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<Svetlana><davexunit> try: set root=<pause-here>
<Svetlana><davexunit> in the place I wrote <pause-here>, press TAB
<Svetlana><davexunit> grub should print a list of devices
<Svetlana>that lists the fs to me
<Svetlana>the /
<Svetlana>like ihave no idea where to find usb0 there
<Svetlana>i only know it's /dev/sdb
<Svetlana>"configfile(0,/dev/sdb)/boot/grub/grub.cfg" ?
<Svetlana>i doubt that is right
<jmd>What's the best way to copy a directory into its output location?
<jmd>There's some trick one has to do to get packages to download from a https:// site .
<jmd>Can someone remind me what it is?
<taylanub>something something disable certificate verification?
<taylanub>or copy over CA files into /etc manually?
<jmd>I'm talking about packaging.
<tadni>So, I don't know if dmd just doesn't loaded the needed component yet, but alsamixer doesn't work currently.
***RISCi_ATOM is now known as RISCi_ATM
***RISCi_ATM is now known as RISCi_ATOM
<invergo>Has anyone else had problems "guix pull"-ing in a fresh install of Guix (that is, from the system image, not just the package manager on top of an existing distro)?
<invergo>I'm getting "symlink: No such file or directory" when it tries to build the guix-latest.drv derivation, after a very long, silent hang on the order of 10 minutes
<taylanub>I tried guix pull a couple times in the past and it kept failing to build; didn't have time to look into it
<invergo>Hm, well, guix pull runs just fine for my user account. It just fails for root.
<tadni>Well darn, too late. They probably needed a .config dir in root's home.