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<safinaskar>tar: command not found
<Ulrar>guix package -i tar
<safinaskar>tar is not included in standard distribution???
<Ulrar>Don't ask me
<tadni_>safinaskar: It should be. Don't have a dedicated Guix/GNU box anymore though... so can't check if that's actually the case.
<Ulrar>I had to install it to
<safinaskar>ldd: command not found
<safinaskar>gnu has no /lib!!!!! nor /lib32, nor /lib64. it doesn't have even symlink /lib
<safinaskar>so, you don't have /lib/ etc, so you completely breaked binary compatibility
<safinaskar>so, i no way can run "normal binary" from debian on guix/gnu
<Ulrar>safinaskar: Did you actually read what guix is about ?
<Ulrar>It's all in /gnu/store
<safinaskar>guix/gnu uses static binaries or dynamic?
<safinaskar>why there is no /lib (even with symlinks to /gnu)?
<drewc>sure you can! first make a chroot of the 'normal' distro in which you want a 'normal' binary to dynamically link, and chroot the binary! done. :)
<safinaskar>drewc: :))))))))) i attempting now exactly same
<safinaskar>drewc: i try to copy debian chroot to guix/gnu
<safinaskar>drewc: i already copied tar archive of debian chroot to guix/gnu
<drewc>huh? that makes no sense.
<safinaskar>drewc: but i cannot untar it, because guix/gnu doesn't have tar :)
<safinaskar>now i copied tar binary from debian to gnu/guix
<Ulrar>Just install tar
<Ulrar>guix package -i tar
<safinaskar>but i cannot run it, because gnu/guix doesn't have /lib
<Ulrar>It does, it's just not a big /lib with everything in it
<Ulrar>It's a /lib per lib
<safinaskar>ls -s /gnu/store/*glibc-2.19/lib /lib64
<drewc>why do you want to run a debian binary tar under gnu/guix at all when the entire point of guix is a package management scheme?
<safinaskar>f*ck yeah
*drewc is confused :)
<Ulrar>safinaskar: I think you missed the point of guix
<jxself>Perhaps it would help if you read up about what the package manager is all about. :)
<safinaskar>drewc: because "guix pull" already started and doesn't finished yet. (i think that i cannot run two "guix" at the same time)
*tadni_ wonders when Ludo's talk is getting posted.
<Ulrar>tadni_: He did a talk about it ?
<jxself>Binary compatibility was deemed unimportant since free programs can simply be recompiled and then magically work. So the only "loss" is proprietary programs where that's not possible and I'm not sure that's much of a loss. :)
<tadni_>Ulrar: He's done like 2 prior. The latest one is the 3rd or so at this yeart GHM.
<Ulrar>tadni_: Oh, cool
<safinaskar>jxself: yes, but binary compatibility is important for bootstrapping purposes. now i cannot try "tar" binary and so cannot untar archive
<tadni_>It'd be nice to link, for people with an interest in the guix way of doing things.
<jxself>Guix can be bootraped with Guix. :)
<jxself>er; I can't type...
<drewc>jxself: ouch!
<tadni_>safinaskar: Why can't you grab tar from guix?
<Ulrar>ha ha
<jxself>Ta Da
<Ulrar>Thanks jxself
<tadni_>jxself: Last years? :^P
<jxself>Yeah. The 2014 ones will (I hope) be ready soon.
<jxself>Someone sent in an email about that. Not sure of the status.
<jxself>Oh this is better.
<jxself>It's From February ar FOSDEM
<jxself>Called "Growing a GNU" :)
<tadni_>Man, that was Feburary. I feel like that was soooo much longer than that.
<tadni_>This year has gone by sooooo fast.
<safinaskar>Ulrar: "guix isn't up to date, that's why it can't parse your config file" - but this is exactly same config i used for the first gnu/guix (which is successfully installed). so, it follows, guix in installed system is older than in installer????
<Ulrar>I guess so
<safinaskar>Ulrar: o_O, why?
<Ulrar>Wouldn't know, I've had guix installed for a few days only
<safinaskar>tadni_: "Why can't you grab tar from guix?" - because guix already started and it is building something now
<Ulrar>Is the binary libtoolize missing from libtool somehow ?
<tadni_>safinaskar: There are multiple build users, you should be able to grab while it's building something else.
<jxself>safinaskar: Yes, installing guix 0.7 installs guix 0.6 which you then need to update for it to be 0.7. It's odd!
<Ulrar>My bad, just needed "bin" and "out"
<drewc>What is the answer? inquiring minds want to know!
<Ulrar>Is hydra dead ?
<davexunit>Ulrar: seems to be :(
<Ulrar>I guess I'll just continue to build those packages myself
<Ulrar>so slow :(
<davexunit>one day the build farm will be reliable.
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<davexunit>hey civodul
<Ulrar>Hi civodul
<davexunit>hydra seems to be completely unresponsive
<davexunit>can't load the web ui
<Ulrar>yeah, I did manage to load it once this morning
<Ulrar>nothing since
*civodul looks
<Ulrar>gdbus doesn't build, has a I/O internal error
<Ulrar>looks like the glib package
<civodul> seems to be doing slightly better now
<civodul>Ulrar: 32-bit?
<Ulrar>Ho, no
<Ulrar>well that might be why that vm is so slow
<Ulrar>So no, it's 64bit
<civodul>there are substitutes for glib on x86_64 currently
<civodul>so it must build, sometimes at least ;-)
<Ulrar>I guess it must, but not for me :(
<DusXMT>`sometimes'? I thought packages were 99% reproducible ;)
<civodul>exactly: 99% :-)
<DusXMT>Bore or less
<civodul>Ulrar: could you post the build log and any additional details to bug-guix?
<civodul>it builds on i686 as well, apparently
<Ulrar>--keep-failed, is that right ?
<DusXMT>Ulrar: As well as "2>&1 | tee build.log"
<Ulrar>All right
<civodul>or "guix build --log-file glib"
<DusXMT>Ludo's suggestion might be better actually, since it doesn't involve pipes
<Ulrar>It's building, it'll need some time to get to the error
<DusXMT>that reminds me... waiting 2 hours just to see if a patch I wrote fixed the current source file, then it breaking on the next... (well, that exact scenario only happened once, but you get the idea)
<Ulrar>So I the log file to ?
<civodul>Ulrar: yes, let's start with the last 100 lines of the build log, say
<civodul>keep the rest around, so we can look at it if need be
<civodul>ISTR that GLib's test suite produces detailed logs somewhere
<civodul>but i can't remember
<Ulrar>Well that might have to wait, I have no way of getting the file out of the vm for now
<Ulrar>I'll try to get ssh installed
<civodul>oh, ok
<Ulrar>Okay, that's sent
<Ulrar>Forgot I could just use ftp to transfer it :)
<civodul>heh cool, thanks
<Ulrar>Got weechat working. Now let's try to add some of the plugins
<Ulrar>So I have a patch to apply, I generated it with diff -ruN orig/ new/ > file.patch but it doesn't find the file at build. What is the correct way to generate the patch for guix ?
<DusXMT>Ulrar: You need to make sure patch can use it with the -p1 argument
<DusXMT>eg. a/ b/ instead of directly
<DusXMT>I usually just generate patches with paths completely off and then fix it up with some sed magic and copy/pasting
*DusXMT is obviously a noob for doing it like this. He realizes it, but it simply works for him
<Ulrar>Mh, that's what I already have
<Ulrar>that's strange
<DusXMT>What does -N do?
<DusXMT>Oh, sorry for bothering, didn't see it in the manpage
<Ulrar>Mh, if I add -p1 to the arguments it works better
<Ulrar>Half the patch now gets applied, the other half gets rejected
<DusXMT>strange. Can you pastebin it?
<DusXMT>Ulrar: Does lua not have an autotool-styled build system?
<Ulrar>DusXMT: not that I am aware of
<Ulrar>It's just two Makefile
<Ulrar>That's actually just a copy of most of the ArchLinux patch
<Ulrar>Mh, okay. I was missing a line before the second diff line
<Ulrar>That's great.
<DusXMT>Could someone who has an account on Libreplanet remove Abiword? It's in already and seems to work properly
<DusXMT>from the wishlist, I mean
<jxself>It was added recently, I think...
<jxself>Ahoy there, civodul.
<civodul>hey, jxself!
<civodul>so, hackathon on the 27-28th anyone? :-)
<civodul>i guess i should mail the list
<Ulrar>Okay, so I've figured out how to make my patch work. It makes it also compile a .so for 5.1.5, should I just patch the current lua-5.1 or add something like lua-so-5.1 ?