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<zacts>hi guix hackers
<tadni_>systemovich: o/
<tadni_>zacts: Belatted hello, to you too.
<davexunit>good morning, #guix
<Svetlana>i figured i need a more free wifi hardware, but wanted to try booting the installer thing anyway just to see that it can boot itself up properly
<davexunit>Svetlana: how did it go? still trying?
<Svetlana>folks told me to use configfile (0,usb0) (spelling? i have a note somewhere) in grub. i did. it opened a new empty grub prompt but didn't boot anything
<davexunit>that means the device was wrong.
<Svetlana>configfile (0,usb0) /boot/grub/grub.cfg
<Svetlana>this sort of thing
<Svetlana>i see, does it tell me anything more?
<Svetlana>detail, logs etc?
<davexunit>try: set root=<pause-here>
<davexunit>in the place I wrote <pause-here>, press TAB
<davexunit>grub should print a list of devices
<Svetlana>with usb0 being one of them, if things are normal, right?
<davexunit>hopefully you'll see the usb0 device, and you'll know the appropriate thing to type in.
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<jmd>Is nss packaged anywhere?
<tadni_> jmd: package -s, doesn't yield anthing.