemas & co.
<civodul>gtk-or-glib-build-system is here just to rebuild GLib schemas
<a_e>How do I see whether there are any?
<civodul>in $out/share/something
<civodul>but it's only for applications, AIUI
<a_e>Okay. So my libraries should be fine.
<civodul>so there probably aren't any in a library, now that i think about it
<a_e>"guix build evince" throws the same error with patch number matching as "guix build soprano".
<a_e>There is not even a patch in evince.
<a_e>Something is seriously wrong in my installation!
<civodul>probably yes
*civodul works on better error reporting for that
<a_e>To confirm, I found schemes in the share of evince, but not json-glib.
<a_e>Annoying! For zeitgeist, I now need python-rdflib. If any python fans are around to package this, it could be useful.
<civodul>try "guix import pypi" :-)
<a_e>guix import pypi: ERROR: no code for module (guix scripts import pypi)
<a_e>It has not been installed by "make install".
<a_e>I have only gnu, snix and utils.
<civodul>ah yes, that's because you didn't have guile-json at configure time
<civodul>the cpan and pypi imports require it
<a_e>Hm, this looks like something not available in debian. I will try guix ;-)
<civodul>yup, it's usually more up-to-date ;-)
*civodul -> zZz
<a_e>Indeed, I have heard it should be quite nice!
<civodul>Guten Nacht!
<a_e>Good night!