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<gry>if i have guix installer on one partition and boot, it can't install the OS on the same partition right (ie boot itself into ram)?
<tadni>gry: Not that I am aware.
<rekado>icepick is a build harness to allow Java tools from OpenJDK (like the javac compiler) to be built with GCJ. The tarball for icepick does not contain the OpenJDK sources, however.
<rekado>How do I specify a recipe such that more than one tarball is downloaded?
<rekado>Do I need to add another build phase that takes care of the download?
<rekado>I need to package icepick in order to get a compiler that can build Ant, which I need to build IcedTea to build OpenJDK.
<rekado>Ant cannot be built with GCJ+ECJ, so I need javac from OpenJDK.
<rekado>I think.
<DusXMT>Just curious, what do you think about that the Hurd's bootstrap might become a scheme-based one?
<rekado>DusXMT: I just read the email a few minutes ago and I think it's a lovely idea.
<mark_weaver>rekado: you can pass an 'origin' form as an 'input'.
<mark_weaver>if it's a tarball, then (assoc-ref inputs "foo") will be the pathname of the tarball.
<mark_weaver>'tzdata' in base.scm is an example of a package that does this.