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***Sveta is now known as Svetlana
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<civodul>viric: bon dia! 80%! \\o/
<viric>Ei! Òc
<viric>Madrid diras ke ĝi ne validas, kompreneble.
<viric>el ciuj landoj, ni ilin konvinkos plej laste, nur post sendependeco.
<viric>Tiel okazis kun ĉiuj aliaj sendependiĝoj de Hispanio
<civodul>jes, evidente
<civodul>sed baldaŭ vi venkos, mi kredas :-)
<viric>ĉiuj ni havas grandan esperon :)
<viric>sed povas okazi kiel en Utrecht
<viric>Ke ĉiuj najbaraj landoj decidas helpi Madridon konkeri Katalunion
<viric>Eĉ ne unu mencio de la plena konkero de la Katalunaj Regnoj
<viric>gratulon, franca vikipedio
<civodul>jes, sed tamen oni povas esperi ke tio ne funkciuus hodiaŭ
<viric>tiu koncepto de "neutralité" → laŭdi la venkinton
<civodul>estas ligilo al'Espagne
<viric>ni esperu. Sed jam en tiu epoko, en anglio aperis pluraj verkoj, rimarkantaj la hontegon de la landaro, abandoninte la katalunojn
<viric>civodul: sed kie ili diras "Traktato de paco", necesas legi "Abandono de la katalunoj, tiel ke ili ne havu esperon resisti la atakon"
<civodul>jes :-/
<civodul>oni devus klarigi ĝin
<viric>temas pri traktato de paco inter tiuj kiuj atakis kaj tiuj kiuj helpis la katalunojn, per komuna akordo ĉiuj abandoni la katalunojn
*civodul updates NEWS
*civodul pushed the big NEWS
<davexunit>civodul: ooh, when are you releasing?
<civodul>"one of these days"
<civodul>it needs some more testing and everything
<civodul>but we're getting there, i think
<davexunit>cool. I have a bit of docs to write about guix import, still.
<davexunit>now that I'm done with guile-sdl finally.
<davexunit>going to be too busy to do much this week, though. it's time for the FSF fall newsletter mailing
<davexunit>and I'm launching a new membership site, which I'm scrambling to get somewhat usable
<civodul>oh, ok
<civodul>well it's cool if you can write about "guix import"; if you can't, i'll take it over
<civodul>there's still a bit of time ahead anyway
<davexunit>I'll see what I can do.
<davexunit>this is an exciting release :)
<civodul>yep, lots of cool stuff in there
<civodul>and interestingly, not the things i initially prediced :-)
<davexunit>civodul: interesting how things work out in free software projects :)
*civodul goes afk
<agumonkey>hi back people
<agumonkey>I can't build libevent because something fails to fetch the source through gnutls
<agumonkey>which forbids me to bring other packages like tmux
<agumonkey>aight, had enough, restarting from scratch ...
<viric>agumonkey: are you a bot?
<agumonkey>I'm getting worrid
<agumonkey>I got this question a lot
<viric>I didn't know we had a bot here
<agumonkey>aren't you a bot ?
<ijp>agumonkey: don't worry, the same thing happens to me on #emacs
<viric>I'm not
<agumonkey>ijp: it's a small irc world
<viric>oh you are not a boT?
<viric>I bet you have typed these lines of "hi back people" etc. several times in this channel
<ijp>I am an organic
<agumonkey>I still have a few years before irc bots reach my biological glam
<viric>ijp: I meant agumonkey
<agumonkey>viric: why don't you go out and have fun with your dog
<viric>someone please grep how many times in #guix there was this exact complain about tmux and libevent
<davexunit>has it been a lot?
<viric>I can't tell
<viric>more than one sure :)
<viric>maybe agumonkey simply has bad memory and got into some development loops
<davexunit>I rebuilt guix-daemon yesterday and now it segfaults during substitution :(
<_`_>egrep -c '(tmux|libevent)' .weechat/logs/irc.freenodessl.\\#guix.weechatlog
<viric>_`_: thank you
<viric>^ agumonkey
<agumonkey>well hum.. so?
<viric>if agumonkey didn't change the nick, you can maybe even pipe grep the nick
<agumonkey>hold on.. are you saying I kept asking about libevent ?
<agumonkey>prove it
<viric>I can't
<agumonkey>I blubbed about a lot of issues, this one only once since I just hit it
<agumonkey>so you might check your memories then
<bavier>agumonkey: what problem specifically are you having with the gnutls fetch?
<agumonkey>bavier: guix package -i tmux gives me this
<agumonkey>my system might be borked, but anyway, there's an issue with guix grabbing libevent sources it seems
<davexunit>agumonkey: is this from a guix system?
<agumonkey>yes, from guix installer image inside vbox
<agumonkey>I mean, after guix system init, reboot and attempt to install packages
<davexunit>can you wget that tarball? or any other https url?
<davexunit>I know we've had problems surrounding sources from github before
<bavier>the libevent source download works for me, but I'm running on top of another system
<agumonkey>I didn't have wget nor curl
<agumonkey>but that's passed I started again
<davexunit>agumonkey: alternatively, you should authorize to serve sustitutes
<davexunit>sudo guix archive --authorize <
<agumonkey>well since bavier said he had no issues fetching the sources .. means the problem came from my setup
<agumonkey>but thanks, I'll keep that in mind if I have the problem again
<agumonkey>I booted a fresh post guix system init install, `guix package -i bc` running. We'll see in a few hours when it's finished
<bavier>agumonkey: it might not just be your setup, as davexunit said, we've had problems in the past with github
<agumonkey>oh ok
<agumonkey>I'll keep you posted
<agumonkey>thanks for the support
<th3kent`>hello guix (-: how do i mount gnu-usb-install-0.7.x86_64 using a loopback device?
<davexunit>th3kent``: hey, since no one seems available to answer your question, you could try sending mail to about it.
<th3kent``>thanks davexunit, will do if i can't hack it.
<davexunit>just keep in mind that it's not in ISO format.
<th3kent``>yeah, i tried mounting as ext4/3/2 and keep getting "mount: wrong fs type ..."
<th3kent``>here's my command: mount -t ext4 -o loop /home/kent/gnu-usb-install-0.7.x86_64 /mnt/one
<mark_weaver>th3kent``: I think the problem is that the installer image is not just a single filesystem. it contains a msdos partition map. I'm not sure off-hand how to get linux (the kernel) to parse a partition map in a normal file.
<mark_weaver>th3kent``: out of curiosity, why do you want to do this?
<mark_weaver>the easy solution would be to copy it to a USB stick and then mount the partition.
<th3kent``>am trying to troubleshoot booting from usb. i have an 8+ year-old hp nx6125 laptop. when i dd the image to an 8gb usb, it fails to boot, "non-system disk ...", so am trying to partition the usb manually and use cp(1) to copy files from the guix image to the usb.
<th3kent``>when i dd, it mounts ok, i just can't boot from it.
<mark_weaver>I can think of two alternative approaches: if you have GRUB installed on your system, then you should be able to boot the USB stick from GRUB.
<mark_weaver>and another option would be to install guix within another GNU/Linux system, and then use "guix system init" to build a standalone guix system on another partition.
<th3kent``>i have an old debian squeeze install on there, and grub1 does seem to recognize the partitions on the usb (hd1), will try installing guix on there ...
<mark_weaver>civodul: th3kent`` is trying to install standalone Guix, but his "8+ year-old hp nx6125 laptop" is unable to boot our usb image. any suggestions?
<civodul>is it unable to boot from USB in general, our our image in particular?
<mark_weaver>th3kent``: ^^ ?
<th3kent``>it's failing to boot from usb in general, just tried systemrescuecd ... "non-system disk ..."
<mark_weaver>I suggested booting it from grub, but he currently has grub1 which apparently doesn't recognize the partitions on the usb device either. finally, I suggested installing guix from source on his existing system, but alas that is debian squeeze in his case, which doesn't even have guile 2.
<civodul>oh, ok
<civodul>th3kent``: otherwise you could try using UNetBootin to make a CD-ROM image from the USB image?
<th3kent``>ok, will try that out.
<th3kent``>thanks guys.
<mark_weaver>good luck!
*davexunit needs to figure out why his guix-daemon started segfaulting when doing substitution
<civodul>ouch, indeed
<davexunit>did a full rebuild and everything...
<th3kent``>... reviewed my steps, overlooked the "legacy usb support" option in my bios. enabled "legacy usb support", laptop boots up perfectly. i've got a gnu system prompt!! (-8
<civodul>yeah! :-)
<agumonkey>guix on ~vintage hardware, pretty
<agumonkey>how much ram is there on your nx1625 ? I've seen base install had 512M
<civodul>davexunit: FWIW SDL_mixer's configure ends up not using libmikmod, not sure why
<civodul>perhaps i should file a bug?
*civodul thought he would try Pingus, but no ;-)
<th3kent``>it has 512mb ram.
<davexunit>civodul: oh, that broke Pingus?
<civodul>davexunit: well Pingus can't play sound, so it prints an error and segfaults
<davexunit>file a bug.
<davexunit>now that I have guile-sdl working, I can easily experiment with SDL_mixer
<davexunit>my guix environment for sly works quite nicely. all the SDL stuff I use works. haven't tested sound yet, though.
<davexunit>I find guix environment to be rather slow, though. I'm not sure if it's due to hydra being slow or what.
<civodul>it seemed a bit slow to me as well
<civodul>but i haven't checked why
<davexunit>civodul: how do you typically debug guix performance issues?
<agumonkey>I used nix on top of arch a bit, it was below slow, not as fast as their native pm but fast enough. guix seems to have overhead yes
<davexunit>agumonkey: some slowness comes from our overloaded build farm
<davexunit>I hope to make guix environment fast enough that I can use it to wrap scripts and not have too much of a performance penalty to do so.
<civodul>davexunit: i start with ",pr" in a fresh REPL (it needs to be fresh because of memoization)
<agumonkey>davexunit: oh ? I thought it was interpretation overhead
<davexunit>guile is compiled.
<civodul>davexunit: and also disable substitutes
<agumonkey>my bad
<davexunit>agumonkey: but there are real performance issues. to solve them typically requires better caching.
<th3kent``>happy hacking guys! it's 26 past midnight here in south africa, got to hit the sack ... good night all.
*davexunit is sleepy, been feeding printers all day
<davexunit>but I have the printed FSF bulletin in my hands, and it's got the guix logo in it
<davexunit>... and I found a place where I mixed verb tenses and it's driving me crazy.
<civodul>haha :-)
<civodul>it's cool to have Guix mentioned there!