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<jxself>Good 15:46.
<tadni>Yah, conkeror is now working on my host os with my wm as if it's running natively! :^)
*tadni looks into how to edit the guix system config.
<tadni>I suspect it's not at a point yet where I can easily hack together anything all to different from what the defaults are.
*jxself points tadni to
<tadni>jxself: Ty!
<tadni>Now to just figure out how to generate a vm-image correctly.
<tadni> I'm really not sure what to use with that "-s" system flag.
<tadni>Hm, I assume there is a general config file that has instructions how specifically one would build the image ... but I can't seem to find where.
<tadni>Maybe have it.
<tadni>Seems to be building!
<tadni>Hm it's building ... but I'm not sure where... can't seem to find a file yet.
<tadni>Got it... though it crashes on bootup.
<taylanub>If I add some usual #:use-module directives to a module like say for SRFI-1 as a side effect of the actual additions I made to the module, do I need to reflect this in the ChangeLog-style commit message?
<xisiqomelir>hello friends
<xisiqomelir>if one needs to recreate ~/.guix-profile, is there a way to get guix to re-create all the symlinks it contains?
<xisiqomelir>I ask because I am trying to write some documentation targeted at a less-advanced user
<xisiqomelir>I decided to move my guix dev to my thinkpad so I can continue it in bed
<xisiqomelir>but I think I have misconfigured X
<atheia>xisiqomelir: ~/.guix-profile should just be a link to the actual profile which is stored someplace else...
<xisiqomelir>right, it's in /var/gnu/profiles and so on
<atheia>namely: /usr/local/var/guix/profiles/per-user/${user-name}/guix-profile
<xisiqomelir>so it's actually easy to unfudge that
<xisiqomelir>can you help me with X on my Thinkpad?
<xisiqomelir>I installed xf86-intel, which I believe is the correct driver
<atheia>It should be easy to unfudge, yes, as long as the actual profile still exists.
<atheia>Presumably these are drivers for running X within guix?
<xisiqomelir>I was assuming so
<xisiqomelir>do I still need to chroot to get a working x?
<atheia>I'm afraid I'm not great with X in guix yet, so can't help with this one.
<xisiqomelir>it's listed as a package on hydra
<xisiqomelir>along with xorg-server
<xisiqomelir>is it working on your system at all?
<atheia>I don't use X from guix on my system yet (I don't have it installed as a standalone system either).
<xisiqomelir>does it work in a vm?
<xisiqomelir>I could move back to my main box
<atheia>Perhaps another here might be able to help you later — I know David Thompson on he mailing list uses a Thinkpad X60 with guix as the OS.
<atheia>Don't know if he's got X going.
<atheia>He's normally around in the channel too (I think as xdaveunit, though not sure).
<xisiqomelir>ok thanks, I'll email him if I logout before he gets in
<jmd>Can anyone suggest why I cannot get gcj building? It complained about a missing zip. So I added zip as an input. Then it builds and right at the end complains that gcj has a cyclic dependency.
<jmd>I cannot see where a cyclic dependency would arise.
<xisiqomelir>ok time to try virtualizing again
<xisiqomelir>hi dave
<xisiqomelir>do you run guix on a thinkpad?
<davexunit>xisiqomelir: yes
<xisiqomelir>Can you help me with getting X started?
<xisiqomelir>I have a T420s
<davexunit>xisiqomelir: I actually haven't gotten my xorg setup going yet.
<davexunit>that's still on my TODO list
<davexunit>but I believe it involves getting the slim service working
<xisiqomelir>I heard that the problem is with setuid
<davexunit>well, we have a way in guix to specify what programs are to be setuid root.
<xisiqomelir>Does everyone else chroot from a different environment?
<xisiqomelir>I was browsing the mailing list history
<davexunit>what do you mean?
<xisiqomelir>Hang on let me find the message
<davexunit>this is pretty old, relatively speaking.
<davexunit>X has worked on guix for awhile now.
<davexunit>there's a file you might find helpful in the guix tree: build-aux/hydra/demo-os.scm
<xisiqomelir>if I update my own /etc/config.scm to include (gnu services xorg) like that demo VM scm does
<xisiqomelir>will that help?
<davexunit>including the module isn't enough
<davexunit>you'll need to actually specify that you want the X server installed
<xisiqomelir>under (packages (list)) right?
<xisiqomelir>I already installed xorg-server and xf86-intel
<davexunit>xisiqomelir: you might be able to start the server manually that way with those packages installed.
<davexunit>I just haven't set it up myself so I'm of limited usefulness to you right now.
<xisiqomelir>well if I download the demo-os.scm
<xisiqomelir>and invoke guix system
<xisiqomelir>that should replicate it, right?
<xisiqomelir>since the package managment is functional?
<xisiqomelir>I have guix on the t420 and a vm
<xisiqomelir>and I don't mind fooling around with the vm
<xisiqomelir>I have the immediate post-install state saved
<davexunit>I believe the demo-os installs services that require QEMU
<davexunit>it's intended to be a VM image
<xisiqomelir>I think if I remove this networking part it could work
<davexunit>yeah, the networking service is definitely qemu only
<xisiqomelir>oh thanks dave this was really helpful
<xisiqomelir>I wish the default config.scm in chapter 6 of the manual was more fully-featured
<davexunit>xisiqomelir: or maybe if we shipped a config file that was more fully-features
<xisiqomelir>The install chapter should also mention that root needs to chown /var/guix/profiles/per-user/USER/
<xisiqomelir>that sort of comes elsewhere
<davexunit>hmm, you shouldn't have to do that
<xisiqomelir>well I didn't on my default install of 0.7
<xisiqomelir>and guix build and guix package both failed because of permissions
<davexunit>that's been patched.
<davexunit>the issue is that the installation image we made has a flaw we didn't notice until after the release.
<xisiqomelir>I used the image released on the 25th
<xisiqomelir>I've been excited about using this system
<davexunit>the installer installs guix 0.6 instead of 0.7 :(
<davexunit>which is frustrating, to fix it, I think you do: guix pull && guix package -i guix && guix system reconfigure config.scm
<davexunit>as root
<sjamaan>Is there a way to "guix pull" to a particular tag?
<sjamaan>Yesterday "guix pull" failed for me
<davexunit>I don't think so, but maybe?
<xisiqomelir>I just downloaded the 0.7 source with wget
<xisiqomelir>and used "guix build --with-source=download.tar.gz guix"
<mark_weaver>xisiqomelir: I had no trouble getting X to work on a standalone guix install on my X60, fwiw.
<sneek>mark_weaver, you have 1 message.
<sneek>mark_weaver, ijp says: is (equal? (/ 0.0 0.0) (/ 0.0 0.0)) => #t, (= (/ 0.0 0.0) (/ 0.0 0.0)) => #f kosher?
<sjamaan>It is :)
<mark_weaver>I'm going to answer it on #guile though.
<sjamaan>Actually, it's unspecified what (equal? nan.0 nan.0) returns
<sjamaan>(by r7rs; dunno about r6)
<xisiqomelir>mark do you just use xf86-video-intel and xorg-server?
<xisiqomelir>and have the service defined in /etc/config.scm?
<mark_weaver>xisiqomelir: I just include (slim-service) in the (services ...) section. that's all
<mark_weaver>and you need to use the (gnu services xorg) module to import slim-service
<xisiqomelir>do you need to set #auto-login or any other stuff?
<ijp>sjamaan: it is unspecified, but I can argue this case both ways
<mark_weaver>I didn't add anything else.
<xisiqomelir>ok I'll try that again tomorrow
<xisiqomelir>working on my vm at the moment
<sjamaan>ijp: R7RS says equal? defers to eqv?, which is undefined for NaN
<ijp>I don't think you understand what I just said
<sjamaan>Oh sorry, I read it as "it is specified"
<sjamaan>I'm at work, almost ready to go home (tired)
<sjamaan>Generally it would be nicer if eqv? returned the same value as =
<sjamaan>But for performance reasons it might return #t, as that's just a direct bitwise comparison
<sjamaan>(and there are many NaN values, which means even a single implementation could return #f or #t depending on how the value was generated)
<mark_weaver>sjamaan: I mostly answered the question about = and eqv? on #guile, but I wanted to share this link:
<mark_weaver>also see to see what I wrote there.
<mark_weaver>in scheme, = and eqv? on numbers reflect subtly different concepts.
<mark_weaver>on guile 2, eqv? will return #f for NaNs with different bit patterns, but in practice they are usually the same bit pattern.
*tadni looks how to change his keymap to colemak in his vm.
<tadni>There doesn't seem to be any "loadkeys colemak".
<sjamaan>hmm, that was a nice read
<jmd>Hey can someone help? I tried to create a gcj package thus: (define-public gcj-4.8
<jmd> (custom-gcc gcc-4.8 "gcj" '("java")))
<jmd>It complained about missing zip, so I added (native-inputs `(("zip" ,zip)))
<jmd>.. which built fine, but then complained about cyclic references.
<jmd>Where is the cycle? I can't see one.