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<tadni> mark_weaver{ Yeah I have a bad habbit of that. My nick was first a pun on my name, then just my first initial and last name, now it's the lojbanic word for student. The latter, I plan to keep now.
<tadni>That was a good sleep, btw. :^)
<mark_weaver>ah, nice!
<mark_weaver>did you get my email about using "guix system init" ?
*tadni is not sure what is wrong with this module; I think I'm missing a paren.
<tadni>mark_weaver: Yeah, I ended up negating my need for the most part because the reason I stayed up all night was to install GNU and davexunit's config on my old laptop which I'll just use for now. :^P
<tadni>I appreciate the effort though!
<tadni>Basstard1: O/
<tadni>davexunit: Why does your .config have grub in it? Shouldn't the default infastructure provide this?
***Basstard1 is now known as Basstard`
<Basstard`>tadni: \\o
<mark_weaver>tadni: the bootloader bit has to include the device where grub is to be installed.
<tadni>mark_weaver: Yeah, I get the congiguration aspect -- but not why it's in (use-modules (gnu packages grub)) or (packages (cons* grub %base-packages)) in this config.
<tadni>Doesn't %base-packages or something else in-built provide this already? The sample config doesn't define grub.
<mark_weaver>tadni: well, you only need grub as a package if you want the system to be able to update its own grub config.
<tadni>mark_weaver: I mean, the base-install grabs grub though, does it not?
<mark_weaver>well, the issue is whether things like grub-install are in the default PATH
<tadni>Ah! Okay.
<tadni>RISCi_ATOM: o/
<RISCi_ATOM>tadni: o/ What did I f' up now?
<tadni>RISCi_ATOM: What'd wrong?
<Basstard`>RISCi_ATOM: Just the usual.
<RISCi_ATOM>Basstard` knows.
<tadni>So can I not run guix build without ./pre-inst-env ... I just thought it was my build, but I tried hello.scm and it says "uknown package" too.
<tadni>I have "hello.scm" in the directory "~/wip-packages" but if I run "guix build wip-packages/hello.scm" says "uknown package"... am I missing/forgeting something?
<mark_weaver>the argument to "guix build" is a package name, not a filename.
<mark_weaver>it scans gnu/packages/*.scm (in the current path) for packages and finds the one whose name matches what you typed.
<mark_weaver>otherwise you need to use the -e option to build.
<tadni>So it's still ideal to bassically work directly with the Git repo I assume then? :^P
<mark_weaver>I think that's by far the most convenient.
<tadni>Now to figure out all the depends for guix on guix.
<tadni>It'd be nice if we had a guix-devel and it grabbed all the development dependncies.
<tadni>Hm, trying to run the bootstrap on this GNU box gives me this: "Cloning into 'nix-upstream'... fatal: unable to access '': server certificate verification failed. CAfile: none CRLfile: none Clone of '' into submodule path 'nix-upstream' failed"
<xisiqomelir>2 options
<xisiqomelir>you can provide the location of the ssl certs in path
<davexunit>ah, too late
<xisiqomelir>or you can skip the check (obv insecure) by using git
<xisiqomelir>*by using "env GIT_SSL_NO_VERIFY=true"
<xisiqomelir>that's okay the channel is logged
<mark_weaver>regarding SSL: for now, I recommend copying /etc/ssl from a Debian system and setting the following environment variables: SSL_CERT_DIR=/etc/ssl/certs SSL_CERT_FILE=/etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt GIT_SSL_CAINFO=/etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt
<mark_weaver>I will try to get around to adding an ca-certificates package soon
<tadni>Yeah, you'd think it'd be easier to set up Guix via git on the GNU distro. Right now I'm working on font-proggy on my Fedora box.
<tadni>Proggy went a keyboard, and he did write -- um-hm. um-hm.
<tadni>Man, I never know if "guix pull" is frozen or just taking a very long time...
*tadni is trying to get 0.7 on his Fedora install from the 0.6 supplied in the 0.7 tarball.
<davexunit>tadni: it takes a long time.
<davexunit>the user experience could be better. it should give you some updates as things happen.
<davexunit>the reason it takes awhile is becausing it is compiling guix from source.
<davexunit>among other things.
<davexunit>weird typo
<tadni>davexunit: It freaks me out, because it stops at different places. When I was doing it on my dedicated box it stopped at deviation ... now the last entry is /gnu/store/*-*-*-*-*-module-import-compiled.drv
<tadni>Even if there was just a flashing ellipsis at the bottom of the screen would do loads.
*tadni is going to give it an hour and just assume there's a problem if it's not done by then.
<tadni>Still no progress thusfar.
<xisiqomelir>hello friends
<tadni>xisiqomelir: o/
<xisiqomelir>hey tadni
<xisiqomelir>does anyone know how I "bless" the git-compiled guix
<xisiqomelir>and get rid of the old ones?
<davexunit>xisiqomelir: guix install guix && guix system reconfigure
<davexunit>as root. pass your OS config file to reconfigure.
<xisiqomelir>I just have to work through my compile errors now
<davexunit>"guix install guix", what am I thinking? it's "guix package -i guix"
*davexunit needs to go to bed
<xisiqomelir>./config --with-libgcrypt-prefix runs ok
<tadni>davexunit: nn
<xisiqomelir>make: *** No rule to make target 'gnu/system/os-config.tmpl', needed by 'doc/os-config.texi'. Stop.
<tadni>Oh, maybe because I don't have hydra authorized ...
<tadni>It's certainly gobbling up those CPU cycles now... so, I think it's working!
<xisiqomelir>for guix pull?
<tadni>xisiqomelir: Yeah, I didn't have hydra organized ... so I think it was slowly building all the depends by hand...
<xisiqomelir>good stuff
<xisiqomelir>now you can get git
<xisiqomelir>and get guix 0.8 from the tracker
<tadni>xisiqomelir: Building from git.
<xisiqomelir>let me know if you get compile errors
<xisiqomelir>I suffered a few yesterday and can probably help
<tadni>xisiqomelir: Well, this is on my Fedora box -- not my GNU install, fyi.
<tadni>I forgot how to use guile to load a custom module.
<tadni>Ah, got it.
<xisiqomelir>hello friends
<mark_weaver>jmd: you asked about the circular-dependency error in gcj. did sneek ever deliver to you my messages about that?
<jmd>mark_weaver: No. I didn't see any.
<mark_weaver>well, the gccgo build fails with the same error on all platforms. I guess it may have started when gcc was split into separate "out" and "lib" outputs.
<mark_weaver>my guess is that the "out" and the "lib" outputs refer to each other, and this is a problem.
<jmd>That's a worry.
<mark_weaver>I suppose a simple workaround for now would be to get rid of the separate "lib" output for both gccgo and gcj
<jmd>How is it that hydra hasn't noticed this?
<mark_weaver>which I guess could be done simply by adding (outputs '("out")) to the gccgo and gcj packages
<mark_weaver>hydra has noticed it. gccgo fails to build on hydra
<mark_weaver>I filed a bug report about it too
<jmd>I'll see if the output thing works for gcj
<jmd>The annoying thing is, the error comes right at the end after 4 hours of building.
<jmd>Also I have to make sure I clean /tmp before I try building gcc !