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<zacts>hi guix geeks
<toxemicsquire2>Hello? Is anyone on?
<nkar>toxemicsquire2: just ask your question
<toxemicsquire2>nkar: do you or anyone know about the progress of Guix on HURd
<nkar>sneek: later tell toxemicsquire2 I haven't heard much about it recently. search for relevant commits in the git repo
<sneek>Will do.
<tadni>I'm really past caring for Hurd support anymore, sans the idea that it may be a roadblock to RMS's endorsement of Guix's generated distro.
<gry>tadni: What is a "roadblock"? Can you rephrase that thought for me, please? Thanks. :-)
<tadni>gry: In the sense of, a possibly problematic path ahead.
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<rekado>mark_weaver: thanks, this worked.
<nkar>rekado: are you planning to package java?
<rekado>nkar: well, actually, I wanted to package R, but that depends on Java (for the Java bindings at least), so I started packaging Java.
<rekado>I've got GCJ+ECJ ready, which I need to compile the more fully featured javac compiler of OpenJDK.
<rekado>I need javac for Ant (won't compile with GCJ+ECJ), which I need for compiling OpenJDK with the IcedTea harness.
<rekado>It's a bit messy, but it's fun.
<roelj>How are the great developers of GNU Guix doing?