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*tadni`` tries to figure out why GNU is loading terminus-font/
<davexunit>hey #guix.
<tadni>Hey, Dave.
<davexunit>I'm really curious if anyone knows ludovic's talk at GHM went yesterday.
<tadni>What's up?
<davexunit>he posted some really cool extensions to the guile REPL for working with the store monad.
<davexunit>but no mention of what else he did during his demo.
<tadni>I'm sure fine, he's given a few talks before.
<tadni>Not sure of the actual content though.
<davexunit>I'm sure it went great, but I *really* want to know new stuff he was showing of.
<davexunit>his demos always show off cool things.
*mark_weaver also looks forward to hearing about the talk, seeing slides, seeing video :)
<davexunit>civodul always cooks up something special that no one has seen before when he gives these talks
<mark_weaver>in the meantime, I'll watch Sean Cross's recent talk on the Novena
<davexunit>mark_weaver: that talk was pretty neat. I didn't catch all of it, though.
<davexunit>I was listening to it as I was working so I missed some parts.
<mark_weaver>I already read LWN's article about the talk, so maybe there's no point to me watching the video.
<mark_weaver>davexunit: btw, I saw you mention your web interface for guix here. sounds awesome!
<mark_weaver>what's the URL again to get the code?
<mark_weaver>thanks :)
<davexunit>no build system yet, you just run it in your local git repo
<davexunit>also, no real docs or unit tests.
<mark_weaver>no worries :)
<davexunit>just a fun experiment. :)
<davexunit>screenshots here:
<mark_weaver>oops, the 3-year-old is back in the house. time to go afk for a while....
<tadni>Dave, really neat. I could see basing a kind "app store" like dedicated browser around that!
<davexunit>the important thing to note about this web interface is that it is meant to be run on your local machine.
<davexunit>as opposed to an app store style thing where you'd be downloading packages from a remote host.
<davexunit>I was thinking that I could perhaps also write something similar to the "Arch User Repository"
<davexunit>a place where people can upload .scm files that define random packages for sharing that don't necessarily meet the requirements for including in guix.
<tadni>davexunit: I wouldn't be oppesed to that, but I very much doubt that it be hosted by GNU for the fact of people would be able to upload non-free modules.
<tadni>Having a place to be able to package non-stable software, would be nice though.
<tadni>Say tox or guilemacs.
<tadni>The latest stumpwm.
<tadni>I don't think stumpwm has even released for 3+ years.
<davexunit>yeah that's the idea, non-stable stuff for hobbyists
<davexunit>and I also wouldn't like it centralized. others can run their own instance of the application.
<davexunit>tox is a big one to get packaged in guix, but the developers need to make official release tarballs for the core library.
<tadni>Yeah, all for it then. :^)
<davexunit>and they just won't do it, it seems.
<davexunit>I packaged the pre-requisites for toxcore in guix
<davexunit>and I have written guile bindings for toxcore
<tadni>davexunit: Yeah, I saw the latter. :^)
<davexunit>incomplete, but almost there.
<davexunit>if you ever use a tox client, I host a bot that you can add.
<tadni>It would be neat to write a tox-client for guilemacs. :^)
<davexunit>it just echoes messages back to you right now, but I hope to extend it to enable testing audio/video.
<davexunit>tadni: that could work, it would just be text only
<davexunit>limited utility, but still cool.
<tadni>davexunit: Is that a limitation of guile-toxcore of Emacs?
<tadni>Also I ocassionally use toxic, but I have no one to talk to so it gets used very rarely.
<tadni>Like twice, thus far.
<tadni>or Emacs*
<davexunit>tadni: emacs limitation. no way can emacs handle audio/video streaming.
<davexunit>but for text chat it would be cool.
<tadni>davexunit: Can't you pipe that to a 3rd party window that x controls? Would be dirty though.
<davexunit>at that point, it would be best to just use a different application.
<davexunit>now, i would like a tox client that behaved like emacs.
<davexunit>someone's writing one in racket, but I haven't used it.
<tadni>True. Maybe one day when/if we get a graphics toolkit via guile-wm ... working on implementing audio in Emacs might be worth the effort. :^P
<tadni>jxself: That uses a 3rd party player.
<tadni>EMMS just controls mplayer, mpd, or the like.
<jxself>Yeah, but it's the closest possible it seems.
<davexunit>audio could be feasible, but not video.
<jxself>For doing stuff "from" Emacs.
<davexunit>I'm excited that EMMS has an active maintainer again
<davexunit>hoping some MPD bugs get straightened out so I can start using it again.
<tadni>davexunit: What due to limitation of the buffers/display system?
<davexunit>tadni: yeah
<tadni>I wonder how much of that is C.
<tadni>From what I hear/ can tell, a fair amount of Emacs at that level is pretty "dirty".
<tadni>How would a guile-wm based toolkit even work then, I wonder.
<tadni>Kind of like xwigdets?
<davexunit>no idea, honestly.
<davexunit>never read into it.
<tadni>davexunit: Xwidgets imports GTK widgets into an Emacs buffer you can interact with. Like there is a webkit browser in emacs-xwidget that works decently.
<davexunit>that's really cool
<tadni>I'll be back in like 10-15 mins, need to pick someone up.
<tadni>Yeah, you can also send elisp commands which talk to GTK widgets, iirc,
<davexunit>that's awesome.
<tadni>davexunit: If you have the free-time, I recommend playing a bit with it.
<tadni>That being said, the display engine most be moderately fast -- because updating the browser was pretty flawless.
<tadni>I tried streaming a video via yt, but around then, you still needed gnash.
<davexunit>ah I see
<tadni>Might be a more accurate test, to see how fast Emacs' display system actually is.
<davexunit>try watching an html5 video elsewhere that doesn't require a proprietary player.
<davexunit>like this:
<tadni>davexunit: Yeah, I might play around with MG now with it. It's been at least 2 years since I last played with that branch, might be worth playing with again soon.
<alezost>mark_weaver: tadni: it's not necessary to open an .info file manually: you can add info dirs to `Info-additional-directory-list' (or `Info-directory-list')
<alezost>tadni: stumpwm was released this year:
<tadni>Ah, neat to both accounts!
<probie>I'm new to guix. When I try to run guix system reconfigure /etc/config.scm it complains that %base-file-systems is unbound, which seems strange, because it has worked with that config before. Does anyone have any clue what's wrong?
<tadni``>probie: Can you paste the config file to somewhere like
<probie>Possibly... I currently lack X, and my command of w3m is somewhat lacking. Give me a few minutes
<tadni``>GNU should have a paste service integrated like Fedora, eventually.
<tadni``>Might be a fun project.
<probie>I think
<probie>it wouldn't let me select a channel to post to XD
<probie>hang on, there's a mistake
<probie>give me a moment
<probie>it won't seem to let me annotate it
<probie>%base-file-systems)) should be the line below (type "ext4")
<tadni``>probie: Yeah. Have you seen the xorg template yet?
<probie>even that config seems to still complain about being unable to find %base-file-systems
<tadni``>probie: Hm, then it sounds like something went astray in the actual install.
<tadni``>I'm not knowledgeable enough of Guix's core to know what to do... sadly.
<probie>%base-file-system should be defined in (gnu system file-systems) right? Where can I find that module?
<probie>found it
<probie>it seems to be there
<probie>I seem to have guix-0.6.2, guix-0.6.0, and guix-latest
<probie>is it possible that it's not using guix-latest?
<probie>nvm, they seem to be different things
<tadni``>probie: Ah, this might be a problem with you having 0.6!
<probie>when I run guix --version it says 0.7
<tadni``>For some reason the installed image has 0.6 and not 0.7
<tadni``>probie: It says so, but unless it's in GNU Store, don't trust it.
<probie>running guix package -i guix is installing 0.6
<probie>how can I fix this?
<tadni``>probie: Yeah, first thing? Did you auth hydra?
<tadni``>If not build when take forever.
<tadni``>will take
<tadni``>probie: make an empty ".config" directory in your home folder of user of choice (I do both root and created user for this process, to be "safe"). Then just "guix pull".
<tadni``>It takes quite some time and really has no indication, but it should be pulling the latest. Once done, just "guix package -i guix".
<probie>now it's grabbing 0.7
<tadni``>probie: Nice!
<probie>and now the reconfigure is working
<probie>thank you
<tadni``>probie: Np, glad to hear I could help!
*tadni`` is currently packaging xmlrpc-c. Hopping to get rtorrent done relatively soon.
<davexunit>tadni``: awesome!
<tadni``>davexunit: I'm trying to remember the depends for xmlrpc-c ... I used to have it packaged, but now I'm missing one depend and it keeps failing. ;^P
<davexunit>going afk for a bit
<tadni``>In-general though, I'm gearing up to package rtorrent, feh, and scrot by the end of next week.
<tadni``>davexunit: o/
<davexunit>tadni``: oh cool, now arch users can make the switch :P
<tadni``>davexunit: I actually use feh and scrot a fair bit, personally.
<tadni``>rtorrent, not so much anymore and even then -- it's not a huge deal, seeing that transmission is already packaged.
<tadni``>Eventually I want to get wicd or some network manager in-general.
<tadni``>Besides that, assuming I can figure out what is wrong with terminus-font ... and get it working with guile-wm, then I could easily switch to my GNU box as my primary box.