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<tadni`> Yeah, even on my physical device it fails for the same ext2 complaints.
<tadni`>Here's the actual config.
<tadni`>I run "mkfs.ext4 -L GNU /dev/sda && mount /dev/sda /mnt && deco start cow-store /mnt" before I eval it too...
<tadni`>So not sure what the issue is. Everything seems to copy and populate, besides grub2 still complains that it can't do it's magic on ext4 drives and fails to install to it.
<tadni>svetlana: o/
<RISCi_ATOM>Hello everyone o/
<tadni>RISCi_ATOM: o/
<RISCi_ATOM>tadni: Did you try putting the device name where you said "GNU" and replace "(title 'label) with "(title 'GNU)"
<tadni>RISCi_ATOM: Device name, as-in /dev/sda?
<tadni>Also I initially started with (title 'GNU)
<RISCi_ATOM>Well, it should have been /dev/sda1 Did you partition your hard disk ?
<RISCi_ATOM>I created a partition and did : mkfs.ext4 -L root /dev/sda1
<RISCi_ATOM>Then I used the default configuration , but replaced "device "root"" with "device "/dev/sda1""
<tadni>RISCi_ATOM: Do you have a working install?
<RISCi_ATOM>I installed it on my laptop :3
<RISCi_ATOM>I could not be happier (well, LUKS support would be nice)
<tadni>RISCi_ATOM: Give me a min, I'm going to try and replicate your install config in those regards.
<RISCi_ATOM>Also make sure that you run the first part of the install again too ;)
<tadni>RISCi_ATOM: I just restarted.
<RISCi_ATOM>tadni: Did if fail again?
<tadni>RISCi_ATOM: Still editing config ... I'm not used to qwerty and evidently colemak isn't supported by loadkeys. :^/
<tadni>What did you have for (bootloader (grub-configuration (device "/dev/sdx")))?
<tadni>sda or sda1?
<tadni>I just set sda1 on both.
<tadni>SAME ISSUE.
<RISCi_ATOM>tadni: /dev/sda for the bootloader
<tadni>RISCi_ATOM: Okay, trying again!
<RISCi_ATOM>Yay :3
<RISCi_ATOM>tadni: Without the flashdrive / guix image /
<tadni>Hm ... it booted, but now it says "ERROR: failed to resolve partition label "gnu-disk-image" " ...
<RISCi_ATOM>Did you select the right option at GRUB ?
<RISCi_ATOM>The first one, not the old configuration option (which seems to be the default)
<tadni>Ah, no I did not -- let me reboot.
<tadni>RISCi_ATOM: Thanks, so much!
<RISCi_ATOM>tadni: Did it work ?
<RISCi_ATOM>Did you log in ?
<tadni>Yup, installing Emacs now.
<tadni>Hm, I wonder if I can figure out wifi on this.
<tadni>If so, I can probably make this my primary box until an iso comes out.
<RISCi_ATOM>tadni: The drivers are there (if they are libre / firmware is available)
<RISCi_ATOM>The utilities are not installed, I have not played with them.
<RISCi_ATOM>My wifi card works (and is seen)
<RISCi_ATOM>The real kicker is lack of LUKS support, but I'm seeing if I could do that myself.
<RISCi_ATOM>I have not looked into the default kernel config, so my mileage may very :\\
<tadni>I have a claimed FOSS network removable network card ... but it doesn't seem to be picked up.
<RISCi_ATOM>tadni: ifconfig -a
<tadni>Oh wow, I guess it is hidden by default. Ty.
<tadni>Hm, now to figure out how to get the graphical session going.
<RISCi_ATOM>tadni: Working on that now ;)
*tadni might make a guide after he figures all this out.
<RISCi_ATOM>tadni: I tried to define the xorg set, but it does not seem to work.
<tadni>RISCi_ATOM: Yup, conkeror is really the only thing I'm missing from my day-to-day use. Maybe rtorrent.
<svetlana> has a mistake. The "-linux" part of the file name is mentioned, but it should not, or the files need to be renamed.
<tadni>svetlana: Post it on the mailing list yet?
<svetlana>No, I have not signed up yet.
<tadni>davexunit: o/
<davexunit>hey tadni
<davexunit>how's it going?
<davexunit>I wish my HN post of the 0.7 release got more attention.
<davexunit>was really hoping for the front page, but more people care about stupid core os.
<tadni>davexunit: I just got the install image on my older laptop and I'm currently building Emacs and related depends. Hoping to get a graphical enviroment and wireless working, so I can use it as my dedicated box until an iso comes out to move it onto my main laptop.
<tadni>davexunit: Yeah, my reddit post flopped ... luckily someone else came a long and posted. It's on the frontpage of /r/linux.
<svetlana>yes I upvoted too
<svetlana>the reddit thing has a line about converting the .xz to a vm image, is it something silly or not?
<tadni>svetlana: Evidently guix has it's own command to generate a vm image ... but, link?
<tadni>Ah, virtualbox -- lame.
<tadni>I'm still probably going to make a vm live-image in the next day or two, to distribute.
<RISCi_ATOM>tadni: I should have built on my server, then made an archive for this laptop :\\
<RISCi_ATOM>Does anyone know how long it takes to build emacs ? (maybe I should email RMS)
<tadni>RISCi_ATOM: C'est la vie.
<tadni>RISCi_ATOM: What are your specs?
<davexunit>tadni: `guix system vm-image` will build qemu images for you
<RISCi_ATOM>tadni: Dual-core/4 thread i5 third gen.
<RISCi_ATOM>I have a few more powerful units, but I was just trying it out on this one.
<RISCi_ATOM>Also, I need LUKS before I can use it in production.
<RISCi_ATOM>If I can get that to work, I'm all set :3
<davexunit>dm-crypt (and swap partitions) is a goal for 0.8
*RISCi_ATOM is happy to see that I can install irssi :3
<RISCi_ATOM>davexunit: This is awesome news !
<davexunit>you can install most of the typical GNU hacker tools
<tadni>RISCi_ATOM: I've been building for about ~30 minutes thusfar on 2gb of ram, old dual core. About a 5 y/o laptop.
<tadni>RISCi_ATOM: No rcirc or erc?
<RISCi_ATOM>Oh, I also have 16 GB of ram :3
<davexunit>tadni: why was it building? did you not authorize to download substitutes?
<RISCi_ATOM>davexunit: I thought I did.
<tadni>RISCi_ATOM: I'd say no-more than 20 minutes then ... maybe 30.
<RISCi_ATOM>Some things pull, some don't
<davexunit>hydra is a bit overloaded all the time
<RISCi_ATOM>davexunit: Is there something I'm missing ?
<tadni>davexunit: Yeah, I'm guessing it just got overloaded.
<davexunit>as more people start to use guix, we'll need a lot more than a few VMs over at MIT and mark weaver's longsoon 3A
<tadni>RISCi_ATOM: The host server doesn't nave a lot of bandwith or specs for the job, so sometimes the server gets overloaded and it just builds locally -- from what I can tell.
<RISCi_ATOM>davexunit: The issue I had earlier was because I did not manually select the first GRUB option and because I did not set the disk label :3
<tadni>davexunit: FUNdraiser!
<RISCi_ATOM>But I'm quite happy with GUIX
<tadni>RISCi_ATOM: Me too, besides the name. :^U
<RISCi_ATOM>davexunit: How hard is it to set up a build server ?
<RISCi_ATOM>I know the software is available, etc..
<davexunit>RISCi_ATOM: I haven't actually set one up yet, I don't know much the process of setting up Hydra is documented.
<davexunit>it's an upstream project by the Nix folks.
<davexunit>if I can, I want to donate a machine to the build farm.
<davexunit>maybe just a linode VM.
<RISCi_ATOM>davexunit: I sadly can't afford those resources, but I would like to set up an in-house one :3
<davexunit>I don't know if I can really afford them either.
<davexunit>well, I can afford them fine, but it's an extra expense.
<davexunit>and I don't make the big bucks so I'm looking to limit extra expenses.
<davexunit>maybe I just need to get the FSF folks on board with guix and find ways to get more resources donated for the build farm :P
<RISCi_ATOM>davexunit: Why would they not be?
<RISCi_ATOM>GUIX should be on the Free Distribution list.
<davexunit>it will be soon, I hope. one prerequisite is having a bootable system, and we just go that.
<davexunit>so civodul has started the peer review process
<RISCi_ATOM>Cool :3
<davexunit>and eventually it should make it to john's desk and we'll be approved :)
<davexunit>guix would certainly improve my life as web developer.
<RISCi_ATOM>Is there a way to force it to grab from the server ?
<svetlana>tadmi: by a vm image, I mean something that can be "installed" in a virtual thing (so that it has some virtual disk space where I can save files).
<davexunit>I don't think so, we talked about adding a --force-substitutes option a few days ago
<RISCi_ATOM>davexunit: I plan on using it to develop libreCMC and as my primary OS :3
<davexunit>I plan to use it as my primary OS soon, too.
<davexunit>another release or two and I'll be ready to make the switch, I think.
<davexunit>if I can do all of my FSF work, I'm all set.
<tadni>svetlana: Well, I think you can do that by command -- but you can just use the install image and qemu to install to a qcow2 image.
<tadni>You want me to give you a command, to set you up via qemu and the install image?
<tadni>You still need to go through the install process, manually though.
<svetlana>I've downloaded the 0.7 .xz thing, and I'm not sure what to do yet. I ran qemu image before (using qemu-system-x86_64 -curses -m 1024 -net nic,model=e1000 -net user gnu-system-demo-0.5.qcow2) but I think it doesn't save any files, and it also ran out of space when I tried to install a new package. I have a 2GB USB drive.
<tadni>svetlana: Older, live images had a very small virtual harddrive.
<tadni>What you want to do is extract the image and create a qemu image.
<tadni>To extract, follow the instructions in the manual.
<tadni>With qemu, you need to use qemu-img. "qemu-img create -f qcow2 guix.img 5G" I believe, to make a virtual harddisk image of the size of 5 gbs.
<tadni>Adjust to how much space you need/want. This is the maximum size you can install to.
<RISCi_ATOM>tadni: I figured it out
<RISCi_ATOM>cd /gnu/store/*-guix/share/guix/
<RISCi_ATOM>guix archive --authorize <
<RISCi_ATOM>guix package -i emacs
<tadni> Why wouldn't that be enabled by default.
*RISCi_ATOM does not know
*RISCi_ATOM is still learning :P
<tadni>Well, it's still building on my laptop anyways ... so I'll do so after it finishes, thanks.
<tadni>RISCi_ATOM: I'm saying, you'd think that would be enabled by default. :^P
<RISCi_ATOM>tadni: It was not too obvious to me in the docs.
*RISCi_ATOM now has emacs + irssi installed :3
<tadni>Man, I'm SO not used to having such little ram to compile something so massive.
<davexunit>tadni: it's not enabled by default because it's potentially dangerous to trust another server without explicitly authorizing it.
<NYNEX>Greetings from GUIX!
<jxself>Hello nynex.
<NYNEX>I sadly could not get gnome installed, but this will do.
<davexunit>NYNEX: we don't have gnome packaged yet.
<NYNEX>davexunit: Found that out the hard way.
<davexunit>gnome is *huge*, tons of applications. help needed.
<tadni>davexunit: Yeah, I suppose. It would be nice for it to prompt you at first login though. :^P
<NYNEX>I kind of agree with davexunit
<jxself>davexunit: I've offered a machine to help with builds. civodul knows.
<davexunit>I think that maybe the default should be changed, but I can understand why we don't enable it by default. a big part of guix is to be able to know with full confidence that the binary you install is the exact binary that you should have.
<davexunit>jxself: oh awesome.
<davexunit>today has been exciting. so many new guix users.
<jxself>Isn't that already known though? Even if I trust a hostile machine right?
<tadni>davexunit: It's okay not to have it enabled by default, but the system should instruct new users how to enable such a thing.
<NYNEX>davexunit: Well, I sadly only tried it out so that I can tell people that : " No, I don't use linux, I use the GNU System"
<NYNEX>Yes, I know the linux-libre kernel is still the linux kenrel :\\
<jxself>There is nothing wrong with using it for that reason.
<jxself>Freedom 0 says you can use it for any reason.
<davexunit>tadni: yeah, there might be docs about it, but it also makes sense to advertise it more.
<tadni>NYNEX: Isn't the linux-libre project a GNU project?
<jxself>It was, dubbed in 2012.
<davexunit>tadni: there's a flag you can set in your OS declaration to authorize hydra.
*tadni needs to skim the manual tomorrow.
<NYNEX>davexunit: I wish I knew that before I went digging in the guix package XD
<davexunit>so that you don't even have to run `guix archive` manually. which is good since it's important to be able to do *everything* programatically
<davexunit>NYNEX: there's a lot to learn, guix is so radically different from other package managers and distros.
<davexunit>different in a very good way, of course.
<NYNEX>tadni: It is, but we still need to recognize that it is still the linux kernel with blobs removed.
<davexunit>that's okay! it's still the GNU system, even if the kernel isn't GNU.
*jxself envisions an OS declaration-creating program for people to use, perhaps using ncurses
<tadni>NYNEX: Yeah, but it's proper to call it the "GNU system" if it's a GNU maintained kernel. It's still categorically a GNU+Linux distro though.
<davexunit>it's GNU/Linux, but it's an official GNU operating system, thus the GNU system.
*NYNEX likes jxself 's idea.
<tadni>jxself: We have a guile-ncurses, don't we?
<davexunit>jxself: it's a good idea, but I would hope that people aren't scared off by sexps, because it's really quite easy to figure out how to customize your OS declaration.
<davexunit>but for non-programmers/non-sysadmins I can see the utility
<davexunit>anyway, bed time for me. happy hacking, everyone!
<tadni>I suspect we'll get a fair amount of Arch/Parabola users, once the system matures.
<jxself>fsf/member? His cloak hasn't been changed to fsf/staff yet?
<NYNEX>tadni: That gould be really great news or really bad news :\\
<jxself>What would make it bad?
<tadni>jxself: I'd assume the "elitist" attitude some users of Arch are stereotyped to have.
<NYNEX>jxself: I could see someone trying to get steam running on guix >_<
<NYNEX>tadni: That too
<tadni>Ah, not what I suspect.
<jxself>Probably, but it's never make it into the official packages.
<jxself>er; it'd
<tadni>NYNEX: I mean, it'll never make it upsteram.
<jxself>But people can run whatever software they want.
<NYNEX>jxself: I think that arch even includes the steam package now .
<NYNEX>I know someone will try to bring it up.
<tadni>jxself: Yeah, there choice -- we don't want to implement a kind-of DRM system to stop people from running non-free software.
<tadni>NYNEX: Well, Arch really isn't known for being freedom-focused.
<NYNEX>I know
<jxself>They may have problems running proprietary programs though given that this system isn't LFH compliant.
<tadni>Ah. Never heard it shortened like that.
<jxself>I am assuming the cases of a proprietary binary that they can't recompile.
<jxself>What should I call it then?
<jxself>Meh. Maybe. :)
<tadni> Dog, still compiling the base-system.
<jxself>Authorize hydra?
<tadni>jxself: I mean, I don't know if I should just let it compile at this point ... or abort and authorize.
<jxself>Well, aborting would give you the chance to test a feature of the package manager.
<jxself>Atomic installs & upgrades. :)
<jxself>It either happens successfully and in full or not at all.
<jxself>That's something I like, because with other systems something like a kernel upgrade interrupted at the wrong time could leave your system unbootable.
*tadni tries to figure out how to use cat to find the name of the folder for guix in /gnu/store.
<RISCi_ATOM>tadni: ls | grep $NAME_OF_FILE
<RISCi_ATOM>Or folder
<RISCi_ATOM>You could also use find.
<tadni>SO MUCH TO LEARN. :^)
<tadni>RISCi_ATOM: Ty.
<svetlana>where does "xz -d gnu-usb-install-0.7.i686.xz" uncompress /to/?
<RISCi_ATOM>svetlana: It should you be your pwd/gnu-usb-install-0.7.i686
*RISCi_ATOM would think
<RISCi_ATOM>tadni: I help when I can.
*tadni` still needs to figure the gui situation... and if he can even do wireless, without packaging something new.
<tadni`>RISCi_ATOM: Much appreciated.
<RISCi_ATOM>tadni: You can't do a gui yet, wireless might work. I did not look for wpa_supplicant or iw-cli, etc..
<RISCi_ATOM>tadni: My guix hacking / playing are over for the night (sadly)
<RISCi_ATOM>I wanted to see if libreCMC would build on guix , but I won't be able to tonight.
<tadni`>RISCi_ATOM: Np. Thanks for all the help!
<RISCi_ATOM>svetlana: Did you find the resulting image ?
<svetlana>a file without the .xz on the end, yes, I found it
<RISCi_ATOM>cool :3
<tadni>RISCi_ATOM: Wpa_supplicant is packaged.
<RISCi_ATOM>tadni: I would think that everything else needed would be too.
<RISCi_ATOM>I don't know what package is iwconfig
*tadni hopes. I can without a gui for now, but wireless is pretty essiental for me.
<tadni>RISCi_ATOM: Whats the difference between iwconfig and ifconfig? :^P
<tadni>Ah, found it.
<tadni`>The difference, not the package. I suspect it would be in "wireless-tools" but trying to install it ... it says it can't even find that package.
<RISCi_ATOM>It appears to be missing >_<
<tadni`>It's listed on guix's online package list too.
<RISCi_ATOM>I'll look into it tomorrow.
<RISCi_ATOM>I think that I'm off to bed now.
<RISCi_ATOM>gNight everyone
<tadni`>Much appreciated. Again thanks for all the help! Night. o/
*jxself suspect that maybe tadni wants wireless-tools
<tadni>jxself: Yeah, probably ... but when I 'guix package -i wireless-tools' it says no-such package exists.
<jxself>It is mentioned in there though.
<tadni>Hm, I don't know man ...
<tadni>Only package in the list, that hasn't worked yet.
<jxself>Maybe someone else will have an idea. Or try the mailing list.
<tadni>Hm, I'm just curious if it's just me.
<davexunit>the guix 0.7 install image still installs an old guix without recently added projects
<davexunit>so I guess guix can't mount fat32 volumes without some more manual work
<Steap>It's quite surprising that people trying out Guix have FAT32 partitions :D
<davexunit>flash drive
<Steap>oh yeah, they're a pain, but we have to deal with the Windows world :/
<davexunit>my problem is that the 0.7 installer installs an old version of guix without things like wireless-tools or lsh
<davexunit>I want to compile guix on the machine, but I need ssl certs to work in order to download nix
<davexunit>but I can't get the ssl certs that I want on because of the flash drive issue. I guess I'll just use a web server and wget the stuff
<davexunit>got it finally
<jxself>This probably explains why tadni` couldn't install wireless-tools yesterday then.
<jxself>I hadn't realized...
<davexunit>tadni` should try `guix pull` and see if that works
<davexunit>but yeah, it's unfortunate that this happens.
<sjamaan>Just noticed a mistake in the manual: says "system is one of:" and then lists x86_64-linux and i686-linux
<sjamaan>But the files are named without the "-linux" suffix
<davexunit>I don't think it's a mistake, because those are the identifiers for the system types
<sjamaan>Then the files might be named wrong
<davexunit>the disk images?
<davexunit>the name is arbitrary
<sjamaan>I read the manual and constructed this URL:
<davexunit>well I suppose it is confusing, but the -linux is redundant in the file name
<sjamaan>That doesn't exist, so that means the docs are wrong or the filenames are wrong
<davexunit>one of them should be changed, yes.
<sjamaan>ok, so we agree :)
<davexunit>yes. I guess the disk image names should be changed.
<davexunit>could you file a bug?
<sjamaan>How do I do that?
<sjamaan>(I'm completely new to this)
<sjamaan>On savannah?
<davexunit>we have a mailing list that you can write to
<jxself>It's debbugs right?
<davexunit>error: possibly undefined macro: PKG_CHECK_MODULES
<davexunit>I installed automake, autoconf, libtool, gcc, gettext...
<davexunit>pkg-config, too
<sjamaan>Got assigned bug #18114
<Steap>davexunit: have you set $AC_LOCAL_PATH ?
<Steap>or something similar
<davexunit>perhaps to the wrong thing, but I used what guix output to me
<Steap>where is pkg.m4 ?
<davexunit>I think I figured it out.
<davexunit>pebkac :P
<davexunit>my env does have the variables I expected, because I sourced the wrong file!
<davexunit>now I get: configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables
<davexunit>ah, missing binutils. the more I know.
*jxself is reminded of the 'The More You Know' jingle
<RISCi_ATOM>davexunit: guix pull did not work (it worked), but there is still not a wireless-tools package.
<davexunit>RISCi_ATOM: damn.
<davexunit>I think we need to build a new disk image that ensures that guix 0.7 is actually on the installed system.
<RISCi_ATOM>davexunit: Can it manually be installed
<davexunit>I guess we'd have to modify the package recipe to use the 0.7 release tarball.
<davexunit>though I'm not sure on the details of how to replace guix system-wide
<sjamaan>Is it possible to run the guix installer with qemu/kvm somehow?
<sjamaan>Or some other vm?
<sjamaan>s/installer/disk image/
<RISCi_ATOM>sjamaan: It is
<sjamaan>Here it hangs saying just 'GRUB', and nothing more
<sjamaan>How much memory does it need?
<RISCi_ATOM>sjamaan: How did you use / install it ?
<sjamaan>I ran "unxz" on the download, then ran kvm -m 2g -fda gnu-usb-install-0.7.i686 guix-0.7.img
<sjamaan>guix-0.7.img being an empty image I just generated
<sjamaan>Did I miss any important flags?
<RISCi_ATOM>sjamaan: Well, the image itself is not a floppy image
<sjamaan>-cdrom didn't work :)
<RISCi_ATOM>It is a disk image....
<sjamaan>There doesn't seem to be a usb disk option
<sjamaan>ah, right
<sjamaan>Silly me :)
<civodul>'lo Guix!
<davexunit>hey civodul
<jxself>civodul: Since you were gone:
<civodul>davexunit: the 0.7 installer installs 0.7
<civodul>or did i get that wrong?
<jxself>Rather, he was saying that it does not.
<jxself>Which probably explains why tadni couldn't install wireless-tools.
<civodul>hmm, ok
<civodul>at worst it can be installed afterwards
<civodul>but yeah, it seems that i borked
<davexunit>how do you upgrade guix system-wide?
<civodul>by running 'guix reconfigure'
<davexunit>from guix 0.6.x ?
<civodul>well, you'd first run 'guix pull' to get the latest Guix
<civodul>and from there run 'guix reconfigure'
<davexunit>ah, okay. I'll do that.
<davexunit>RISCi_ATOM: run guix reconigure and you should have wireless-tools available!
<RISCi_ATOM>davexunit: Thanks, I'll do that in a few min.
<RISCi_ATOM>I'm just trying to get libreCMC ready for a product launch.
<RISCi_ATOM>So, my guix hacking will be limited for a time.
<RISCi_ATOM>I am quite happy with the way guix turned out overall.
<tadni>Oh, the 0.7 image uses 0.6?
<jxself>Hence you need to guix pull and then guix reconfigure and then ta da.
<davexunit>RISCi_ATOM: glad you like it, and good luck with the libreCMC launch. I'm excited at the idea of having a router that runs 100% free software.
<sjamaan>wow, indeed
<civodul>RISCi_ATOM: i hadn't realized you're the libreCMC person, congrats for the nice project!
<civodul>and thanks for testing Guix ;-)
<davexunit>civodul: is the password field for a user-account supposed to be a password hash or a plain-text password?
<RISCi_ATOM>civodul: Thanks :3 There is still quite a bit of work to be done and a lot of things in the pipeline.
<sjamaan>RISCi_ATOM: I've always been curious, how do you test such stuff on random hardware? Do you have piles of bricked, useless routers lying about?
<RISCi_ATOM>No, just going down a list of routers we know should work. I also co-founded the libreWRT project.
<civodul>davexunit: encrypted, as for useradd
<sjamaan>RISCi_ATOM: So you just are taking an existing distro and cutting out the non-free stuff?
<RISCi_ATOM>davexunit: guix system reconfigure does not work with my system configuration file, but it is the same one used to build the system.
<davexunit>civodul: okay. is there a tool to use besides useradd for generating the encrypted password?
<RISCi_ATOM>sjamaan: No, this is a hard fork of OpenW*t. No libreWRT stuff was used.
<davexunit>RISCi_ATOM: ah, I was bit by that, too. the problem is that the installed version of guix doesn't support some of the things in your config.
<civodul>davexunit: actually i don't know, it might be crypt(3)
<davexunit>civodul: thanks.
<sjamaan>RISCi_ATOM: I'm confused now
<sjamaan>(I'm not very familiar with OpenWRT, let alone LibreWRT)
<davexunit>civodul: note the catch 22 that RISCi_ATOM got himself into.
<civodul>argh, yes
<RISCi_ATOM>sjamaan: So, I only used OpenW*t 's build system / toolchain. A lot of things have been stripped out, we use a linux-libre kernel and we are actively working to re-write the toolchain and build system.
<tadni__>Should guix pull, take a long time to move from "The following derivation will be built: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-guix-latest.drv"? It'd been like 5+ minutes.
<civodul>davexunit: but if you run 'guix pull' before 'guix reconfigure', that's fine, no?
<civodul>aah no
<civodul>that's terrible
<sjamaan>davexunit: The BSDs have pwhash(1)
<davexunit>civodul: :(
<sjamaan>RISCi_ATOM: Sounds interesting
<RISCi_ATOM>I don't have guix reconfigure as an option, only guix system reconfigure.
<davexunit>RISCi_ATOM: that's the right command, sorry.
<RISCi_ATOM>davexunit: But it won't read my configuration file, it is the same file I used to build the system.
<tadni__>I have active net acess, because I'm ircing on the same box.
<civodul>RISCi_ATOM: actually you should try 'guix pull && guix package -i guix && guix system reconfigure thing.scm'
<civodul>that will first install Guix 0.7
<davexunit>RISCi_ATOM: yes, unfortunately you need a new version of guix installed for your config to work.
<davexunit>civodul: ah yes. good idea.
*davexunit tries the same thing
<RISCi_ATOM>is says : (unbound-variable #f "Unbound variableL ~S" (%base-file-systems) #f)
<civodul>RISCi_ATOM: yes, that's because the installed system has an old Guix
<RISCi_ATOM>sorry, did not read that.
<civodul>np :-)
<RISCi_ATOM>Is there a new image, or can I just re-run the installer ?
<davexunit>guix system reconfigure once guix 0.7 is installed should do the trick
<tadni__>Before failing, Guix complained "guix pull: error: symlink: No such file or directory."
<civodul>tadni__: is that on a installed OS?
<civodul>or on some other distro?
<tadni__>civodul: Installed OS, on dedicated hardware.
<sjamaan>civodul: Thanks for fixing the symlinks to the usb images on the server
*tadni__ plans on setting up his Fedora install with Guix 0.7 today or tomorrow, so he'll have something stable he can fool around with. :^)
<civodul>sjamaan: thanks for reporting the issue!
<civodul>tadni__: does ~/.config exist?
<tadni__>civodul: Nope.
<civodul>tadni__: could you create it?
<civodul>normally 'guix pull' would complain if it doesn't exist
<civodul>not sure why it didn't
<tadni__>civodul: Just touch an empty file?
<civodul>mkdir ~/.config
<tadni__>Okay, trying again with created directory.
<davexunit>civodul: is it necessary for 'guix pull' to be run by root?
<davexunit>I'm guessing "yes"
<tadni__>davexunit: If so, that might be part of my problem.
<tadni__>Stuck where it was last-time.
<davexunit>tadni__: worked when running as root. makes sense that it needs root given the operation you are performing to the system.
<tadni__>davexunit: Trying on root, but so-far it appears to be the same situation as a regular user.
<davexunit>tadni__: I had to wait awhile.
<davexunit>it's compiling guix without showing you the log
<davexunit>so be patient.
<davexunit>I think we need some messaging to let the user know that things are still okay. :)
<tadni__>davexunit: While it says derivation is will be built?
<civodul>davexunit: it must be run by the user that needs it, so root in this case
<civodul>mark_weaver: an offload bug :-/ could you report it?
<mark_weaver>civodul: will do!
<davexunit>civodul: does the reconfigure upgrade guix for all users? I see that I know have 0.7 for an unprivileged user, but I still can't install wireless-tools
<civodul>davexunit: it upgrades /run/current-system/bin/guix, which is what users see, unless they have something before that in $PATH
<civodul>oh, and ~/.config/guix/latest overrides that
<davexunit>I rebooted and now I can see the package
<davexunit>not totally sure what changed.
<davexunit>thanks for the explanation, though. maybe I can figure out what happened from that.
<civodul>yes, weird
<civodul>there's room for improvement in the user experience...
<davexunit>as expected from alpha software. :)
<davexunit>these things will all be ironed out in time.
<tadni__>Nope, symlink error again via root.
<davexunit>tadni__: gah, don't know why it worked for me after I saw the same error.
<tadni__>davexunit: Still says 0.6, when I package -i for it.
<civodul>tadni__: does ~/.config exist now?
<tadni__>In root home?
<tadni__>It's in both my regular user's home and root.