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<zacts>so is there a way to do a full disk encryption with the Guix distro?
<zacts>ah no LVM
<mark_weaver>zacts: we have lvm2
<zacts>oh you do?
<zacts>I was reading the Limitations page for v0.8
<zacts>"Support for the Logical Volume Manager (LVM) is missing. "
<mark_weaver>I don't remember the status of full disk encryption.
<mark_weaver>right, we have the package, but not the means to (easily?) configure a system to use it.
<zacts>huh, ok
<zacts>I see you have cryptsetup. I just need pvcreate lvcreate kind of tools to go along with that
<zacts>and the proper linux kernel modules enabled for the cryptsetup
<zacts>If I have that, then I think I can do it
<zacts>I'll just use ext4 for now
<mark_weaver>as I recall, some guix users are encrypting some partitions, but not the main system partition.
<mark_weaver>we probably lack support in our initrd for that
<zacts>mark_weaver: let me just give you some good and concise Doc, just FYI.
<zacts>^ see - Combining Luks and LVM
<zacts>that shows you roughly which commands you need to set this up
<mark_weaver>that doc seems to assume a traditional initrd, created by mkinitrd
<zacts>how do you do initrd?
<mark_weaver>ours is rather unusual. guile is running in the initrd and the boot program is written in guile.
<mark_weaver>I haven't looked deeply into it though. civodul is the one to ask.
<zacts>I see
<zacts>mark_weaver: is this init program called dmd?
<zacts>I may start researching this myself too
<mark_weaver>that's the name of our init program, yes, although I don't know if it's running yet at initrd time.
<zacts>ok, I'll just wait for civodul then. ;-)
<mark_weaver>zacts: see 'expression->initrd' in gnu/system/linux-initrd.scm, and 'boot-system' in gnu/build/linux-boot.scm
<zacts>ok, I almost have a guile-dev package built, so I can bootstrap guix on here
<zacts>guix on top of slackware that is
<zacts>good I have guix up and running on Slackware \\o/
<zacts>I can't wait to be able to fully switch over to guix as my primary distro
<zacts>I'll be submitting patches soon
<zacts>well, perhaps not tonight, but within the next couple of weeks
<zacts>let me first just familiarize myself with guix more
<svetlana>I was building guix for usb stick use a few months ago. Now I have a 4GiB /gnu/store/ directory. Safe to delete, right?
<mark_weaver>svetlana: no
<svetlana>That on the host OS, which is not using guix as a package manager.
<mark_weaver>svetlana: use "guix gc"
<svetlana>I don't have the guix binary on this system anymore.
<mark_weaver>you want to uninstall guix entirely on that machine?
<mark_weaver>if you delete /gnu/store, you should also delete $PREFIX/var/guix
<mark_weaver>specifically, the sqlite database needs to be kept in sync with what's actually in /gnu/store
<mark_weaver>if it's not, there will be problems.
<mark_weaver>but you can delete all of /gnu/store as well as the local state directory var/guix
<svetlana>guix is not installed here in the first place, I had only been building an image for a usb stick without installing it here. I'm not sure what $PREFIX is.
<mark_weaver>in summary: remove it all, or remove none :)
<mark_weaver>svetlana: okay, in that case it's fine.
<mark_weaver>but you might want to delete /var/guix or /usr/local/var/guix (it's probably one of those two)
<rekado_>Is there a reason why zip and unzip are in their own module and not part of the compression module?
<svetlana>done; thank you mark_weaver
<ams>anyone seen ludo?
<rekado_>to build IcedTea with GCJ I need a compatibility wrapper for GCJ that filters and passes the javac-style arguments to the GCJ executable in a way that GCJ understands them. Can I create this wrapper with a snippet from scratch?
<nkar>ams: ludo was there yesterday
<DusXMT>rekado_: I think yes, I got past by creating a wrapper for configure once in the snipper section
<DusXMT>Although that was a one-liner...
<ams>nkar: where is there?
<mark_weaver>rekado_: it may be that it warrants a package of its own, analogous to ld-wrapper
<DusXMT>ams: I think he meant here, as he was here yesterday
<mark_weaver>over the recent holiday time, I've found that Ludovic is not on IRC as often, but is still responsive to email. maybe post to guile-devel?
<mark_weaver>sneek: seen civodul?
<sneek>civodul was here Dec 29 at 09:18 pm UTC, saying: ttyl!.
<ams>thanks, i'll prolly annoy him next year .. cheers
<mark_weaver>rekado_: see 'ld-wrapper-boot3' gnu/packages/commencement.scm, and gnu/packages/ld-wrapper.scm
<mark_weaver>IMO, this is the approach we should take to adding a new command.
<davexunit>another tool whose lunch should be eaten by 'guix environment'