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<jxself>I like it because of
<jxself>Setting up a system in a declarative and reproducible way seems neat.
<paroneayea>ooh excellent
<paroneayea>maybe perfect even.
<jxself>It would be nice if MediaGoblin were packaged for Guix. Perhaps your Debian work can adapted when it's done.
<tadni>guix's ./bootstrap grabs part of nix. Nix's daemon I believe, and Guix is built on top of that.
<tadni>paroneayea: I was thinking, do you think would it be hard to implement a paste service on top of mediagoblin?
<tadni>Really I suppose all MG would need is syntax highlighting? Doesn't it already have a text media type?
<paroneayea>tadni: it wouldn't be hard to make one
<paroneayea>though I will say, tsyesika of mediagoblin working-on-federation fame has already written a pretty cool free software paste service
<paroneayea>and I wrote an emacs mode for it
<paroneayea>embarassed to say the emacs mode is on github, I'll move it off of there soon I hope :)
<tadni>paroneayea: Aw, you wrote an Emacs mode... for something that doesn't seem to support Elisp?
*jxself faints
<paroneayea>tadni: the mode kinda supports it :)
<paroneayea>it uses scheme (okay, not the same thing)
<paroneayea>someone would have to get patches upstream to pygments
<paroneayea>anyway, if you do pamrel-post-(buffer/file) in an elisp file it tells the web server to use the scheme highlighter
<tadni>I mean, for my purposes -- is a good enough solution.
<tadni>Seems like a fun project in any case, to play with Elisp more -- write yet another interface for for Emacs.
<paroneayea>writing pamrel-el only took me half an hour
<paroneayea>actually tsyesika wanted to write the mode herself and was asking how to get started
<paroneayea>and I was like, "let me sketch it out for you"
<paroneayea>and then showed her that file
<paroneayea>and she was like "well it looks like you finished it"
<paroneayea>... "oh"
*tadni just touch'd pastery.el
<zacts>I can't wait until guix is a bit more usable.
<zacts>I mean the distro aspect that is
<Svetlana> 1) problems with downloading lsof 2) why does it download from an external site? isn't a distribution supposed to host everything it distributes?
<jxself>Not all do.
<jxself>It appears that the server is working again, because I just connected to via FTP.
<Svetlana>yeah appears to work now... how can it guarantee the quality without reviewing all code by hand and copying it to its own server?
<jxself>I'm not sure I understand your question.
<jxself>Guix, by design, ensures that you get exactly the stuff you're supposed to, with the hashing.
<jxself>Unless I'm not understanding what you're asking.
<leth>i keep getting "failed to resolv partition label" when i try to boot after a system install onto a hd.
<Svetlana>no, you understand the question correctly, thanks jxself
<Svetlana>except that their ftp site is heck slow and the entire build process depends on this weak item in the chain :)
<DusXMT>I think she means that all distributors should audit all code they put in
<Svetlana>they already do, if they check the hashes
<Svetlana>but I am like stuck as it can't download lsof due to networking troubles
<DusXMT>Svetlana: You can just download the tarball from somewhere else, if the hashes match, it's the same exact file
<DusXMT>I had the same problem
<Svetlana>such approach doesn't really scale much unless there is a list of mirrors so that failure of a single mirror of lsof doesn't cause trouble :)
<Svetlana>yea.. where do I put the tarball ?
<DusXMT>you download it, and then run $ guix download file:///path/to/lifs-xx.x.x.tar.Xz
<DusXMT>Or I guess you could use guix download directly on the url
<DusXMT>I know this is a silly question, but I've just had to ask it: When any user can install packages onto the system, doesn't that mean he could potentially fill the entire disk in a multi-user system?
<saul>DusXMT, if the user is authorized to create files then couldn't she just as easily (more easily, rather) do the same with 'dd'?
<DusXMT>saul: Not if there's a quota on his disk space. But I know, it's not a serious question, it just sparked in my mind when I was trying to think of possible security disadvantages of the Guix way of packaging
<DusXMT>Other than that, I couldn't come up with anything
<DusXMT>s/packaging/package management/
<saul>DusXMT, I should expect if a user has reached her quota, package installation would fail.
<DusXMT>saul: but packages aren't usually built in her accessible space, they are usually built by the daemon somewhere in /tmp, in chroots
<DusXMT>and placed in /gnu/store
<Svetlana>it's up to 'quota' to manage that properly probably (it does pick up files owned by a specific user at the very least)
<DusXMT>Svetlana: but packages in the store are not built by the user, they don't belong to the user, they belong to members of the builder group
<Svetlana> x100. :-) Can someone please e-mail me that file?
<Svetlana>yes I see what you mean
<DusXMT>Svetlana: Sure, what's your email address?
<Svetlana> should work
<Svetlana><3 thanks
<DusXMT>And the best part is: you don't have to worry about it being a virus, since guix makes sure it's the correct file
<DusXMT>and you're welcome :)
<Svetlana>:o :o it worked to guix download file:///home/user/dev/guix/filenameblabla
<Svetlana>I like it so much :-)
<DusXMT>If I have multiple builds of the same package (with different inputs) and I want to export all of them from my store, how do I specify both?
<DusXMT>If I specify just the package and version, it says "amgibous choise" and picks one on its own. If I put the entire name of the directory in the store, i doesn't find it as a package
<njak>There's a thread on 4chan's technology board discussing the dmd init system
<DusXMT>For some reason, after I invoked # guix pull; on my newly installed guix system, it started building some utilities and is now building the kernel. Is this intended behavior?
<DusXMT>I mean, I expected it to just update guix...
<jxself>Probably to a newer version.
<DusXMT>ah, false alarm,, it was just installing the headers... but still, doesn't guix ship with guile to build the .scm files of the update? Or is it more than just .scm files that guix pull pulls? (it's building texinfo atm)
<tadni>Ah, njak left. I was going to say that's neat.
<tadni> seems to finally be up again!
<jxself>For now.
<jxself>Care to start a countdown until it's down again? :)
<tadni>jxself: Well yeah, until we get a more distributed system for hosting -- I expect some things.
<tadni>such things*
<tadni>I might be able to sneak a deployment of "emaculate.scm" on this test box with subsitutes in place, tonight or tomorrow... :^)
*tadni wishes there was a more minimal texlive package. I want to add it to this config, but it's just such a huge depend.