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<zacts>hi guix hackers
<oitofelix>zacts: I'm not a Guix hacker yet, but hi anyway! :-P
<jxself>Morning? It's 18:34.
<svetlana>good evening to you
<jxself>Good evenin.
<mark_weaver>hmm, several of hydra's builds seem to be stuck, even though the log shows that the builds have already succeeded.
<mark_weaver>5 hours and 20 minutes so far to build xf86-input-keyboard, and counting, and the log shows it's already done.
<mark_weaver>there are some others too, in
<mark_weaver>it's a drag because the openssl security update forced about half of our packages to be rebuilt, and now the rebuilt is hung up by these stuck jobs.
<jxself>Oh, so this is why the Linux-libre 3.16 hasn't been built yet. I was wondering but didn't bother to look into it.
<mark_weaver>4 stuck job slots.
<mark_weaver>I should have asked civodul for shell access to hydra before he left :-(
<mark_weaver>ah, they all have one thing in common: they are all on I guess there's something wrong with that box.
<mark_weaver>well, I'll ask on #gnunet when it's day time over there.
<svetlana>o.o gnunet? a chat thingy? interesting.
<svetlana>wait, no, just networking
<svetlana>does a thing like "dd if=gnu-usb-install-0.7.x86_64 of=/dev/sdX" work for an output file as a whole disk, not a partition? for some reason my usb drive does not have a partition. the whole thing is a fat16 /dev/sdb without /dev/sdb1.
<mark_weaver>svetlana: you have to write it to the whole USB disk, not a partition.
<mark_weaver>so something like /dev/sdb, _not_ /dev/sdb1
<svetlana>hm. how did you read? you just joined.
<mark_weaver>i read the logs.
<mark_weaver>waxysubs is my logger, and there's also
<svetlana>ah. and does it matter that it's already fat16?
<mark_weaver>it doesn't matter what's on the stick now, it will be overwritten.
<mark_weaver>(including the partition table)
<svetlana>someone mentioned that the release included 0.6 by mistake earlier; is a proper image uploaded now or should I update it by hand?
<mark_weaver>I'm not aware of a newer image at present, but fwiw the issue can be worked around easily enough.
<mark_weaver>or at least the path I took led me to goodness, and I can tell you that path.
<mark_weaver>though there is one unfortunate problem at the moment, namely that our build farm has gotten stuck, and civodul is not around to fix it. I'm not sure who else has sufficient access to hydra to fix it, maybe andreas.
<mark_weaver>otherwise I may try to get access on my own.
<svetlana>what does that mean? that people can't build new packages?
<svetlana>or that they can't upgrade either?
<mark_weaver>if you are okay having your own machine compile everything, then there's no problem at all.
<mark_weaver>but binary substitutes are not currently available for many patches since the openssl-1.0.1i security upgrade
<mark_weaver>I'm sure we'll get it sorted out within a couple of days at most.
<svetlana>ok. and would it also mean a 0.7 image? is it useful to put the current image onto a usb stick, or is it better to wait?
<svetlana>I don't mind compiling as long as it doesn't go over the amount of space that i have (1.87GiB on flash drive, 35GiB on the target partition)
<mark_weaver>my understanding is that the USB installer itself has guix-0.7 in it, and the system it creates will contain packages from guix-0.7, but the 'guix' program on the hard drive will be guix-0.6.
<mark_weaver>so here's the thing: you'll want to compile guix from git after you install, and then use that version of guix from 'git' to run 'guix system reconfigure'. at that point 0.6 will be history.
<mark_weaver>and after that you'll have software that includes the openssl security upgrade.
<svetlana>interesting. where would I put it from git? as I can't overwrite existing 0.6 version
<mark_weaver>just compile it in your users home directory. you can run it from there too, no need to run 'make install'.
<mark_weaver>just do this from the root of the guix source tree: ./pre-inst-env guix ...
<mark_weaver>e.g. ./pre-inst-env guix system reconfigure os-config.scm
<mark_weaver>and you'll have to do that last command as root.
<mark_weaver>but compile the guix source as a normal user.
<mark_weaver>this is also what you need to do if you want to contribute to guix, so it's not wasted effort.
<mark_weaver>but again, just a warning that the "./pre-inst-env guix system reconfigure os-config.scm" command will end up having to compile a lot of stuff on your own box, because hydra is behind in recompiling the new packages.
<mark_weaver>alternatively, you could wait until hydra is back on track and avoid that.
<mark_weaver>I suppose I could also build an updated usb-image for you.
<mark_weaver>I should answer more directly your comment "where would I put it from git? as I can't overwrite existing 0.6 version"
<mark_weaver>when you run "guix system reconfigure", you are replacing the existing 0.6 version, but not overwriting it. what happens is simply that a new system _profile_ is created and added to the grub menu at the top.
<mark_weaver>but the old system will also still available from grub, until you garbage-collect it.
<mark_weaver>you don't have to replace anything, because the guix-0.6 binary is not in /bin or /usr/bin, but rather in /gnu/store/*
<mark_weaver>and the system-level guix is available in /run/current-system/profile/bin/guix
<mark_weaver>which is ultimately linked to a guix in /gnu/store/ somewhere.
<mark_weaver>/run/current-system is a symlink to a "system" in /gnu/store, and that system contains a profile which itself is a tree of symlinks into individual packages in /gnu/store
<mark_weaver>somehow I managed to miss your message about the amount of free space you have on your drives. 35GiB should be enough, I think.
<mark_weaver>space on the flash drive is not needed.
<mark_weaver>it is not modified at all while running the installer.
<svetlana>I'll wait, no hurry
<svetlana>I'll also do some reading: your instructions are nice excercises on what I need to read about