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<zacts>ooh 0.8 cool!
<zacts>nice progress!
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<jmd>We need a -k (lower case) option to guix build
<jmd>Have you any ideas how I can fix this package -i problem or must I reinstall guix ?
<civodul>i think you must remove the offending profile
<civodul>if it's the default profile, rm /var/guix/profiles/per-user/$USER/*
<civodul>(adjust for $localstatedir)
<jmd>OK. I will try that.
*civodul goes grab coffee
<jmd>civodul: Now I get a different problem:
<jmd>./pre-inst-env guix package -i hello
<jmd>The following package will be installed:
<jmd>substitute-binary: /usr/local/libexec/guix/substitute-binary: /usr/local/bin/guix: /home/john/.guix-profile/bin/guile: bad interpreter: No such file or directory
<jmd>substitute-binary: /usr/local/libexec/guix/substitute-binary: line 8: /usr/local/bin/guix: Success
<jmd>guix package: error: build failed: substituter `substitute-binary' died unexpectedly
<civodul>try "guix package -i guile --no-substitutes"
<jmd>./pre-inst-env guix package -i guile --no-substitutes --verbose
<jmd>guix package: warning: ambiguous package specification `guile'
<jmd>guix package: warning: choosing guile-2.0.11 from gnu/packages/commencement.scm:629:33
<jmd>The following package will be installed:
<jmd>guix package: error: symlink: File exists
<civodul>jmd: could you strace it to see which file exists? :-)
***civodul changes topic to 'GNU Guix | | channel log: | things to package: | please test!'
<civodul>th3kent`: may be of interest to you :-)
<jmd>... still stracing
<jmd>symlink("/usr/local/var/guix/profiles/per-user/john/guix-profile-1-link", "/usr/local/var/guix/profiles/per-user/john/") = -1 EEXIST (File exists)
<jmd>Should I delete it?
<jmd>Too late, deleted,.
<civodul>heh, yes
<civodul>so there was a stale
<jmd>OK. I managed to install something! Maybe I'm back in business.
<jmd>I don't understand what --no-substitutes means when applied to guix package
<civodul>"don't use substitutes; build locally"
<civodul>good to see it's working!
<jmd>But normally, "package" doesn't build. It just puts things in the profile.
<civodul>yes, but it also builds/downloads anything that's missing
<civodul>which is often the case in normal use
<jmd>Well anyway, I think I'm back in business. Thanks for your help.
<Steap_>civodul: <- is that fancy enough? :p
<civodul>howdy Steap!
<civodul>Steap_: yes, definitely!
<civodul>that's what i had in mind
<civodul>(provided it's free and everything)
<Steap_>Better than that
<Steap_>it's /open-source/, just like OpenStack
<Steap_>How great is that ?
<civodul>heh :-)
<taylanub>did I get it right that the default GNU/Guix installation uses GNUstep? WindowMaker was mentioned...
<taylanub>if so, I wonder how "modern" it looks? I *personally* eschew the notion of pretty software, using full-screen Emacs most of the time, but unquestionably the "masses" care about it. another problem is hardware support of Linux-libre. I wonder if it's too ambitious in the short term to expect the kinds of people who would normally use Ubuntu or Elementary OS to find GNU attractive.
<taylanub>the ideal situation is to have them fully agree with free software ideals, but that seems implausible to achieve to be honest :( now if we had the technical edge on the other hand...
<DusXMT>I don't know if WMaker is the default (but I personally do use it), but it doesn't look modern. Indeed, its main point is to create an environment similar to the one of NeXTSTEP, so it's un-modern by design
<civodul>taylanub: i agree with you, but like you, i'm happy with my full-screen Emacs :-)
<civodul>i hope someone can work on the fancy stuff sometime later
<civodul>the default WindowMaker theme is not so awful to me, though
<civodul>davexunit: a guix-web-style thing in OpenWrt:
<DusXMT>I never claimed it was awful, I just said that it's not its intention to be modern
<DusXMT>which is not a bad thing imho
<davexunit>civodul: neat :)
*davexunit needs to work on guix-web again
<davexunit>too much to do!
<civodul>DusXMT: oh, agreed, it's not pretending to be fancy or something
<civodul>the √Čtoil√© project did come up with nice themes and stuff, though
<nebuli>sneek: later tell civodul about SSL, it was merely a typo (and DNS squat) :-] duh
<sneek>Will do.
<haole>hey all
<haole>I've just installed guix for the first time, but I've bumped into an issue: I get the following error after my first boot
<haole>ERROR: failed to resolve partition label "gnu-disk-image"
<haole>what did I do wrong?
<DusXMT>haole: 3 possibilities: You forgot to label the partition as "gnu-disk-image", your hard drive is not supported by the vanilla kernel, or your hard drive driver gets loaded too late
<haole>DusXMT: I'm using VirtualBox - maybe it's related
<DusXMT>(All three of those actually happened before, btw)
<haole>I've followed the simple steps in the manual
<haole>I intend to help developing the system, btw
<haole>I used to be a gentoo packager and I program in scheme, so I guess I can help a bit with little effort :)
<haole>oh, just rebooting "fixed" it
<haole>maybe my virtual hd is slow
<DusXMT>I bet it's the `your hard drive driver gets loaded too late', I have a similar problem with my network card
<th3kent`>civodul: thank you for the heads up. will be taking it for a spin!
<civodul>nebuli: ok
<sneek>Welcome back civodul, you have 1 message.
<sneek>civodul, nebuli says: about SSL, it was merely a typo (and DNS squat) :-] duh
*civodul turns #x22, so no bug squashing tonight, i'm afraid :-)
<davexunit>aww, too late to say happy birthday.
<roptat_>hello! I installed the distribution and it is working quite well :)
<bavier`>roptat_: glad to hear!
<DusXMT>Hmmm, #x22... does that mean 34?
<roptat_>I was even able to upgrade to a newer version today and I was finally able to launch an X server
<roptat_>the window manager is horrible, but I can't really complain. I think I will write recipes for other window managers and software
<bavier`>roptat_: that would definitely be appreciated
<roptat_>but first I would like to change Xorg config (keymap), but I don't know if it will read any file in /etc?
<roptat_>I wrote my first recipe for hexchat, my favorite IRC client. There is a few things I should add to that recipe, but for now, it is time to go to bed
<mark_weaver>roptat_: cool! when you feel it's ready, please post to :)
<roptat_>sure, wait for my post tomorrow!