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<DusXMT>hi davexunit
<davexunit>working on my pypi2guix script a bit more.
<DusXMT>Okay, submitted a couple of patches to get abiword in. There is one duplicated email, I was having trouble with my mailing client
<davexunit>DusXMT: woo abiword!
<safinaskar>hi, is unresponsible
<safinaskar>i. e. it is responsible, but i forced to wait for it too much
<safinaskar>this is probably due to something like slashdot effect about guix
<davexunit>safinaskar: hydra is a bit starved for resources right now.
<safinaskar>and this affects installation process, because install program downloads from
<davexunit>we're working on improving the build farm to handle the influx of new users and packages.
<davexunit>right now all we can say is: be patient and keep trying. in the worst case, you can disabled substitutes and build the entire distro yourself.
<safinaskar>install program gives me this error: . will the install program re-download this files? or it will never re-download this files and so install process no way can finish successfully?
<davexunit>it will eventually work, but hydra really is under especially heavy load.
<safinaskar>i. e. i mean will the installer try to download the files again?
<davexunit>yes, it hasn't downloaded anything yet
<davexunit>it will keep trying to connect to hydra
<safinaskar>davexunit: ok, thanks
<davexunit>you can use --no-substitutes to build everything yourself, which will be resource intensive for your computer and take a long time, but with the advantage that you aren't dependent on hydra
<davexunit>so I'm trying to use the 'url-fetch' procedure in (guix build download), but I can't get it to work.
<davexunit>it takes a URL string and a port, I get a port by using call-with-output-file, however I get the following error:
<davexunit>ERROR: In procedure setvbuf: Wrong type argument in position 1 (expecting port that supports 'setvbuf'): #<output: string 2315ea0>
<mark_weaver>looks like either (current-output-port) or (current-error-port) is a string port, and that conflicts with url-fetch's attempt to set the buffer modes on those ports.
<mark_weaver>note that (guix build *) is meant to be used from within build recipes, i.e. within guix-daemon
<mark_weaver>maybe it should be made more robust to other use cases, dunno...
<davexunit>mark_weaver: yeah, perhaps. I'm trying to implement ludo's suggestion to remove the guile-curl dependency from pypi2guix
<mark_weaver>did you intend to parameterize current-{output,error}-port? I think the intent is to provide a progress display
<mark_weaver>did you intend to make either of them a string port, I mean.
<davexunit>no I intend to do anything, but I can parameterize them to what they need to be
<davexunit>no I did not*
<mark_weaver>well, current-{output,error}-port should be backed by POSIX file descriptors, i.e. "file" ports although that includes things like terminals, devices, etc.
<mark_weaver>preferably they would be the user's terminal so they can see download progress.
<mark_weaver>but I suppose you could make them /dev/null
<davexunit>why are they string ports now? because I'm using the geiser REPL?
<mark_weaver>(current-{output,error}-port) are not string ports in my geiser REPL.
<davexunit>I didn't do anything explicitly to change them
<mark_weaver>Maybe 'uri-fetch' is being called within a 'with-output-to-string' or some such?
<davexunit>I'm using a port created by call-with-output-file
<davexunit>run from the top level environment
<mark_weaver>davexunit: ah, but if you evaluate it using C-x C-e in a *.scm buffer, Geiser will run that code with both current-{output,error}-port to string ports.
<davexunit>that's it
<davexunit>yay, got it to work
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<toxemicsquire>Hello? I have some questions about Guix
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<safinaskar>hi, i installed guix
<safinaskar>then i try to "umount /mnt", but i get message "/mnt is busy"
<safinaskar>so, how to poweroff the host after installing guix?
<safinaskar>(and installation guide doesn't cover this question, so it should be fixed)
<safinaskar>(i mean gnu system, not guix alone)
<Ulrar>safinaskar: Had this problem too
<Ulrar>you can just do halt, it will unmount /mnt on poweroff don't worry
<safinaskar>Ulrar: thanks
<safinaskar>but what is the right way(tm)?
<civodul>safinaskar: yes, that's fine
<civodul>it has the same effect
<safinaskar>civodul: thanks
<safinaskar>hi, i typed "halt" as you said. and then booted again in the new system. and it said to me: "the /dev/sdXX was not cleanly unmounted" :(
<Svetlana>what did it do after that?
<Ulrar>That's strange
<safinaskar>Svetlana: Ulrar: then the system booted successfully
<safinaskar>Svetlana: привет, Света :)
<civodul>safinaskar: oh, so it didn't not actually get unmounted
<civodul>not big deal, but it's a bug, indeed
<plotr>добрый день :)
<civodul>AbiWord, yay
<tadni_> civodul: Hey, civ. o/
<civodul>hey hey!
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<davexunit>morning #guix
<civodul>hello, davexunit!
<Ulrar>guix pull fail on abiword
<Ulrar>no code for module (gnu package wvware)
<davexunit>file name issue? ludo renamed the package.
<davexunit>and I imagine renamed the module as well
<civodul>oh, my bad
<Ulrar>Looks like it
<Ulrar>yeah, it's named wv
<civodul>Ulrar: fixed; sorry for the mess!
<Ulrar>Thanks for the fix ! Trying again
<Ulrar>Looks like it works now
<DusXMT>civodul: Thanks for the fix, and thanks for pushing it :)
<civodul>well, sorry for introducing it in the first place ;-)
<DusXMT>Np, I've made mistakes on my part as well, will take a while until I can master the art of Guix packaging
*civodul wondered for a while if you were Marek...
<civodul>the review was mostly nitpicking, really
<DusXMT>My real name is Marek (see ML and copytight notices of my .scm files), but I usually go by a pseudoname on the internet
<civodul>right, i just wasn't completely sure :-)
<civodul>anyway, the patch series went smoothly
<civodul>lots of good work, so thanks!
<DusXMT>civodul: There's one small issue with the patchset that happened by modifying the name, the URL to wv is now broken, the "name" variable should be wvware, but since it was changed to wv, it doesn't find it
<davexunit>I will write to the list about this, but...
<davexunit>libreplanet 2015, I want Guix to have a presence
<davexunit>be it a full talk, a lightning talk, etc.
<davexunit>the FSF will be accepting session applications pretty soon
<davexunit>I could talk about Guix if I'm able to take a break for working to do it, perhaps someone else in the area could talk like mark_weaver, or somehow we get civodul out here.
<davexunit>s/for working/from working/
<civodul>davexunit: mark_weaver or you would be nice
<civodul>i admin i'm not too keen on coming to the US these days
<davexunit>but it would have been rude to not consider the possibility of you speaking. :)
<civodul>heh :-)
<jxself>It would be great to meet civodul.
<jpt4>A question for the guix gurus, if any are present.
<jpt4>What is the state of installing the GNU System Distribution on UEFI machines?
<davexunit>jpt4: hmm, I'm not sure. can you use GRUB on UEFI? (I have never used a UEFI computer)
<alezost>I use GRUB on UEFI - no problems
<jpt4>davexunit: Yes, but at least under Arch Linux it requires the additional installation of DOS filesystem tools and a separate EFI boot manager package.
<davexunit>alezost: have you installed guix stand-alone?
<alezost>davexunit: no, I meant I use uefi with another GNU/Linux distro
<davexunit>jpt4: ah, you may find that guix won't boot, then.
<davexunit>you can still try and see how far you get and report the errors/try to fix them.
<jpt4>Roger, roger. The current experiment is to attempt to install GNU from this running Arch system via guix.
<jpt4>On a separate note, are there any examples of more complex system config derivations than the bare-bones example in the guix documentation?
<davexunit>you could look in the source tree for the defintions of the installation system and the demo-os for creating VM images
<davexunit>I don't remember their exact location and can't check right now
<DusXMT>jpt4: I think there's some information in the documentation (but I found it outdated, should file a bug against it since it doesn't work), but as davexunit said, exploring the source tree is the best way to learn more about it
<davexunit>'find . -name demo-os.scm' might reveal one of the files
<jpt4>Thank you d[avexuni|usMX]t.
<jxself>Most UEFI machines also have a BIOS compatibility mode. This may be useful if there are problems.
<jxself>It may need to be manually turned on though.
<safinaskar>i installed gnu. now i want to create another gnu in chroot. i don't want kernel nor grub in the chroot (but if they still be in chroot, this is acceptable). so, i typed the following command in my first gnu: "guix system init --no-substitutes --no-grub /a.scm /target" (/target exists). this is my a.scm: . the command failed: "guix system: error: failed to load
<safinaskar>operating system file '/a.scm': (unbound-variable #f "Unbound variable: ~S" (%base-file-systems) #f)". why?
<Ulrar>safinaskar: You need to do mkdir ~/.config/guix and then a guix pull
<Ulrar>guix isn't up to date, that's why it can't parse your config file
<Ulrar>You might want to authorize hydra's key before the pull, took me a whole day to compile the new version myself
<davexunit>the next release should take away a lot of this pain, I hope.
<Ulrar>That'd be great
<davexunit>export GIT_SSL_NO_VERIFY=true
<davexunit>so that git will work :x
<jxself>Which reminds me: Is SSL stuff included in the wishlist?
<Ulrar>If nobody's working on it, might take a look
<Ulrar>Mh, I guess that's hard to get that working with guix
<jxself>But would be eminently helpful.
<tadni`>jxself: I don't think so.
<tadni`>Yeah, it appears not.
<safinaskar>Ulrar: thanks. i typed "guix pull", it said: "The following derivations will be built:", then big list and then freezed. what is happening? packages are building?
<Ulrar>safinaskar: Yeah, you can add --verbose to see the output