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<davexunit>Sleep_Walker: hehe :)
<davexunit>does anyone remember what the deal was with dashes in version numbers?
<davexunit>is it okay?
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<rekado>civodul: I'll send an updated version of my patch to the mailing list today.
<civodul>ok, thanks!
<Sleep_Walker>It doesn't seem right to use make-flags "CFLAGS=-fPIC" as I may override user's configuration
<Sleep_Walker>is there better way?
<civodul>perhaps patch the makefile{,.in} if that's a bug?
<civodul>using 'substitute*'
<Sleep_Walker>OK, I'll try that, thanks
<civodul>hi, iyzsong
<civodul>which font has all the glyphs to display the name of iyzsong?
<civodul>Emacs just shows squares here
<rekado>civodul: Can you see this: 你好老宋!
<rekado>looks fine in my Emacs and I use DejaVu Sans Mono (in GNOME).
<Sleep_Walker>looks good in my emacs running in terminology with terminus :)
<Sleep_Walker>(not that I could read it :b )
<rekado>"ni hao lao song!"
<Sleep_Walker>mark_weaver: if you check , you can find 2.82-r2704, 2.81-rev2613, 2.77 (so they are not even consistent)
<Sleep_Walker>if you also have a look here:
<Sleep_Walker>you can see 2.83-alpha
<Sleep_Walker>so even though your argumentation makes sense, I simply don't think it's the case that 2.82-r* reappear in future
<Sleep_Walker>but if you still insist, I can fix it as the discussion takes more time than the fix
<davexunit>hmmm yeah their versioning scheme is very inconsistent.
<civodul>rekado: i can't see this!
<civodul>i'm using DejaVu Sans
<nkar>civodul: I have (set-face-attribute 'default nil :font "DejaVu Sans Mono-12") in .emacs and I don't see the squares.
<civodul>oh but i have font-bitstream-vera installed, and maybe that's shadowing the DejaVu stuff or something?
<civodul>hmm no
<civodul>i wonder what i'm doing wrong
<nkar>are you running a gui version of emacs?
<nkar>or it might be that your font version is different from ours
<nkar>also, are you sure that the font you see is dejavu? as you said, it could be shadowed
<civodul>nkar: i'm running Emacs on X
<civodul>"guix package -I ^font" lists font-bitstream-vera, font-dejavu, and font-gnu-freefont-ttf
<nkar>civodul: but are you starting it with -nw or not?
<civodul>well, no
<civodul>what's the point of using X otherwise? :-)
<nkar>cat pictures
<bavier>nkar: :)
<civodul>No such file or directory
<Sleep_Walker> seems to be more not working than working - is there a way how to tune timeouts?
<Sleep_Walker>'server is unresponsive'
<civodul>"unresponsive" is meant to be understood as "somewhat slow"
<civodul>but yeah, it's often "somewhat broken" as well
<davexunit>we need a) more resources and b) a hydra replacement
<civodul>although currently it seems to be somewhat working well
<civodul>on guix-sysadmin we were discussion option a), which will be needed anyway
<civodul>buying a dedicated server or something
<davexunit>I wonder if we can get someone to donate hardware?
<civodul>someone or something, yeah
<civodul>we also need hosting
<civodul>hosting could be done at the FSF, or i could check with Inria or whether that'd be possible
<civodul>the FSF would be a more "neutral" place, so it's preferable
<Sleep_Walker>I'm afraid it's not just "somewhat slow", it often ends with failure
<Sleep_Walker>I'm afraid that re-running command is more resource consuming than setting some more relaxed timouts
***th3kent` is now known as th3kent
<th3kent>hello guix.
<th3kent>civodul: i have sent feedback for bug#19248.
<civodul>thanks th3kent
<civodul>mark_weaver: somehow, the progress report in (guix build download) doesn't work well with nginx now
<civodul>it looks as though the progress proc rarely gets called
<civodul>for instance "guix download" shows no progress, even though it's actually downloading stuff
*davexunit wants to extend guix download for working with git repos
<mark_weaver>civodul: hmm, I'm not sure what nginx could be doing to affect that. strange.
<mark_weaver>I'll look into it later tonight.
<mark_weaver>if you want, you could take nginx out of the loop, by sourcing enable-redirect
<civodul>no that's fine, it's an interesting bug :-)
<civodul>is caching enabled for .nar URLs?
<mark_weaver>only for URLs ending with .narinfo
<mark_weaver>maybe the header that indicates the total size is being omitted, or something. there are no shortage of options in the configuration, if we can figure out the relevant difference.
<mark_weaver>or chunked vs non-chunked, dunno.
<civodul>.nar did not have a content-length before, and still don't apparently
<zacts>hi guix
<tadni`>.i coi la .zacts.