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<gry>Hi, how do I translate content at ? I understand it's only in English right now.
<gry>Similarly and its subpages.
<waxysubs`>gry: see
<gry>I understand I should "join a translation team" if I'd like to translate regularly right?
<gry>hm, apparently yes, I'm not seeing other sane options. I'll do that
<jxself>The GNU translation teams don't normally work on pages for GNU packages. Those usually fall to the people working the package.
<jxself>So a translation of the Guix pages sent to would end up being forwarded to the package maintainer. Just FYI... :)
<jxself>Hoping to prevent gry from going in circles. :)
<jxself>To quote from the What To Translate section info given to the web translators:
<jxself>It excludes things under software/pkg/ :)
<gry>I see. I'll do some reading in the evening. The current question I have is "what to translate from a page", i.e. I can copy it as plain text, or translate its markup, or find some other format to translate. I do think it is a set of translation strings after all, not a whole chunk, and I've not yet figured out where to take these from.
<jxself>Well, the instructions for the translators doesn't apply to things like /software/emacs or /software/bash or /software/guix or anything else like that because the rest of the site has software to help the translators (called GNUnited Nations or GNUN for short.)
<jxself>So the instructions for web translators will probably not be of much help, since these other places like /software/guix actually live in a different version control system entirely separate from the the main website, and the GNUN software doesn't support this.
<jxself>So you're not going to find those PO files, etc. that it talks of.
<jxself>Perhaps the best option would be to first write up a translation of the text on /software/guix and submit to do civodul when he appears. :)
*jxself takes off to bed
<gry>night :)
<gry>thanks :)
<V_S_C>Is there any porgress on ?
<jmd>porgress or progress?
<grasshopprWhoppr>V_S_C, somebody has been packaging Hurd.
<V_S_C>jmd: *progress
<V_S_C>grasshopprWhoppr: thnx, packaging Hurd as in packaging Mach?
<grasshopprWhoppr>Sorry, I would have to check for details, V_S_C. afk
<V_S_C>grasshopprWhoppr: k, the first thing I did after getting Debian HURD running is try Guix
<DusXMT>Hmm, libevent fails to build with the following error:
<DusXMT>it can't even fetch the file, I don't understand the error, but my guess is that the person behind it updated the tarball without incrementing the version number
<jmd>DusXMT: I don't think it guix works with https addresses.
<jmd>I have never been able to get it working anyway.
<DusXMT>jmd: so... should I just download the file by hand and rename it to what guix expects?
<jmd>Isn't there a http:// address for it?
<waxysubs`>DusXMT: if you download it using some other method, then you should be able to run: guix download file:///absolute/path/to/downloaded/file
<DusXMT>waxysubs`: thanks. It seems to be a problem with my gnutls, epiphany can't connect either (same error) while mozilla can
<waxysubs`>it's definitely a TLS problem. maybe github changed something on their end.
<waxysubs`>libevent hasn't changed in a while, so most of us have the source code already in our local cache from long ago.
<waxysubs`>so it's not yet clear whether it's a problem on your end or whether github changed something and is now somehow incompatible with gnutls.
<waxysubs`>anyway, gotta run.. good luck!
<DusXMT>yup, that did it, dowloaded via mozilla and added via guix download, it now seems to build properly, thanks :)
<jmd>But everyone else who tries to build it is also going to have this problem.
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<davexunit>arrived at the hackathon. can't find my the person that invited me, though...
<jxself>Perhaps they're not there.
<davexunit>they said they would be.
<davexunit>sent emails, hopefully they will see them
<davexunit>I think ward, the former CTO at the FSF is here, heh
<civodul>hey davexunit
<davexunit>hey civodul
<civodul>hope you'll find them so you get an introduction
<davexunit>yeah me too. I wish they would check their email or were otherwise looking for the guy with a GNU on his laptop
<civodul>perhaps the internet has a picture of 'em?
<davexunit>only a really low resolution one
<davexunit>helps narrow it down a bit, thought
<civodul>how crowded is it?
<jxself>Where are you, davexunit?
<Steap>davexunit: low resolution => 20 years ago => add 20 kilograms
<davexunit>found him
<davexunit>jxself: codefest 2014
<jxself>Ah ha.
<davexunit>jxself: it's an "open source" event, but people seem interested
<davexunit>so yay!
<civodul>so you're giving a talk, right?
<civodul>bavier: did you have a chance to look at the GLib issue on 32-bit?
<jxself>About how wonder Guix is right?