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<civodul>Hello Guix!
<tadni_>civodul: o/
<tadni_>It's saying the variable "~S" is unbound.
<gry>civodul, I have a small problem you would not know an answer to. But probaby you know who does, other than the maintainer (whom I already contacted): GNUN has no useful documentation on getting started with it for a new project.
<tadni_>Is GNUN the traslator project?
<civodul>tadni_: that's probably a bug; could you email with the exact commit you're using and details?
<tadni_>civodul: Yeah, I'll add it to my todo list. I've tried with xsession as a variable to and nothing, haven't tried with wmmaker.
<civodul>gry: does help?
<tadni_>Okay, not too suprsising. Just tried with wmmaker and nothing.
<civodul>tadni_: what the complete error?
<tadni_>civodul: """guix system: error: failed to load operating system file '/etc/config.scm': (unbound-variable #f "Unbonud variable: ~S" (exec-from-login-shell) #f)"""
<gry>civodul, it only starts with assumption that I already have a working copy of some existing website...
<civodul>tadni_: could you post your OS config?
<civodul>gry: ah ok, bummer
<tadni_>civodul: Yeah, sec.
<civodul>gry: ienev would know
<gry>yeah, that. I'll keep waiting then. thanks. :)
<gry>he should already have an email.
<civodul>tadni_: oh i see; exec-from-login-shell is an internal "build-side" function, not something to be used in the OS config
<civodul>instead, you should use 'slim-service'
<civodul>that will give you the SLiM login manager, from which you can choose which session you want to use
<civodul>or, if you have ~/.xsession, it will just execute that
<tadni_>Oh! So does having this function now, show these options via slim?
<civodul>exec-from-login-shell is unrelated to sessions
<civodul>but yeah, iyzsong implemented sessions recently
<tadni_>I guess a user-config.scm option like that would probably be good, if/when "guix user" is implemented -- not just OS wide configuration. :^P
<tadni_>I was going to say though, that's a very odd option to be universally available.
<taylanub>guix insists on compiling icecat for some reason...
<civodul>taylanub: probably because it's not available on hydra
<tadni>It must not of been on Hydra for like 2 months.
<mark_weaver>tadni: why do you say "It must not of been on Hydra for like 2 months" ?
<mark_weaver>icecat was built on hydra four days ago :-P
<tadni_>mark_weaver: I've tried building Icecat 5 times in the past 2 months, and each time built from source.
<tadni_>I haven't in the past week though.