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<jmd>Anyone feel like reviewing my changes, while Ludo is absent?
<SylvieLorxu>Hey everyone, I saw GNU Guix and it seems interesting, but I wonder, especially seeing the low amout of packages, if it's based on another libre distro, or a non-libre one made libre? Does the package manager need its own repositories because of how different it is, or why are things this way?
<jxself>GNU is not based on another distro, no, but the reverse is true and many distros are based on GNU. :)
<jxself>The low number of packages just means people should go and package more things. :)
<SylvieLorxu>Why call it GNU if it uses the Linux-libre kernel? I'm really confused
<jxself>Linux-libre is also a GNU package. It was made such in 2013 (I think?), so as of then the GNU Operating System had two official kernels, much like it has two desktops: GNOME and GNUstep. :)
<SylvieLorxu>Haha, GNUstep ( hi, HURD ;) )
<jxself>Ah, 2012 - I was wrong.
<SylvieLorxu>Hmm, no .iso file still, and I just can't figure out how to use those others in a virtual machine, not even with instructions
<SylvieLorxu>Although I could maybe dd it to an USB and boot my Gluglug x60 from it? Hmm
<jxself>There are USB images.
<jxself>And people on the mailing list have discussed how to use them in QEMU.
<SylvieLorxu>Seems I need to look at that mailing list (and figure out how to make QEMU run on my deblobbed Gentoo install)
<jxself>Or you can install GUIX and tell it to make your own thing, either a qcow2 file or USB image. :)
*SylvieLorxu likes .iso :x
<SylvieLorxu>I know it's an old format but I know how to work with it
<DusXMT>jxself: or directly initiate a system with it
<DusXMT>on a separate partition
<jxself>Yeah, or that, but it seems sylvielorxu wants a virtual machine.
<SylvieLorxu>A virtual machine would be easiest to test
<DusXMT>SylvieLorxu: Well, isn't there a qemu image? qemu is a virtual machine
<SylvieLorxu>I installed virt-manager recently, which I hope would work: (I'm still trying to find my way around after VirtualBox, which I used to use, became non-Free)
<SylvieLorxu> don't see "qemu" here :x
<DusXMT>Hmm, you're right, there's no 'system-demo' for 0.7, didn't know that...
<DusXMT>Well, just download the installer, and add it as a second harddrive (it's a hard drive image) to a virtual machine
<DusXMT>well, technically it's intended for USB drives, but from a block device stand point, a USB and hard drive is the same.
<SylvieLorxu>Ah, so mount that as another HDD
<SylvieLorxu>I think I can do it
<SylvieLorxu>First I should recompile my kernel with the correct flags so I can actually run qemu and kvm :P
<DusXMT>plain qemu doesn't need any special kernel flags, but snce it's at least a dozen times slower than kvm, yeah, that'd be a good idea
<SylvieLorxu>Hmm, then something else may be wrong with my Gentoo box :x
<DusXMT>Oh, I forgot, gentoo doesn't allow one to build qemu without kernel-mode acceleration, even if you're not using it
<DusXMT>s/acceleration/acceleration enabled in the kernel/
<SylvieLorxu>"Unable to complete install: 'unsupported configuration: spice graphics are not supported with this QEMU'" is what virt-manager tells me when I try to run Trisquel in it, hmm
<SylvieLorxu>Oh, use flag
<SylvieLorxu>Basically, I want to figure out if I can get Trisquel to run
<SylvieLorxu>If I can, I know my setup is at least okay
<SylvieLorxu>And any issues I may run into with Guix are probably Guix-related
<DusXMT>Sudio problems (hda-intel seels to be causing some troubles), no wifi, possible network configuration mishaps (On certain machines, it tries to configure the network interface before it even becomes available), and probably some more
<SylvieLorxu>Okay, good to know that
<SylvieLorxu>I know Guix is still alpha anyway but I'm kinda curious
<jxself>As a package manager it'll continue to improve. :)
<DusXMT>Yeah, like jxself just hinted, it's important to note that the system isn't actually called "guix", but The GNU System, with guix as the package manager
<jxself>It only took 30 years to get to a point where bootable install media could be downloaded from
<jxself>Well, time to me to take off. It's day 2 of the Seattle GNU/Linux Conference. Back later...
<SylvieLorxu>Hmm :x
<SylvieLorxu>Well, maybe we'll get Trisquel-Guix once :P
<DusXMT>Or perhaps Debian-rpm? Who knows
<SylvieLorxu>Sweet, I have Trisquel booting
<SylvieLorxu>Guess virt-manager works
<SylvieLorxu>Who needs VirtualBox anyway
<SylvieLorxu>Nevermind it froze :x
<SylvieLorxu>I'll reboot soon, enabled kvm stuff in the kernel now
<SylvieLorxu>So hopefully that fixes it
<mark_weaver>SylvieLorxu: I haven't read the entire backlog, but I'm running standalone Guix on a Gluglug X60 myself.
<SylvieLorxu>mark_weaver: Interesting. I'm trying GNU Guix in QEMU/KVM now (virt-manager) but I can't manage to get network working with virt-manager :x
<SylvieLorxu>Hmm, does Guix not come with a GUI? I only got a CLI interface when booting
<mark_weaver>SylvieLorxu: we have X and a few simple window managers. no full desktop environment yet.
<jmd>Do we have any policy on the maximum length of the synopsis/description?
<alezost>jmd: not really AFAIK, but "guix lint" will tell you that synopsis should be less than 80 characters
<jmd>alezost: I suppose that is reasonable.
*mark_weaver goes afk for a few hours
<DusXMT>I think there was a rule tht it should be less than 72 chars long
<DusXMT>s/less/at most/
<SylvieLorxu>mark_weaver: How do I run any of those? :P
<SylvieLorxu>"guix package -i ratpoison" should be the correct way to install ratpoison, right? It failed :(
<SylvieLorxu>Oh, wait
<SylvieLorxu>No network connection
<SylvieLorxu>God I'm stupid
***nebu is now known as nebuli