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<tadni_>Yeah, having hydra packaged and really just easily deployable would be huge.
<tadni_>kaernyk: Oh, hey! o/
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<gr8>yesterday, I had some problems executing 'guix pull' ... it stopped with something like "symlink: no such file or directory". what a great error message. --verbose did not tell anything more
<civodul>gr8: ouch :-)
<civodul>gr8: do ~/.config/guix exist on the system?
<civodul>ISTR someone reported something similar recently
<civodul>but i forgot the details
<civodul>gr8: it would be perfect if you could run "strace -f -o log guix pull", and then send the tail of 'log' (where symlink.*ENOENT appears) to
<gr8>civodul: no, the .config directory does not exist
<civodul>does it solve the problem if you create it beforehand?
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<gr8>first I have to figure out how to boot or chroot into the system from my current system
<gr8>civodul: so you mean simply create an empty file ~/.config/guix? how could that help? (just curious)
<DusXMT>gr8: directory, not file
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<svetlana``>reading -- i don't have nix installed... so i need to avoid --disable-daemon option right?
<svetlana``>and do i need to 'install' guix as a package manager on the host os, if i would like to simply build a disk image?
<svetlana``>s/host/already running linux/
<mark_weaver>svetlana``: you never need to run "make install", but you do need to create the users and run the daemon as root.
<mark_weaver>svetlana``: if you don't run "make install" then you need to prefix all of the commands (both server and user commands) with /path/to/pre-inst-env
<mark_weaver>i.e. run the 'pre-inst-env' in the top-level build directory.
<mark_weaver>*top-level guix build directory
<svetlana``>at in section 2.2.1, why is the 'for' line commented out?
<mark_weaver>svetlana``: that '#' is the root shell prompt, not a comment.
<svetlana``>ok, ta
<svetlana``>I'm reading from top to bottom and I don't follow - it suggests installing requirements (ok), creating users (ok), but then it suggests to run guix-daemon as root -- but it's not in my path and I haven't even figured out where its binary is even
<mark_weaver>svetlana``: just start every command with /path/to/pre-inst-env and it will add the necessary things to your PATH.
<mark_weaver>e.g. /path/to/pre-inst-env guix-daemon ...
<mark_weaver>(guix-daemon is actually in the top-level guix build directory)
<mark_weaver>(but still, if you haven't run "make install" then you need to use pre-inst-env)
<svetlana``>the thing is, I didn't even build it. the thing I cloned isn't a build is it?
<mark_weaver>no, you have to build it first
<svetlana``>I'm not seeing build instructions on the page I linked
<mark_weaver>you can't run guix-daemon until it has been built.
<mark_weaver>the instructions for building from git are in HACKING
<svetlana``>"build environment setup" section title sounds like an ok start but it doesn't ask to compile anything from there and jumps straight to launching daemon as root
<svetlana``>from a look at HACKING -- it says something along these lines: 1) ./bootstrap 2) ./configure 3) make check
<svetlana``>and i thought make check only compiles tests, not the whole thing
<mark_weaver>"make check" also rebuilds the whole thing if needed
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<jxself>Double hm?
<mark_weaver>svetlana``: you need the 'libguile-2.0-dev' package as well.
<mark_weaver>and also the *-dev packages for the libraries that guix needs.
<svetlana``>I'd've guessed if it mentioned 'headers' or I knew what 'configure' does as that must be pretty simple :) thanks
<svetlana``> and i think i have the headers now, hmm
<mark_weaver>you need to rerun "autoreconf -vfi", which was part of bootstrap
<mark_weaver>when autoconf creates the configure script, it relies on macros being available from an installed guile-2.0-dev package.
<mark_weaver>in general, if you see a syntax error in ./configure coming from a line that looks like a procedure call to an all-caps procedure, it's probably because the corresponding *-dev package wasn't installed when you last ran autoreconf -vfi
<svetlana``>nvm, i probably found it
<svetlana``>yep installed a libsqlite3-dev, configure exited without errors
<svetlana``>if it's running tests it means it's done compiling the whole thing?
<DusXMT>I would think so. (unless it does tests on-the-go, I'm not sure, I haven't yet run "make check" without "make" before it)
<svetlana``>it fails 1 test because lacks permission to create /gnu
<svetlana``>i didn't run make check as root, nor i expected it to touch anything like /gnu as i'm not running 'make install' yet
<svetlana``>ok to ignore?
<svetlana``>or should i run it as root 1 more time and let it try the guix-register test from there?
<mark_weaver>no, don't run "make check" as root.
<mark_weaver>I wouldn't worry about it for now, but at some point we should fix that.
<svetlana``>ok, heading to sleep now; i'll try to use "/path/to/pre-inst-env guix-bla bla " stuff tomorrow to build a new disk image
<svetlana``>thanks :)
<mark_weaver>okay, sleep well!
*tadni tries to recall how to skip configure in #phases
<tadni>Ah, #:phases (alist-delete 'configure %standard-phases)
<DusXMT>Just out of curiosity, how many different versions of GCC does Guix use? I think it compiled the 4th or 5th GCC already, as I'm installing packages