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<tadni_>vaeringjar: o/
<svetlana>yes, i verified that i'm using non free iwlwifi firmware; now i need to figure out what i need to tether to a usb wifi thingy
<svetlana>hey mark_weaver
<svetlana>and hi everyone else; if you manage to get usb tethering to work in your guix instance, i'd be more than happy to take notes of how to use it to get wifi
<tadni_>svetlana: Tethering via a phone to local network?
<svetlana>phone is connected to internet via wifi
<svetlana>and i'm thinking of it sharing its internet connection with a computer over a usb cable
<tadni_>I'm not sure, sorry.
<tadni_>The ryf'd wifi-card is not that expensive iirc.
<mark_weaver>svetlana: I don't have a smartphone, so I haven't ever tried that.
<mark_weaver>(I won't have a smartphone until there is one that can be used without blobs)
<svetlana>that is an ok approach; i can also tether to another person's computer using a ethernet cable
<svetlana>i dont know what setup needs to be done on my side for me to recognise it as a source of internet tho
<svetlana>(that second computer is using wifi to connect)
<svetlana>or i can get wired internet in this room, or i can buy a proper free wifi card
<mark_weaver>svetlana: you might consider the RYF USB wifi adapter.
<svetlana>or i could probably make an offline installer
<mark_weaver>I have one. I built its firmware myself from source code :)
<svetlana>would i also have to? or is it packaged into guix?
<mark_weaver>it's not yet packaged, but I should do so.
<mark_weaver>I'm sure a prebuilt binary is around though.
<tadni_>svetlana: I'm not sure how to even manually do that. I've had GNOME tether my phone for me before though,
<svetlana>yes, too many options, i need to think about it
<zacts>mark_weaver: I wish I could do without a smartphone, I'm forced to have one due to sick elder family members, etc.. I would prefer a blob free version
<tadni_>zacts: I'm fine with one, assuming you can put Replicant on it.
<zacts>tadni_: I should look into getting a Replicant phone, as long as it works with T-Mobile
<tadni_>That being said, I'd rather have a convertiable mobile device that I could plug into a dock -- and use it as a desktop computer as well.
***Svetlana__ is now known as Svetlana
<dsffff>Svetlana: fyi, I think you can order a wi-fi adapter that works without blobs from thinkpenguin
<Svetlana>yes, i read fsf page about it earlier, i am considering
<dsffff>good to hear!
<Svetlana>i should probably try to boot the installer first and see whether it boots at all or complains about other hardware
<Svetlana>[04:49:55] <mark_weaver> you could boot the USB stick from any working grub, if you had one.
<Svetlana>[04:50:27] <mark_weaver> just type 'c' from the grub menu to get a command prompt, and then type: configfile (usb0,0)/boot/grub/grub.cfg
<Svetlana>this doesn't screw off my grub permanently does it?
<alezost>Svetlana: no, your grub config will not be changed, with "c" you write what you want to boot just for that time
<tadni``>So, I noticed that Emacs doesn't read non-emacs info files. Is that because the info path is not set?
<mark_weaver>it'll read them, but the 'dir' files are not merged when the profile is built.
<mark_weaver>for now, you have to do this: C-u C-h i and then find the *.info file manually.
<mark_weaver>(normally in ~/.guix-profile/share/info)
<tadni``>mark_weaver: Hrm. Okay; Not ideal. :^P
<mark_weaver>guix is a work in progress
<tadni``>mark_weaver: Well yeah. :^)