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<mark_weaver>jxself: the ffmpeg update broke vlc. I tried updating vlc to 2.1.5 (the latest release), but that doesn't build either. it says "configure: error: libavcodec versions 56 and later are not supported yet.".
<mark_weaver>could you look into it?
<mark_weaver>suggested solutions include: keep an older ffmpeg-2.3.x, or find a patch for vlc that adds support for the newer libavcodec.
<mark_weaver>I just pushed the vlc 2.1.5 update, although it doesn't build, since it is no worse than 2.1.4.
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<Iloiny>guix paclage: error: build failed: unexpected enf-of-file
<Iloiny>can I assume that applies to the last 'derivation' (one of many for the package I was installing)
<mark_weaver>Iloiny: I wouldn't assume it. did you modify any source files in gnu/packages/*.scm ? if so, my first guess is that your parentheses are not balanced.
<mark_weaver>it might help to post more of the lines leading up to that error message. maybe use
<Iloiny>didn't touch that file, just tried to install gnunet
<Iloiny>the lines leading up to that message were "The following derivations will be built:" followed by a long list of such, last one being module-import-compiled.drv
<Iloiny>I can go ahead and post that if you really think it 'd help
<mark_weaver>have you installed other packages successfully with guix, or is this the first one you tried?
<mark_weaver>did you delete anything from /gnu/store ?
<mark_weaver>I haven't seen that error message before, so I'm not sure what's going on.
<Iloiny>ok I haven't installed other packages but ie I just tried gnu-pw-mgr, build failed (due to full partition) but it went further, ie it didn't stop at the list, it started fetching stuff
<mark_weaver>ah, so maybe you lack the needed disk space in /tmp or /gnu/store
<mark_weaver>package builds are done in /tmp, and they are installed in /gnu/store/
<Steap_>bavier: I'll try to review your patches quickly :p
<Steap_>bavier: do you use "git send-email" to send your patches ?
<bavier>Steap_: actually, I haven't figured out git send-mail yet
<bavier>thanks for the reviews btw
<Steap_>bavier: it's really good
<Steap_>what would be nice is to have patches 1 to N sent as a reply to patch 0
<Steap_>so that all the related patches stay together in our mail clients
<Steap_>see what I mean ?
<bavier>I see, yes.
<Steap_>I'll review the remaining patches tonight, I'm at work right now :/
<bavier>np, me too ;)
<jmd>So there is no bootable installer for mips. Is there any other way to install on such a machine?
<mark_weaver>jmd: I run Guix on both of my mips machines, but within another host OS (Debian in one case, and my own home-built system based on Cross [GNU/]Linux From Scratch).
<mark_weaver>jmd: truth be told, I've mostly lost interest in MIPS (since it's far from clear that Lemote will ever produce another computer capable of running 100% free software, and now there's the Libreboot X60), so the most I'm motivated to do is keep our mips port from regressing. someone else will have to push it forward, if anyone cares.
<tadni>What GRUB and SLIM artwork/theme's do we want?
<tadni>Just a GNU head?
<tadni>We really need some sort of branding/marketing team set up, eventually.
<DusXMT>How about a portrait of RMS, with perhaps some quote on it?
<tadni>I think having an image of anyone in that position is borders creepy territory. Almost puts him up as a psuedo-religous figure in my mind.
<DusXMT>heh, I was just courious what would be the reaction, I think the same
<tadni>I've said it before -- but I think it deserves to be repeated, I we really need to get the FSF to hire a professional designer to make a "modern looking" GNU logo, eventually.
<tadni>And maybe update fsf and
<tadni>I think we*
<davexunit>I would like more professional artwork and design
<davexunit> is going to get a major upgrade next year
<davexunit>we're replacing the cms
*tadni would throw in some money into the pot, if I knew it was going into a designer's hands for said goals.
<davexunit>yeah I dunno if we plan to pay any designers
<davexunit>but the web development side of things is getting better with me around, if I do say so myself.
*tadni sees branding as, by far, the biggest issue the FSF and by proxy, GNU has.
<tadni>It's sad that freedom in-regards to software, has to be made smexy/attractive -- but for the average person, branding really does matter.
<tadni>I think GNOME is doing a GREAT job on that front, but that's the excpetion in regards to GNU projects -- by no means the rule.
<tadni>And for many GNU projects, while it still matters, it matters a lot less. Anything that is going to be developer centric, people will put up with a lot more.
<tadni>If we are going to have a unified GNU distro, I want it to be as appealing as possible to the average user though.
<tadni>Leveraging GNOME (when we can get around the systemd stuff) is going to be a huge part of that, me thinks, but too there are a lot of rough edges that may turn the curious off -- that are not inherent to such an environment. Some things we can't forego for the everyman's comfort, like non-free drivers ... but making more easy to navigate and making the insigina more modern looking, etc, I think it a VERY important pursuit and
<tadni>something we should be talking about sooner rather than later.
<tadni>I don't know how we go about this, moving onward though.
<tadni>Hiring a professional would help a bunch -- but there should eventually be some sort of branding/marketing team in place like other distros seem to have.
<davexunit>tadni: I agree with you about better branding. I don't think we're in the majority, though.
<davexunit>so it's a battle that I don't really want to fight.
<tadni>davexunit: Yeah, I just don't know what would be the best way towards this.
<davexunit>me either. even modernizing the website architecture is a massive undertaking with many resistant to change
<tadni>What's the point of the CMS for, for stuff like the Free Software Directory?
<davexunit>so that non-technical people can edit and post entries via the web interface.
<tadni>davexunit: For, FSD though, right? That's the main driving factor?
<davexunit>no, that's a wiki. hosted elsewhere.
<tadni>Ah. What pages on is there, that one may want to edit?
<davexunit>every team has a blog
<davexunit>we have a bunch of feeds
<davexunit>personally, I would like to use a static site generator, but that won't work for the non-technical staff.
<tadni> looks a bit better, since the last time I've seen it -- actually.
<tadni>davexunit: The vcs I'm guessing, being the problem with a static generator?
<davexunit>yeah, definitely.
<tadni>I was going to say, because the rest is just markdown or some variant similar to that.
*tadni still needs to work some more on that org-mode centered static blog generator, some more.
<davexunit>I wanted to write one in guile, but writing org-mode parsing stuff would be too time consuming.
<davexunit>so if I did it, it would rely on emacs batch mode
*tadni finds it a bit funny, that he has like zero projects he wants to do for Racket (which he is learning on), but like 8 for Guile.
*tadni might do some lojban parsing stuff in Racket, but he'll just end up porting it probably to Guile eventually.
<tadni>davexunit: I almost brought you up at the first STL Racket meeting, because they were talking about how cool Racket's two game engine/module stuff was at Racketcon this year. :^P
<davexunit>those folks are way beyond me.
<davexunit>oh well, I'll keep hacking.
<tadni>Oh yeah, in regards to Racket on GNU Distro -- I can't use raco.
<tadni>Not sure if this is a noted thing, or just on my end.
<davexunit>is that the package manager?
<tadni>davexunit: Well, your's might end up as official GNU eventually ... so that's a huge advantage. :^)
<tadni>davexunit: Yeah.
<tadni>You can also run racket software from it.
<davexunit>it probably tries to write to the store, which isn't allowed, so you'll have to look for a way around it
<tadni>Like frog, the static blog generator I use currently.
<tadni>You run "raco frog -bp" to generate the latest stuff.
<davexunit>oh I see
<tadni>It's not a huge deal on my end, because until I get wifi on that dedicated GNU box -- there's no big reason to use it over my current set up.