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<mark_weaver>sneek: later tell jmd: I fixed gccgo, and hopefully made it easy for you to produce a working gcj package. See
<sneek>Got it.
<mark_weaver>botsnack, sneek
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<tadni>davexunit: Good morning. o/
<xisiqomelir>hello friends
<xisiqomelir>hey dave
<xisiqomelir>I wanted to ask you about building guix from git
<xisiqomelir>I succeeded in the compile
<xisiqomelir>but make install tries to install under /usr/local
<xisiqomelir>not into /gnu/store
<Steap>guix is installed in /usr/local
<Steap>but the packages installed from guix are in /gnu/store
<xisiqomelir>oh so that is okay?
<Steap>well, Guix is a regular piece of software on your distribution
<xisiqomelir>ok and then "guix system reconfigure" is not updating me to 0.8
<xisiqomelir>when I reboot
<xisiqomelir>and run guix --version it is still 0.7
<davexunit>xisiqomelir: to install guix into the store you need to do something like: ./pre-inst-env guix package -i guix
<davexunit>the pre-inst-env script allows you to easily work with your development version of guix.
<xisiqomelir>ok let me try that
<davexunit>ah wait, I don't think that will do it, sorry.
<xisiqomelir>well I don't have to put it in the store
<xisiqomelir>I just want it to be the version that is invoked with bare "guix" after I guix system reconfigure
<davexunit>you might need it in the store for that.
<davexunit>unless you install it to /usr/ or whatever and add /usr/bin to your $PATH.
<davexunit>but that won't be a reproducible setup since it's not specified in your operating-system declaration.
<xisiqomelir>ahh that might be it
<xisiqomelir>where do I specify the location of guix in config.scm?
<davexunit>I recommend keeping your development guix separate from system-wide guix.
<davexunit>you can install bleeding edge packages via your dev guix
<xisiqomelir>so should I leave the system guix at 0.7Z
<davexunit>I would recommend that, for now.
<davexunit>you could write your own guix package that points to a later git commit, but guix will have to build it, it can't use the version you've already built.
<mark_weaver>one important point: on a standalone guix system, if you compile guix from git, it's important to use "--prefix=".
<mark_weaver>the reason is that the sqlite database that keeps track of which packages are in the store is in $PREFIX.
<mark_weaver>to be clear, I mean that the prefix has to be the empty string.
<mark_weaver>(nothing after the '=')
<mark_weaver>gotta go afk for a while.
<mark_weaver>the reason I mention this is that I see from the chat logs xisiqomelir built from git within his standalone guix system with --prefix=/usr/local, and that's no good.
<davexunit>what does the empty string prefix do?
<mark_weaver>well, it means that it will look in /var/guix for the sqlite database, which is the important thing.. even if it's never installed.
<mark_weaver>but if you were to run "make install", the binaries would go into /bin
<mark_weaver>not just the sqlite database, but the user profiles, gc roots, etc.. all of the important state.
<davexunit>I see. good to know.
<mark_weaver>so xisiqomelir needs to be told that he should recompile his git guix with --prefix=
<davexunit>I'll point xisiqomelir to the chat logs if they come back online
<mark_weaver>okay, thanks!
*tadni_ has no idea how to proceed with font-proggy.scm
<mark_weaver>tadni_: what are you stuck on?
<tadni_>mark_weaver: There is no build system needed, just files I need to move somewhere.
<tadni_>I'm not sure where or how...
<mark_weaver>tadni_: see ttf-dejavu in gnu/packages/fonts.scm for an example.
<tadni_>mark_weaver: It's a bitmap font though, wouldn't it be different?
<davexunit>tadni_: I think the key point is that you should the trivial-build-system with a #:builder argument that does the right thing.
*tadni_ will need to look into the documentation more, he guesses. Really, I think proggy-clean might be the one thing that is stopping me from having a complete desktop via guile-wm.
<tadni_>Emacs and Conkeror is there. :^)
<taylanub>if MPlayer lands I'll be 99% covered :P
<taylanub>I should work on a fully free version of mpv; it has a couple nice things lacking in MPlayer
<tadni_>Isn't most of mplayer in guix?
<tadni_>Also I need to figure out how to set colemak in both the console and xorg. Too, wpa_supplicant ... but it's getting there.
<taylanub>FFmpeg is in guix, but none of MPlayer/mplayer2/mpv are there
<taylanub>tadni_: you can downlaod a linux-tty colemak from
<taylanub>packaging it would be optimal of course :)
<mark_weaver>mplayer is in guix.
<mark_weaver>taylanub: ^^
<taylanub>oh! looks like I didn't check after updating :)
<tadni_>taylanub: Thanks, I'll surely look into it!
<tadni_>setxkbmap doesn't seem to work in the distro though.
<tadni->Hm, I was going a clean install of GNU on my test box and now it appears like initializing good with configure.acme is actually doing anything.
<mark_weaver>tadni-: I don't understand what you wrote