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<Luke-Jr>are there plans to make an equivalent to Gentoo's USE flags? I read logs here suggesting new packages to change builds, but it misses that USE flags can be globally set and affect all packages in a predefined way without having to spend time adjusting each individually
<Luke-Jr>ie, USE=-gif would make everything build without GIF image format support (when optional)
<davexunit>hello #guix
<iyzsong>hi´╝îit seems to me `cmake-build-system` should set `CMAKE_INSTALL_LIBDIR` to `lib`
<davexunit>hi iyzsong!
<iyzsong>and `CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH` to inputs
<iyzsong>davexunit: hi :)
<davexunit>I don't know much about cmake. could you file a bug report?
<davexunit>iyzsong: what do those env vars do to improve things?
<davexunit>just curious. I've used the cmake-build-system only once or twice.
<iyzsong>not set LIBDIR will end up with lib64, PREFIX is need for finding inputs's cmake modules.
<davexunit>ah! the prefix part could help resolve an issue that I had before!
<davexunit>I have a branch somewhere that has a minetest package.
<davexunit>which uses cmake
<jmd>So I have two builds of a library, for different architectures. When installing, how do I specify which to install?
<davexunit>hmmm, not sure
<davexunit>I checked for the --system option like in guix build, but it's not there.
<jmd>Either I'm doing something wrong, or Guix does not set some parameters correctly for cross building.
<davexunit>hmm, yeah I dunno. I haven't messed with cross building.
<davexunit>my current issue: guile-sdl package build fails from builder, but works when I cd to the failed build dir, source env vars, and run make. wtf?
<iyzsong>iirc, guix is chroot by default, right?
<davexunit>yeah, I believe so.
<jmd>iyzsong: Guix packages are built in a chroot jail.
<jmd>I don't know what you mean "by default".
<iyzsong>jmd: yeah, for nix, disable by default
<davexunit>yeah, guix goes to greater lengths to isolate builds
<iyzsong>a stupid question, I can file a bug jut by post a email right? I'm curious why my mail not titled with bug#xxxxx
<jmd>If I do guix build --target=foo binutils does this build a binutils targeted for foo, or hosted for foo ?
<mark_weaver>jmd: I'm not 100% sure, but I *think* that will cross-build a binutils that is meant to be part of a native toolchain on 'foo'.
<mark_weaver>jmd: if you're looking to build a binutils that can be used for cross-compiling, then you probably want to use 'cross-binutils'. see firmware.scm for an example
<mark_weaver>jmd: also see 'cross-gcc' and cross-base.scm
<jmd>mark_weaver: Yeah I've looked at most of those, but they lack documentation.
<jmd>Is firmware.scm new? I don't have it in my working dir.
<jmd>GUIX$ ./pre-inst-env guix build cross-binutils
<jmd>guix build: error: cross-binutils: unknown package
<ph4n70m4s>when I was about to type enter power went down...
<ph4n70m4s>jmd: try guix build -e '((@@ (gnu packages cross-base) cross-binutils) "target-machine")'
<jmd>phant0mas: failed to read expression ....
<jmd>Oh wait, I missed a )
<jmd>ok. That builds (it was already in the store)
<jmd>How do I use it? I've done package -i gcc-cross-<target-machine>
<jmd><jmd> guix build: error: cross-binutils: unknown package
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<jmd> seconds [16:36]
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<jmd><ph4n70m4s> when I was about to type enter power went down... [16:39]
<jmd><ph4n70m4s> jmd: try guix build -e '((@@ (gnu packages cross-base)
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<jmd><jmd> phant0mas: failed to read expression .... [16:41]
<jmd><jmd> Oh wait, I missed a ) [16:42]
<jmd><jmd> ok. That builds (it was already in the store)
<jmd><jmd> How do I use it? I've done package -i gcc-cross-<target-machine> [16:43]
<jmd>ERC> oops
<phant0mas>hahaha I think something went really bad there :P
<jmd>armel-linux-gnueabi-gcc foo.c
<jmd>/gnu/store/nc4wrqig5jqpjrmhpj76jqikfs13ppk3-gcc-cross-armel-linux-gnueabi-4.8.3/libexec/gcc/armel-linux-gnueabi/ld: cannot find crt1.o: No such file or directory
<jmd>It seems that ld is not getting the correct path to the glib-cross
<jmd>strace indicates it is looking in the gcc-cross package instead of the glibc-cross package
<jmd>I'll see if someone on #gcc can help