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<Sleep_Walker>Merry Christmas!
<jxself>Merry Grav-Mass!
<Steap>yeah, Merry NewtonMas everyone \\o/
<jxself>Be careful of those talking of "Intelligent Falling" ;)
*tadni is going to seriously celebrate GravMass next-year.
<Sleep_Walker>well, whatever :)
<rekado>I have a package that uses the trivial-build-system because it really just runs a bootstrap shell script. This shell script, however, calls "mkdir".
<rekado>How can I make "mkdir" available?
<rekado>Is it part of coreutils?
<rekado>er, I think I just forgot to add the coreutils to the PATH...
<Tsutsukakushi>merry christmas guix
<jxself>Merry Grav-Mass.