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<civodul>Hello Guix!
*davexunit is excited about the wip-bags branch
<tadni`>davexunit: What's that?
*tadni` has been detatched from Guix entirely for about a month.
<davexunit>tadni`: civodul has written an intermediate form between packages and derivations.
<davexunit>a build system comes with implicit inputs, and you can't query a package to know what the implicit inputs are.
<davexunit>but now, you can "lower" a package to the "bag" form, which contains *all* of the inputs, including the implicit ones.
<tadni`>Ah, neat!
<davexunit>it fixes a big limitation of the current system.
*tadni` is hopefully going to edge back into writing guix packages soon -- due to an unexpected group forming in my city (due to StrangeLoop and Racketcon (the former being hosted in said city)) we have a Racket Meetup now, teaching HTDP 2e.
<jxself>Seems Guix is going to be better than Nix.
<tadni`>That should push me into feeling more confident with guix. :^)
<davexunit>tadni`: that's neat. I've never used racket but they do great work.
<davexunit>northeastern university is here in boston, and they have some racket folks there.
<davexunit>olin shivers works there, a prominent schemer.
<tadni`>davexunit: It was between that and Elisp, and if I did Elisp, I probably would have gone directly to CL thereafter and for the most part abandon Guix and GNU distro, which I didn't want to happen.
<davexunit>life is better with scheme. :)
*tadni` has been overwhelmed by the niceness of both communities, while he asked very trivial questions.
<davexunit>I have had generally positive experiences as well.
<tadni`>But yeah, for the forseeable future -- scheme seems to be the best way o proceed, for me. GNU Distro has been by and far the driving factor of this though.
<davexunit>I don't think I would have stuck with Guile if #guile wasn't so friendly and helpful. I would've gotten stuck somewhere and moved on.
*tadni` broke Guile on this box, while doing Guilemacs... and probably won't be able to compile Guix, until I upgrade to the Fedora 21 Beta late thi month.