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<zacts>good morning
<davexunit>good morning, #guix
<davexunit>nixos 14.12 has been released.
<davexunit>they have some really cool stuff packaged, like gitlab.
<davexunit>I'm curious how the packaged a whole web application
<davexunit>ah, they use ruby's bundler, rather than nix packages for ruby libs.
<davexunit>that's certainly easier, but not the way to go, imo.
<svetlana>I've had quite experience with -- on some other distro -- using cpan (the perl pkg manager) to install stuff
<svetlana>horridly incompatible with distro's native package manager, plenty of leftovers and a need to learn both systems to keep things from becoming a mess
<davexunit>yeah, and duplicate versions of things hanging around.
<davexunit>bundled for each application that uses it.
<davexunit>so, it will take us a lot longer to package something like gitlab, but the end result will be better.
<zacts>NixOS as a distro has many problems. Guix is already more stable for me than Nix
<zacts>I like how guix is taking the time to really do things well
<davexunit>NixOS is pretty great, but I like the design decisions that Guix has made more.
<zacts>davexunit: conceptually NixOS is, but I had problems with even getting the networking working
<zacts>systemd vs dmd also
<zacts>I researched my networking problem, apparently it's a bug
<davexunit>we have our fair share of bugs, too ;)
<zacts>well indeed
<davexunit>but yeah, it's nice to not be using systemd.
<davexunit>using scheme for the init system is nice.
<zacts>but I have a feeling of more stability with guix, based on my own personal experience
<zacts>guix will be the most lispy modern OS in use by people
<davexunit>indeed it will.
<davexunit>I'm very excited about that.
<mark_weaver>"Opening nntp server on Error when connecting: 400 load at 85.56, try later". yikes!
*davexunit goes back into the abyss of guix publish
<davexunit>for some reason, I can't get guix substitute-binary to query my publishing server
<Sleep_Walker>happy new year!