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<codemac>I'm not sure how to solve this guix pull no code for (json) problem I'm having with the guix install image
<codemac>I'm trying to create a virtualbox image to play with guix
<codemac>I have been following the instructions here:
<davexunit>codemac: you'll have to build guix from a git checkout
<codemac>Was the 0.7 download the incorrect download?
<davexunit>that's the latest release.
<davexunit>but there's some bumps in the road to upgrade.
<davexunit>this is one of those bumps.
<codemac>So what does guix pull really do then? Maybe I misunderstand it
<davexunit>(I introduced this bump, by accident)
<davexunit>`guix pull' does a git pull to get the latest code and then builds it.
<codemac>ah, so old guix isn't perfectly compatible with new guix as it must be able to build new guix with old guix?
<codemac>and a git checkout would at least let me use a new guix to pull the new guix?
<codemac>(ps i love these sentences)
<davexunit>you're living on the bleeding edge :)
<codemac>don't worry, I did my time getting archlinux off the ground, guix seems pretty interesting. Due to my recently disenfranchisement from systemd, guix seemed like a fun place to play :)
<davexunit>it certainly is :)
<davexunit>thanks for your patience and trying things out
<davexunit>we'll have a stable system one day
<codemac>hm. so I have this boot image of guix.. is there a way to move the /gnu/store onto another partition so my /root stops filling up before I can install git? :P
<codemac>will it follow symlinks just fine?
<davexunit>hmmm, not quite sure how to configure it from the install image
<davexunit>check the manual to see
<davexunit>when compiling from source, there's a configure flag to specify the store directory
<codemac>Well, there is some rough edges here, obviously moving the store directory away before symlinking on top of it doesn't work very well...
<codemac>:D even mv won't run
<jxself>mark_weaver: Yay, new IceCat already - 31.2.0.
<bavier>Steap_: would you mind if I push some changes to lint?
<Steap_>bavier: you may want to email teh aptches first :)
<bavier>Steap_: sure thing
<bavier>I changed some "trivial" things, but also wanted to add a few checks
<bavier>are we intentional not warning about empty synopses and descriptions?
*alezost agrees that it would be better to warn about empty synopses and descriptions
<Steap_>bavier: I think so, cuz that might happen
<bavier>to clarify: you think we shouldn't warn when they're empty?
<jmd>I want one file to be excluded from 'patch-shebang. Is there an easy way to do that?
<bavier>jmd: the current method is usually to 'unpatch' the shebang
<jmd>Is there a function to do that or must I do it myself?
<bavier>I think it's a manual operation at this point
<bavier>see the definition of automake, e.g.
<bavier>sharutils, or source-highlight might be better examples
<davexunit>yay, my minetest patch has been accepted! minetest on guix will soon be a thing!
<jmd>WTF is minetest
<davexunit>jmd: it's a free software minecraft-like game
<Iloiny>would guix conflict with apt-get?
<davexunit>Iloiny: no
<davexunit>I run guix on debian
<davexunit>guix installed software is completely isolated.
<Iloiny>ok nice
<Iloiny>shame debian hasn't got a guix package
<davexunit>well, we're still in alpha so it makes sense :)
<davexunit>when guix is more stable, I'm sure we can get it in debian.
<bavier>guix has a guix package ;)
<davexunit>recursion, man.