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<jmd>I think there's a tag one can put on a package to indicate that it cannot be cross-compiled. Can anyone remember what it is?
<phant0mas>good morning Guix
*davexunit now has ratpoison setup to run in his .xsession
<davexunit>so, what exactly do I need to do in order for the lsh-service to actually work?
<davexunit>I need to generate a key or something
<davexunit>but I don't know if its something that I'm supposed to place in the root filesystem manually or some other way
<davexunit>I think I got the ssh situation figured out. time to reboot and find out.
<[TheFlash]>hi, i'm trying to install GNU Guix 0.8, but i'm having a problem with the terminal
<[TheFlash]>ever since the term-tty1 service started, the video mode has been switched to some really slow mode
<[TheFlash]>is there any way to switch it back to the regular 80x25 text mode?
<[TheFlash]>seriously, waiting 3 minutes for the screen to scroll is too much
<[TheFlash]>nevermind, figured it out
<nkar>going to install a standalone system shortly. is the 'gnu-usb-install-0.8' tarball still recommended?
<jxself>Sure why not? You could probably get away without it though if the machine already has an existing system you're putting it on a separate partition.
<davexunit>nkar: yes, that's what I used for my system.
<nkar>is anyone interested to mention in the manual that the tarball has an openpgp signature and add instructions on how to use it?
<davexunit>nkar: see section 3.4 of the manual
<davexunit>guix archive --authorize <
<nkar>davexunit: I'm talking about the gnu-usb-install-0.8-*.sig
<davexunit>my mistake
<nkar>btw, did ludo create a new key?
<davexunit>that's in the release notes
<nkar>thank you
<nkar>davexunit: do you know why the image lacks lvm support?
<Iloiny>any clues what nix-build-gcc-4.8.3.drv-0 is ? is guix building its own gcc? trying to install a package and getting spammed with stuff with this
<jmd>There needs to be a flag meaning the opposite of --no-substitutes
<nkar>I'm getting "no such device" when running 'dhclient eth0' while working from a usb stick. any clues?
<jmd>nkar: I noticed that too.
<jmd>look in dmesg
<jmd>I think it is getting renames
<nkar>you're right
<nkar>it's got renamed. but why?
<jmd>I have no idea. Maybe the new kernel does that.
<nkar>okay, got it working. thanks, jmd
<nkar>jmd: are you using a standalone system, too?
<jmd>I have played with it.
<davexunit>nkar: we haven't yet added support for lvm.
<nkar>yeah, that's what the manual says. I'm more interested if there are any problems.
<nkar>I'd like to encrypt a partition. do I need to 'guix build' cryptsetup for that? is it a good idea to run it as root (it's the only on the image)?
<davexunit>nkar: I'm not sure what the blockers are for lvm support.
<davexunit>nkar: you would 'guix install cryptsetup'
<davexunit>and then do whatever it is that you do to encrypt
<davexunit>(I don't know how to use that tool, as I've never encrypted a volume)
<nkar>there's no guix install command. do you mean guix package -i ...?
<davexunit>yes, sorry.
<davexunit>not sure why I typed that.
<davexunit>probably muscle memory. I still catch myself typing 'apt-get' on my guix system.
<jmd>I'm don't seem to be getting substitutes anymore. I don't even get a message that hydra is unavailable.
<davexunit>hydra is up
<davexunit>I've been getting substitutes from it
<jmd>Is there a way of specifiying the exact path in /gnu/store to install ?
<davexunit>hmmmm not sure. I wouldn't think so, because that could compromise the integrity of the system.
<jmd>I mean, to say like nix has an nix-store --import command.
<jmd>Does guix have something similar?
<davexunit>hmmm I don't know. I don't know enough about that part of guix.
<davexunit>uh oh, ran into a collision that caused a package install to fail.
*nkar installs cryptsetup
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<civodul>davexunit: oooh -> bug-guix@ :-)
<davexunit>it's for a game I packaged, abbaye.
<davexunit>it installs a file called /share/pixmaps
<davexunit>which is a directory for other packages.
<davexunit>that file has no business there. need to figure out how to move it and make sure everything still works.
*davexunit loves how easy it is to get the source code for something
<davexunit>tar xf $(guix build -S abbaye)
<civodul>oh, i see
<jmd>Is there a way to force retrieval of a substiute? That is, to prevent local building?
<nkar>civodul: do you encrypt your partitions?
<davexunit>heh, and'guix environment abbaye' to reproduce the build env. this is such a great workflow.
<davexunit>fixed the issue. :)
<davexunit>it's a trivial patch, so I'm going to push it.
<civodul>nkar: only /home
<civodul>davexunit: cool!
<civodul>nkar: <- my config
<nkar>thanks for sharing
<nkar>civodul: will dm-crypt work without luks? (I'm referring to the 'luks-device-mapping' type.) how exactly did you encrypt your partition?
<nkar>okay, 'guix package -i cryptsetup --no-substitutes' failed with "no space left on device". how much space does it need to bootstrap?
<davexunit>now, my issue that is SDL and OpenAL can't find the audio device
<davexunit>abbaye just crashes because SDL_mixer can't find a sound device
<civodul>nkar: actually that partition was already encrypted
<civodul>with "cryptsetup luksFormat something", i think
<civodul>oh cryptsetup isn't on the image?
<nkar>which cryptsetup doesn't return anything
<civodul>yeah indeed, just fixed that
<civodul>'guix package -i cryptsetup' should work if you have some RAM
<nkar>so do I need to install using the substitutes?
<civodul>otherwise, you'll need to (1) mount a partition, and (2) use it with 'deco start cow-store /the/partition'
<civodul>with substitutes you'll need little space
<civodul>so yes, that's what i would do
<nkar>free -m shows 136 below 'free'
<civodul>i suppose that's enough if you use substittues
<civodul>i have to go, but let me know how it went tomorrow
<nkar>wait a second
<civodul>one second :-)
<nkar>I've already tried without substitutes. do I need to clean some space? if so, how?
<nkar>I'm aware of 'guix gc', but I'm worried that it may delete too much.
<civodul>nkar: without substitutes, you need to do the cow-store thing as i wrote above
<civodul>but really, you should try with substitutes
*civodul hopes some patches will be reviewed while he's AFK :-)
<nkar>I'm assuming that my previous attempt already consumed some space
<nkar>and I'm wondering how to clean it up
<civodul>then just reboot
<davexunit>civodul: going away for awhile?
<civodul>no, just for tonight
<nkar>ttyl, civodul!
<davexunit>oh okay
<civodul>sleeping and all that ;-)
<davexunit>later civodul!
<davexunit>despite building sdl with alsa-lib and pulseaudio, programs built with SDL can't use sound :(
<davexunit>hmm, needed to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH
<davexunit>but then abbaye crashes for another reason...