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<tadni>Oh yah, the hackathon is a day after my local hackathon. I can actually work on clisp and stumpwm the night before!
<tadni>Also, from the latest pull and make -- guix/ui.scm fails to make.
<tadni>"guix/ui.scm:202:11: source expression failed to match any pattern in form (report-error (_ "unknown unit: ~a~%") unit)
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<civodul> seems to be down
<Steap>civodul: I've just pulled
<civodul>works now
<Steap>Our Python bug would be a gcc bug, in the end
<civodul>we're still at 4.8.3, though, right?
<Steap>I'd love to try with 4.9.2 :)
<Steap>"It has already been fixed in gcc-4.9.1-2 in rawhide, so simply recompiling glibc should fix this bug."
*bavier` is preparing a patch to core-updates for gcc
<Ulrar>Well, that's sad. Wanted to install guile on my gentoo to start trying developping script with it, but it doesn't build :(
<civodul>mark_weaver: i'm preparing the GCC patch
<bavier`>civodul: I was doing the same thing ;)
<civodul>bavier`: arf, sorry then
<civodul>you can do something more funny if you want now :-)
<civodul>unless you were almost done?
<bavier`>I was just running the build just to check
<bavier`>I don't have access to an i686 machine though, so I can't verify that
<civodul>me neither
<civodul>i could check with -s i686-linux
<civodul>but i think i'll let that to hydra
*civodul builds gcc-boot0
<davexunit>nully: o/
<nully>made it lol
<nully>mark_weaver: I replied to the memory/hydra ticket. Reply @ your leasure :D
<nully>I figure i should hang out here, so i'm easier to ping.
<jxself>And poke.
*jxself gets a poking stick ready
<davexunit>nully is the FSF's sysadmin, btw.
<jxself>Yep. I met her last time I was in Boston.
<davexunit>for those who know not of her fame.
<jxself>And hair. :)
<nully>i forget what color my hair was during libreplanet
<nully>i'm going to assume, pink, red, or blond
<nully>or all 3
<davexunit>I can't remember because you were a blurry streak running around everywhere.
<jxself>I think it was pink but I'm not sure either.
<civodul>hm, the final gawk fails to build on core-updates:
*civodul tries to reproduce locally
<civodul>grr, works for me
<civodul>transient error with gawk's test/time.awk