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<civodul>Ulrar: maybe you can send the patch as is, with explanations on what's at stake?
<Ulrar>You mean just the .patch file ?
<civodul>hm yes?
<civodul>these are modifications to the Lua package, right?
<Ulrar>Yes, I just add a patch and patch-argument line in the scm, and a .patch file in patches that add some rules in the Makefile
<Ulrar>patches-flag I mean
<Ulrar>Shouldn't actually change anything, the package used to only create a .a, now it will also create a .so
<civodul>sounds good
<civodul>then yes, it makes sense to post it
*civodul → zZz
<civodul>good night/day!
<toxemicsquire>Is anyone on that's a guix developer?
<davexunit>toxemicsquire: I'm one of the developers, though I don't have deep knowledge of how everything works. I'm not the maintainer.
<toxemicsquire>I have a question, what's the progress on the GNU HURD port?
<davexunit>toxemicsquire: I think it's still in pretty early stages. there's 1 person who is working towards packaging all of the things needed for the hurd.
<davexunit>there are some issues to work out.
<toxemicsquire>Is it usable yet?
<davexunit>you can read more about the progress that has been made in the mailing list archives:!&idxname=guix-devel&max=20&result=normal&sort=score
<toxemicsquire>That was like 6 months ago. Surely there has been progress
<civodul>¡Hola Guix!
<Ulrar>Hi civodul
<Ulrar>civodul: I did change my patch to address their comment, just failed to send it to the list :/
<Ulrar>See the forward from Cyril Roelandt
<civodul>Ulrar: ah right
<civodul>but the forwarding mangled the patch
<civodul>could you resend it?
<civodul>and please remove those '#' signs in the .patch
<civodul>it's unnecessary clutter ;-)
<Ulrar>civodul: Sent ! :)
<phant0mas>after the yesterday's git pull ,after each build , I get either guix build: error: fport_fill_input: Connection reset by peer or guix build: error: failed to connect to `/usr/local/var/guix/daemon-socket/socket': Connection refused
<phant0mas>restarting the daemon fixes the issue
<phant0mas>for one more build
<phant0mas>and there we go again
<civodul>and what happens to the daemon?
<civodul>i mean, between the time where it works, and the time where it no longer works
<phant0mas>civodul: nothing I just start a build, it finishes succefully and when I use guix build it says the above
<phant0mas>this happens only if something is actually built
<civodul>phant0mas: if it's reproducible, can you check what happens to guix-daemon in the meantime? does it terminate? how? etc.
<civodul>or could it be that there are several daemons trying to listen on that socket?
<phant0mas>I will
<civodul>actually hydra-server (the web server of was being DoS'd again
<civodul>it's the second time it happens
<civodul>i've just banned the offending subnetwork
<civodul>(it was listed on
<civodul>hopefully it'll work better now
<Ulrar>wow, hydra works great now
<Ulrar>Cool !
<Svetlana>make hydra distributed across few servers ?
<civodul>well, compilation is already distributed across a bunch of "build slaves"
<civodul>but there's only one front-end
<civodul>and it turns out to be the weakest machine :-/
<taylanub>I wonder why they'd DoS hydra?
<civodul>probably it's just a bot or a spider and doesn't target anything in particular
<Ulrar>Mh, no one packaged ruby yet :(
<civodul>Ulrar: there was this submission some time ago:
<civodul>and i think davexunit was interested into it as well
<civodul>perhaps you could ping Pjotr, or take over the patch?
<Ulrar>Sent him an mail, we'll see
<phant0mas>civodul: After I came back from the university, did a reboot and tried to reproduce the error. It didn't reappear yet. I am looking into it but it may actually was another daemon trying to use the same socket.
<phant0mas>btw I have already booked the air-tickets for brussels for fosdem 2015 :-D
<civodul>oh, excellent! :-)
<civodul>i haven't done that yet, but i should be there
<DusXMT>I'm unable to build guix from git, here's the error:
<DusXMT>Is `no' an actuall command, or is it a misconfiguration? If so, what does it do?
<DusXMT>And more importantly, where can I get it if iut's a real command, Debian doesn't seem to know of it
<DusXMT>Nevermind, looking at, I can see it's supposed to be emacs
<Steap_>DusXMT: 'yes' is a real command, never heard of 'no', though :)
<Steap_>Maybe it's the output of a configure check
<Steap_>or something lik ethat
<Steap_>what's around line 3905 in the Makefile ?
<DusXMT>Steap_: $(EMACS) --batch --eval
<DusXMT>So yes, it's emacs. I just disabled it in for the time being
<Steap_>ok, so $(EMACS) is "no", gotta find out why
<DusXMT>I think it's because configure didn't detect emacs and it isn't considered a fatal error, but then it tries to use it
<DusXMT>Perhaps emacs modules should be made optional? (i.e. not compiled if emacs is not available)
<alezost>DusXMT: I suggested "--disable-emacs-ui" option to "configure" script ( but Ludovic found it redundant. So now if you want to build guix from git you have to have Emacs installed.
*DusXMT should perhaps look into `configure --help' before editing
<Ulrar_>Well that works
<Ulrar>Is there a way to get the full path of a dependency ? To compile the tcl plugin in weechat, it needs, which apparently is in /gnu/store/...-tcl/lib
<Ulrar>it can't find it, so I can specify the full path to the configure but I don't know how to get it
<Ulrar>I guess while building it's symlinked somewhere
<jxself>Linking directly to something in /gnu/store/whatever seems like a bad idea.
<davexunit>Ulrar: yes, you can get the full path by examining the inputs alist
<davexunit>there's also a 'which' function.
<davexunit>jxself: yeah, hardcoding that is a baaad idea.
<Ulrar>which won't return something that's in /lib I think, or is it different of the shell one ?
<davexunit>Ulrar: you may have seen build scripts that have (which "bash") or something
<Ulrar>yeah, I use it to replace sh and file in some files
<davexunit>Ulrar: the inputs alist will get you the package root dir
<davexunit>(string-append (assoc-ref inputs "foo") "/lib/")
<Ulrar>Ha, perfect, thanks
<Ulrar>unbound variable inputs
<davexunit>well, you need to write the function that has 'inputs' bound. where are you doing this?
<Ulrar>In #:configure-flags
<davexunit>oh, that won't work.
<davexunit>only the build process has access to that information
<Ulrar>So there is no way to pass to configure the path of tcl's lib ?
<davexunit>not as a flag, no.
<davexunit>there are other ways to do this.
<davexunit>configure should be able to find the lib
<davexunit>perhaps you really need to modify a search path
<Ulrar>Well I don't know anything about tcl, but it seems strange to put a .sh in /lib
<Ulrar>looking at the configure, I believe it does look into lib. don't know why it doesn't find it
<davexunit>you need to call a script?
<bavier>Ulrar: you can use the %build-inputs variable in #:configure-flags
<bavier>see e.g. the recipe for emacs
<davexunit>bavier: oh awesome
<davexunit>so configure-flags can be a proceudre?
<davexunit>or rather, the package macro wraps the code in a lambda?
<Ulrar>Works perfectly
<Ulrar>Thanks a lot !
<davexunit>Ulrar: sorry for leading you down the wrong path
<Ulrar>davexunit: No problem, thanks for trying :)
<Ulrar>So the only missing plugin will be ruby, and that should be as simple as uncommenting the input when ruby package is created
<davexunit>Ulrar: I tried packaging Ruby, couldn't get it to build and pass tests.
<davexunit>someone else also submitted a not-quite-working ruby package
<davexunit>but I really want ruby packaged so we can begin gem->guix importing!
<Ulrar>yeah, civodul showed me earlier, I sent an email to him and he said he'd continue working on it when he'll have more time
<Ulrar>ruby is pretty much the only weechat plugin I use, all the scripts I made are in ruby :(
<davexunit>I should post my package recipe, too, just to have more code out there for whoever finishes it up.
<davexunit>ludo will be able to knock it out, for sure.
<jxself>Hmmm. A chicken-and-egg problem it seems. I was thinking of packaging up Free Pascal for Guix but it's written in Pascal itself and needs a working Pascal compiler already in order to build it.
<davexunit>ah, it doesn't bootstrap itself?
<davexunit>is there some other free pascal implementation that can build it?
<davexunit>I'm guessing "no"
<jxself>I've not looked into others yet.
<jxself>Perhaps that's the next thing to go do...
<davexunit>or if there's a specific free pascal release that can be used for bootstrapping? searching hasn't turned up much for me yet.
<bavier>jxself: I encountered the same difficulty with GHC
<jxself>They should make it easy for people to get a copy of their software when they don't already have a copy, right? :)
<davexunit>I guess the same thing happens with GCC
<davexunit>we rely on a bootstrap binary.
<davexunit>gotta go!
*tadni` is strongly considering writing up a blog post about installing GNU on a dedicated box.
<jxself>Do it.
<jxself>Under a free license. :)
<tadni`>jxself: Is CC-By-SA Free?
<tadni`>Okay. That's what all my blog posts default to.
<tadni`>Just wrote an introduction and roadmap for the blog series.
<jxself>I added Free Pascal to the wishlist instead.
<tadni`>Probably not going to publish it till Sat.
*civodul runs the whole shebang with LUKS and everything :-)
<jxself>Oh, so that works now?
<jxself>Also, since you're back, maybe you'll have an idea of how to package Free Pascal for Guix.
<jxself>A chicken-and-egg problem it seems. I was thinking of packaging up Free Pascal for Guix but it's written in Pascal itself and needs an already-working Pascal compiler already in order to build it.
<civodul>ah ah!
<civodul>like gcc, ghc, etc.
<civodul>wasn't there a Pascal-to-C converter?
<tadni`>jxself: Pascal itself is not free?
<bavier>GNU Pascal?
<tadni`>And if not, why is Free Pascal dependent on a non-free implemntation?
<civodul>as the name suggests, it's free :-)
<civodul>but it depends on itself, which is quite common for compilers
<tadni`>civodul: Ah.
<tadni`>Man, guix pull really needs some progress reporting.
<civodul>tadni`: it got it a few days ago
<tadni`>civodul: Oh really? Neat.
<tadni`>What's it actually do, to notify it's working?
<civodul>it just prints a percentage
<civodul>try it and let me know what you think ;-)
*tadni` goes to pull the latest, to get the latest guix pull.
<tadni`>civodul: MUCH, better!
<Ulrar>Ho, should pull too
<tadni`>That was probably my biggest usability issue with guix actually.