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<zacts>hi geeks
<rekado_>Has anyone started packaging some Java implementation?
<rekado_>(Is there a fully free version of Java?)
<rekado_>looks like we need IcedTea first to compile the OpenJDK sources with only free software
<rekado_>When I run git fetch origin master I get this error:
<rekado_>error: Unable to find fc2279d6287ad507cea9e45c43f2b0fa9cfc4c77 under
<rekado_>Does anyone else have this problem?
<alezost>rekado_: I've just tried "git pull" - no errors
<hoplaahei>hi. Is it possible to use proprietary nvidia driver with guix operating system?
<davexunit>hoplaahei: we only include free software in our distro.
<hoplaahei>does the guix distro have any hooks to generate grub menu entries that boot into rollbacks to older states?
<davexunit>hoplaahei: I believe it does that automatically
<hoplaahei>ok thanks for the help
<davexunit>hoplaahei: yw
<tadni_>hoplaahei: Yeah, that's an automatic feature in the shipped version of Grub.
<tadni_>Defaults to the current entry, but you just press down once and it takes you to a listing of all rollbacks available. Also I believe it gives you the date of each rollback iirc.
<jxself>It's a time machine! ;)
<tadni_>jxself: It's pretty useful. I fogot what I did with my services via dmd ... but I borked my system to be able to not get the kernel to crash.
<tadni_>Was able to rollback and figure it out.
*tadni_ goes to grab lunch, will bbl. o/
<rekado>I'm trying to build GCJ. GCC contains a file needed by GCJ that has a Python shebang, but Python depends on GCC. Is this dependency a problem?
<rekado>GCJ is a part of GCC, but it is not the part that Python depends on.
<bavier>rekado: are you trying to enable gcj in the gcc-4.8 package, or adding it as a new package?
<rekado>I modified custom-gcc and use that to define gcj as a new package.
<rekado>When I add (gnu packages python) to the GCC module it compiles fine but when I want to build any packgae in the GCC module guix says "unknown package".
<rekado>it = the GCC module
<rekado>I succeeded in compiling GCJ already, but in the output there were a few warnings about python used in scripts.
<bavier>This module dependency topic came up on the ML a few days ago.
<rekado>(Same goes for perl, actually, but I'm not sure if the perl scripts are used to build GCJ)
<bavier>I'm not an expert on guile module loading though, mark_weaver would probably be able to say more
<rekado>I wonder if it hurts to leave python off the input list if everything compiles just fine.
<rekado>I guess I'll figure out once I package IcedTea which needs GCJ.
<rekado>There also are warnings like this: "no binary for interpreter `@SHELL@' found in $PATH"
<rekado>they are related to .in files, which I suppose are templates expanded at configure time.
<bavier>yes, those warnings for .in files are harmless