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<adhoc>is guix available from a git repo somewhere?
<adhoc>ah found it finally;
<mark_weaver>yep :)
<phant0mas>good morning guix
***Sveta is now known as Svetlana
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<mark_weaver>Greetings, Guix!
<davexunit>hey mark_weaver
<mark_weaver>hi davexunit :)
<davexunit>haven't done much guixing, lately.
*alezost has done some guixing and has broken everything
<civodul>hey hey!
*civodul had just a little time to struggle with the grafts
<davexunit>civodul: what kind of stuggle?
<mark_weaver>civodul: if I'm understanding correctly the efficiency problem with fixing grafts (due to the large number of replacements), my suggestion is to write a specialized procedure that searches for *any* nix hash, and then look them up in a hash table.
<mark_weaver>since the nix hashes avoid the most common letters, they are probably fairly rare in practice.
<civodul>mark_weaver: actually it's not an efficiency problem that i'm struggling with now
<civodul>it's the fact that current wip-graft does "shallow grafting"
<civodul>so only the installed package is grafted
<civodul>whereas we'd want recursive/deep grafting
<civodul>such that, say, if you install Guile, the installed Guile is grafted to use the new bash as well as a grafted libunistring that uses the new bash
<mark_weaver>right. I outlined an approach here:
<mark_weaver>but maybe I failed to think something through
<civodul>no you're right
<civodul>that's what i didn't do in the first iteration
<civodul>and now it's taking me time to complete :-)
<civodul>but yeah, it's feasible
<mark_weaver>thanks for working on it!
<civodul>i'll let you know how it goes, and i'm happy to pass it on if need be
<civodul>there are so many things to do!
<civodul>actually i should have merged the branch before, and we could keep improving it
<mark_weaver>I saw some commits to master about grafts, and thought the work was already done. but shallow grafting really isn't sufficient, as you noted.
<civodul>the bulk of the work is in wip-grafts
<civodul>master only has (guix build grafts), which is the easy part
<mark_weaver>jxself: I have the needed privileges to make whatever changes are needed to #guile to notify people that it's logged, but I don't know how to do it. would you like to help me?
<jxself>Something in the /topi. I think this channel used to have that too but it seems to have disappearted.
<jxself>er /topic
<jxself>I can't type.
<mark_weaver>I have ops privs on this channel as well.
<mark_weaver>but alas, I'm fairly clueless about how to use it.
<mark_weaver>jxself: although the logs are no longer mentioned in the topic of #guix, I _do_ receive a message from ChanServ saying "This channel is logged, see <>."
<jxself>Perhaps something like /msg chanserv TOPIC #guix GNU Guix | | things to package: | contribute to version 0.8! | This channel is logged. See
<jxself>A welcome message is another way, yes.
*mark_weaver tries
<jxself>I'mn not sure that all IRC clients display them though, whichy one might argue is a client problem.
***ChanServ changes topic to 'GNU Guix | | things to package: | contribute to version 0.8! | This channel is logged, see <>.'
<jxself>Although, when Freenode says, "Be sure to provide a way for users to make comments without logging" I'm not sure how what would be done.
<mark_weaver>jxself: okay, I set the topic on #guile as well.
<jxself>Not enshrining things for all eternity is probably better but I seem to be in the minority there.
<mark_weaver>jxself: I'd be glad to set a welcome message as well, if you can tell me how.
<jxself> /msg chanserv set ENTRYMSG #guile This channel is logged. See
<mark_weaver>jxself: I'm not without sympathy for your position, but some important discussions relating to guile and guix happen on IRC, and it seems a shame that those who happen to be offline at the time miss out on them.
<mark_weaver>jxself: also, since it's a public channel, there's really no way to avoid the possibility that people are keeping logs, and who knows who they're sharing them with.
<jxself>Keeping logs privately is fine. I do that myself.
<mark_weaver>jxself: okay, I'll set a welcome message for #guile as well. thanks.
<jxself>And so much for transient mediums of communication. :)
<jxself>But oh well. Thanks for listening. :)
<mark_weaver>jxself: it told me I was unauthorized to set the ENTRYMSG. maybe I have to op myself first?
<jxself>Ah, possibly.
<jxself>Or yuou need to be given the proper flags. Looking into that...
<jxself>NOw comes the fun with matching up flags to see who can do that.
<mark_weaver>jxself: I op'd myself, and it still says I'm not authorized.
<jxself> /msg chanserv access #guile list has a list of permissions.
<jxself>I never remember what the flags means and need to go look them up. Doing that...
<mark_weaver>ah yes. rlb and wingo have the same number of flags, lots of them. I have fewer, and civodul even fewer.
<jxself>So people need "s" to use the set command.
<mark_weaver>ah, okay.
<jxself>rlb and wingo can do it, or do +s to you for you to be able tod.
<jxself>er to
<mark_weaver>I've asked rlb and/or wingo to give me the flags.
<mark_weaver>I already have the full set of flags for #guix, but not for #guile.
<jxself>There. I made ##guile. The double # means it is unofficial. :)
<mark_weaver>jxself: okay, so now both #guile and #guix mention the logging in both their topics and entry messages.
<mark_weaver>thanks for nudging me about it.
<mark_weaver>(and also for the hand-holding :)
<jxself>You're welcome. And feel free to join my unofficial channel. Probably not as interesting as the real one though but is log-free. :)