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<tadni`> Okay, 3rd and hopefully final version of my terminus-font patch submitted. :^)
<taylanub>Has there ever been discussion or a rationale on why package recipes are part of the Guix source tree?
<tadni>taylanub: To my knowledge no. Personally I'd prefer a gnu-pkg repo, but until we have a decent bootable system going, I don't think it matters much now.
<mark_weaver>taylanub: separating the package recipes from the rest of guix would essentially force us to "freeze" the package recipe language, and be careful about backward compatibility issues. having them together gives us more flexibility in that regard, which I think is important.
<mark_weaver>it's the same reason why linux keeps all of the drivers in the main source tree.
<tadni>Besides config.scm, what are some good files to customize for presets?
*tadni has been toying around with a subdistro config that supplies emacs, conkeror, guile-wm, and the like.
<davexunit>tadni: yay, I would like that.
<mark_weaver>tadni: I think the goal is that everything you'd want to customize normally should be doable from config.scm. what else did you have in mind?
<tadni>Yeah, I figured there would be a small minority that would outside myself. It really would be nice to have, and how easy it is to generate a "spin" of the GNU system, with the tools provided, it seemed like a fun project personally too. :^)
<mark_weaver>(although I certainly take advantage of 'git' to create my own branch of guix with patches that are not accepted or ready for upstream)
<davexunit>tadni: it would just be a convenient config.scm, right?
<mark_weaver>tadni: if there's something you want to change that cannot be done from config.scm, please let us know what it is.
<davexunit>that's what I thought you were talking about.
<mark_weaver>yeah, what other distros call "spins" should be doable from config.scm. that's the goal anyway.
<tadni>I'm assuming that ultimately the GNU project distro will support a "full" and a "minimal" image. Full, shipping with a DE like if not GNOME and minimal just bassically what the install image is now. That being said, with the tools we have -- it'd be nice to offer alternative configs, in an easy to find, presentable way.
<mark_weaver>yeah, I think it would probably be a good idea to offer multiple example config files.
<tadni>mark_weaver: Yeah, and that would be trivial to do too. In the install image, just make a configs directory in /etc with gnome.scm, kde.scm, gnustep.scm, etc,etc and just do a 'guix system init'.
<tadni>That being said, I think having at least a prebuilt "full" image where the user doesn't have to be exposed to a terminal at all, should be an end goal.
<davexunit>yeah, a pretty installer will come sometime down the road.
<tadni>davexunit: Pretty as in debian-installer tier, or like GTK or something?
<tadni>The latter might be fun to play with guile-gnome with ... assuming it's still somewhat modern enough to do-so.
<davexunit>I guess like ubuntu or something.
<tadni>davexunit: Okay, I'm just wary of a psuedo-graphical installer like Debian's. I subject a lot of people I know to UI testing and for the average person, even the Debian installer is overwhellming to a degree.
<tadni>Both Fedora's and Ubuntu's work pretty well.
<davexunit>but of course, we first need to package the things that users who need a graphical installer will expect
<tadni>Again, this is of course a long ways away. Know DE is even packaged for guix yet and this isn't currently even a huge priority, but yeah, glad to hear it's on other peoples radar too.
<tadni>davexunit: Beat me to it. :^)
<davexunit>yeah, obviously we don't want the GNU OS to be for hackers only. :)
<davexunit>free software is for everyone.
<tadni>davexunit: Yup. :^)
<tadni>paroneayea: Hey Chris, how's it going?
<paroneayea>hey tadni, pretty well
<paroneayea>doing a security review for mediagoblin's new pump api code
<paroneayea>we're on the verge of 0.7.0 so that's mostly encompassing
<tadni>paroneayea: Oh, neat! By far, Mediagoblin is my favorite new, not guile-based GNU project!
<paroneayea>I still don't have guix set up yet but davexunit said he has it installed non-globally in his homedir only for development or something?
<paroneayea>hence me joining the channel, I was intrgued, but haven't had a chance to try to set i tup yet
<paroneayea>tadni: :D
<davexunit>paroneayea: yeah, it's how most of us do our development, and it was the only way before guix could boot on its own.
<tadni>davexunit: Even having a dedicated box for GNU, I still think it's easier. Or at least, until I have a my environment on their setup properly.
<davexunit>yeah, it's easier for me to work on guix on my debian machine right now
<davexunit>because I have gnome, working wifi, etc.
<tadni>davexunit: Working and reliable wifi, is actually probably the biggest hindrance for me right now actually.
<tadni>Partially, why I want to get wicd packaged so much.
<davexunit>I wonder how difficult NetworkManager will be to package...
<davexunit>we might be missing a ton of dependencies still
<tadni>davexunit: Is that dependent on systemd at all?
<davexunit>not sure. haven't looked into it.
<tadni>Maybe I'm thinking netctl.
<davexunit>it shouldn't be
<davexunit>unless the latest version added that dependency or something
<tadni>Besides some python depends, wicd's depends are almost there.
<davexunit>I don't know why an init system would be a dependency
<davexunit>but apparently GNOME has figured that out.
<tadni>davexunit: I keep hearing that some are saying that GNOME is still systemd dependent?
<davexunit>I don't following development closely so I have no idea, honestly.
<tadni>davexunit: I mean, BSDs and others have gotten around it for like 3 releases ... so it can't be a hard-depend, if it is.
<davexunit>yeah I guess not.
<davexunit>I really just don't know the details.
<Steap>tadni: the GNOME packager for OpenBSD was quite concerned about systemd, iirc
<tadni>Steap: Yeah, but either they or Freebsd has been able to package it for the last 2-3 releases, so I'm not sure.
<Steap>anyway, packaging GNOME is not gonna be easy :)
<Steap>tadni: what is your issue with packaging wicd ?
<tadni>Steap: I've not started yet, I just haven't had the time to sit down and work until I was done. The last friday of this month, I'm going to a hackathon which I plan to get most if not all of it done.
<Steap>tadni: is that a GNU hackathon ?
<tadni>Steap: Nah, I wish I had the money to head to the next one ... maybe some year. Every month in my city, we have a "code until dawn" hackathon, where you come at 5pm and stay till the morning.
*jxself points to
<jxself>And do the people that go to this Code Until Dawn thing have to make free software? Or are people allowed to hack on non-free software too?
<tadni>jxself: All people.
<tadni>About 30-40 people seem to come on average, this is my first one.
<jxself>They should say that, if you come, your program must be free. :)
*tadni might start a GNUSTL usergroup in a year or two though.
<jxself>And then, at the end, everyone shares their stuff with everyone else. :)
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<Steap>Hello Guix \\o/