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*janneke just got a partly succes on guix package -i hello
<janneke>i suspect that non-root guix-daemon usage, without guix-builders may not work
<janneke>difficult to find was also that even if you don't install, $prefix/var/guix needs to be removed along with /gnu/store
<davexunit>there are many limitations for non-root guix-daemon
<davexunit>I strongly recommend you run the daemon as the root user
*Steap agrees
<janneke>davexunit: yeah, i did that
<janneke>i wanted to test the non-root non-build users version now that i have this running
<janneke>and based on my results suggest to change the documentation
<davexunit>oh okay
<davexunit>file a bug with your issues
<janneke>reading it for the first time, non-root, not-10 extra accounts guix-daemon usage seems very appealing
<davexunit>makes sense that there could be some bugs there, none of us really use the daemon as an unprivileged user.
<davexunit>you lose build isolation.
<janneke>"we" (grin) may want to discourage that (or give a simple recipe how to do it)
<janneke>i understand that, but for a "let's try if this works", i don't really care
<janneke>i *do* care about cleaning up all those guix-builder users if i don't like to continue with it
<davexunit>that's fair
<janneke>a script for setting up and for deleting those users, would be nice
<janneke>instead of in-line bash stuff in the manual
<janneke>i wrote something like that once, while checking out NIXOS
<janneke>lost it, but easy enough
<janneke>anyway, i'm happy to have it somewhat running, next step: mingw cross build
<davexunit>ooh, ambitious
<davexunit>I want to write some scripts to use guix as a bundler/virtualenv replacement
<davexunit>at least for writing guile software.
<janneke>I want to get rid of GUB (LilyPond's cross build package)
<davexunit>ah, I see.
<davexunit>then you're right, it is pragmatic.
<davexunit>lilypond is cool software :)
<janneke>we wrote a crappy version of guix, called GUB
<davexunit>I haven't written actual sheet music since college, but the output of lilypond looks so nice.
<janneke>in python, with nice classes for package descriptions
<davexunit>I wish I knew guile back then...
*janneke too
<taylanub>Any sufficiently complicated distro or package manager contains an ad hoc, informally-specified, bug-ridden, slow implementation of half of Nix.
<janneke>i looked at NIXOS and one of the reasons to not look further, was their crappy package description language
<janneke>taylanub: yes, Nix is truly brilliant
<janneke>and guix is replacing just that sore spot
<davexunit>yeah, nix is great but it's unfortunate that they made up their own programming language instead of using a general purpose language
<janneke>i hope that when i have mingw bootstrapped...
<janneke>importing all LilyPond's GUB packages from Python to Guile/Guix should be fairly easy
<janneke>davexunit: yeah, we probably all made that mistake a couple of times
<janneke>that's what we did right with GUB, however we implemented our own crappy package manager
<janneke>crap, most of gtk and libreoffice compiles to mingw with GUB
<davexunit>and additionally, there are *way* too many special-purpose package managers hanging around.
<davexunit>every programming language has its own package manager now and it's insane.
*tadni` is working on font-terminus
<tadni`>Okay, it builds I think.
<tadni`>I need to figure out how to link to non-included licenses.