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<pawprint>any chance guix would ever be ported to OS X?
<jgrant>pawprint: There's really been no work that I know of on that front ... but yeah, Guile and I believe Nix proper works on it.
<jgrant>So, it's possible.
<jgrant>I'm pretty sure you can grab both Guile & Nix on "Homebrew".
<jgrant>At the very least, Guile.
<pawprint>Error: No available formula for nix
<pawprint>but guile, yeah
<jgrant>Is there a Systemd service for Guix floating around, or should I bugger with making one?
<jgrant>This is a thing, evidently.
<jgrant>There's an issue where it doesn't find Groupadd evidently.
<iyzsong>so even for fedora, systemd-sysusers is not used ;-
<jgrant>Hm, not really sure what depends I would be missing for this libffcall recipe I'm writting.
<jgrant>Yeah, it's failing trying to build "libtrampoline".
<jgrant>I'll look back into it in an hour or two, running to the store for now.
<jgrant> Hm, might be easier to do SBCL. All I need to do is run an existing binary and GCC it seems.
<jgrant>Just do a minor bootstrap.
<jgrant>Aw, sneek isn't in here.
<jcca>ERROR: download failed "" 404 "Not Found"
<jgrant>jcca: as a directory doesn't seem to load for me either.
<jcca>jgrant: yep, so I can not build guix system... I will wait.
<jgrant>jcca: Hm, what is this a dependency of?
<jcca>for "guix system build -c 4 os-config.scm"
<jcca>jgrant: netpbm is required by groff
<jgrant>jcca: Is groff a dependency of the base install or something you or someone else added to the config? You can just comment that out for now in use modules and the like if y'all added it. :^P
<mark_weaver>jcca: it seems that we'll have to update the source URL for that package.
<mark_weaver>in the meantime, if you can find a copy of that tarball elsewhere and download it, then give it the precise name "netpbm-10.61.01.tar.xz" and run: guix download file://home/jcca/netpbm-10.61.01.tar.xz
<mark_weaver>people who enable binary substitutes from will also get the source code from there as well. so, another option: you could temporarily enable substitutes just to get that one file.
<jcca>mark_weaver: I see, so the URL is broken... ok but I don't have netpbm-10.61.01.tar.xz
<mark_weaver>you should also be able to simply type: guix download
<jgrant>mark_weaver: Well, they might wanna paste that... :^)
<mark_weaver>although that requires that you have gnutls support in your guix
<mark_weaver>I guess we should add that fedora mirror as a secondary URL.
<jgrant>mark_weaver: I'm sure there are others with a less ugly url. :^P
<mark_weaver>well, yes, we should look for a new canonical upstream URL first.
*jgrant is finally having a go at generating a vm. Such a cool feature.
<jgrant>I'm not sure what is, if any difference "vm" and "vm-image" makes.
<mark_weaver>but for a few packages, we've had to resort to adding fedora and debian mirrors.
<mark_weaver>the difference is explained in section 6.2.11 of the manual (GNU Distribution > System Configuration > Invoking guix system)
<jgrant>I'm really unaware of any other distro where implementing a custom vm and/or install image is this trivial.
<mark_weaver>vm returns a script that, when run, starts the VM.
<jgrant>mark_weaver: Is "vm-image" just a mask for vm?
<jgrant>Redirect, might be a better term.
*jgrant is close to passing out.
<mark_weaver>I didn't look at the code, but it sounds like vm is a wrapper around vm-image that just makes a little script to load up that vm-image properly.
<jgrant>mark_weaver: Ah, okay. The documentation isn't very clear about that.
<jgrant>The entry for vm-image is literally empty.
<mark_weaver>no, there's just one entry for both vm-image and disk-image.
<jgrant>mark_weaver: Then shouldn't vm-image be with vm and above the description?
<jgrant>Right now, it's seperated and looks to be right above disk-image.
<mark_weaver>the manual says that 'vm' returns "a script to run that virtual machine". and vm-image is self-explanatory, but also explained in the manual. not sure what's missing there.
<mark_weaver>'vm-image' is right above 'disk-image' because the two are so similar.
<jgrant>Idk, maybe I'm just tired past the point of reading/thinking clearly.
<mark_weaver>'vm' is a separate entry, because it returns something different.
<mark_weaver>heh, I've been there :)
*jgrant has been trying to fix the ol' Sleep Schedule, because school starts up on Tuesday.
<jgrant>It's now 3 am, so that's never a good sign. :^P
<jgrant>Welp, I'm going to have a go at napping. If I'm not back in like an hour, I guess I'm going to work on this syntactic sugar patch for use-modules I've been sitting on for like 2 months ...
<rekado>I'm a little disappointed to see that rms has objections to the name GSD. This name was very promising.
<rekado>rms says that GSD "doesn't say that this is a distribution of the GNU _system_", which is a bit odd as I can't think of any name of any GNU/Linux distribution that explicitly says this.
<iyzsong>um, I'm happy with Guixotic already.
<jgrant> Is "GSD" "GNU System Distro"?
*jgrant has a strong distaste for the name "Guixotic", but is kinda done arguing for or against names. Maybe once 1.0 comes out and/or things like a graphical installer and GNOME are a go.
<jgrant>For now, it's really just a code name more than anything to separate the entity that is the package manager from the actual Distro generated thereof.
<rekado>iyzsong: well, it looked like we had finally found something we all were happy with (I particularly liked your suggestion of keeping "Guixotic" as the release code name). It also seemed like the second-best name, given that we can't just call it "GNU".
<jgrant>rekado: Did it stand for "Gnu System Distribution"?
<iyzsong>it's "GNU Software Distribution"
<jgrant>Why not GRD?
<jgrant>GNU Reference Distribution.
<iyzsong>I don't know ;-
<jgrant>GED? GNU Experimental Distro?
<jgrant>GLEE? GuiLe Enchanced Environment?
<jgrant>"Compute with GLEE" etc.
<jgrant>GNU GLEE also sounds like new glee.
*jgrant might write up a write up, for the ML. :^P
<davi>+1 to Guixotic
<jgrant>civodul: o/
<jgrant>civodul: Does RMS know of the Libreplanet name suggestion wikipage?
<civodul>at least we gave him the link
<jgrant>civodul: I came up with "GLEE" the other day, GuiLe Enhanced Environment.
<jgrant>"Compute with GLEE!"
<civodul>fun :-)
<jgrant>Shockingly, the irc chan wasn't taken.
<jgrant>civodul: Is this worth arguing for, in your eyes?
<civodul>i'm not sure we should focus on Guile
<jgrant>civodul: I mean, it's kinda the core experience ultimately no?
<jgrant>It's not even really mentioning a focus on Guile, just a declarative statement that this system is heavily dependent on and enhanced by Guile.
<civodul>yeah, dunno
<civodul>at least you can add it to the list of names, for sure
<jgrant>Already have.
<jgrant>I don't even really care anymore at this point, but it seems like if there is still discourse that some do.
<jgrant>So, just kinda springing possible solutions given what RMS criteron is.
<jgrant>Namely, it doesn't give such a system any preference to / over other Free-Software distros. :^P
<jgrant>Might be worth sending RMS said link again, to get his feelings on such things though.
<civodul>sure, but i'm tired of his behavior right now
<jgrant>civodul: I mean, yeah it's frustrating. I get his logic, but the main thing is -- is to get Guixotic or whatever popular enough in the Free-Software distro community that Trisquel, Parabola, and gNewSense start willingly cannibalizing themselves I think.
<jgrant>To have a unified effort.
<jgrant>Then, I think he'd be more willing to grant the title of at least "Reference Implementation".
<jgrant>civodul: Keep fighting the good fight though man, your efforts have single-handily restored vast expanses of my faith in the GNU project's future.
<civodul>thanks for your support!
<civodul>interestingly, says "This mailing list is for general discussion of the GNU system, including configuration, packaging, and any other technical issues"
<civodul>but with the new definition of "the GNU system", no such thing can be discussed
<civodul>Trisquel has its own packaging and configuration tools, Parabola as well, etc.
*jgrant can't see a future, where Guixotic (or whatever) does not cannibalize other popular Free Software distros.
<jgrant>The time will come, it'll just be an uphill battle the whole way.
<jgrant>Okay, sent to the mailing list. Basically just linked to the wikipage and asked him (in so many words) to look at it and mention what suggestions he would like.
<jgrant>Not sure how long it will take to propagate, seeing this is the 1st Email I've sent to a GNU ML since I've switched to my new Email.
<jgrant>We officially have 20 Distro name suggestions now! :^P
*jgrant wonders if 3 hours is worth the attempt to sleep.
<davi>+1 to Guixotic
<rekado>jgrant: re sleep: yes. 3 hours is worth it. More is better, obviously.
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<mark_weaver>jxself: are you working on the linux-libre-3.18.3 update, or should I do it?
<jxself>mark_weaver: Yep, it is in progress.
<mark_weaver>great, thanks!
<mark_weaver>jxself: thank you!